AIDS and vaccines


 Louis de Brouwer is doctor in medicine and molecular, consulting biologist international for the Health and the Ecology of the UN and UNESCO, and member director of the Society the International of Doctors for the Environment, that has 60,000 doctors affiliates of 102 countries. Next to other discrepant voices with the official version on AIDS and its causes and treatments, Brouwer took part in individual days (AIDS, 20 years later, and Reflection on vaccines, in October of 1999) developed in Madrid, among others activities, on the occasion of 15ª edition of BioCultura, organized by the Vida Sana Association.
 For Brouwer, the virus of AIDS was created by the North American administration: “To Robert Gallo, (civil servant of State and biomedical investigator of American origin, more known by its paper in the identification of the Virus of Human Immunodeficiency), 10 million dollars phelp to him to create the virus of the AIDS, arms military bacteriological with which experiments with common prisoners in exchange for their freedom were carried out, something that is a practice quite common in the United States. They injected the new weapon to them, the retrovirus of AIDS, had them in observation a year and, as the period of incubation is of 8 to 10 years, they left them free. The prisoners, when leaving, basically infected to homosexuals and drug addicts, and thus the virus extended”.
 It is then when the first massive vaccinations against the hepatitis begin: “One took place in those years (the 70) in the United States a very strong publicity and a pressure so that the homosexuals were vaccinated against hepatitis B”.
 On the other hand, the North American government orders to the company (Central Agency of Intelligence) that is in charge to put the retrovirus created by Rooster, in addition to in vaccines against the hepatitis, the vaccine against the smallpox with which it inoculates between years 1970 and 1977 to 160 million people in seven countries of central Africa that, when Brouwer carried out its investigation on AIDS by the end of years 80, counted on a number of patients of AIDS of 21 million people.
 Brouwer explained that in 1989, when worked in its book “AIDS: the vertigo”, making use of its international special function as consulting for the health and the ecology in the WHO (World health organization) in the last asked for to this organism the listing of all the vaccinations had in Africa 20 years. It wanted to verify if it were verified, or no, its hypothesis on the relation between the massive vaccination against the smallpox in Africa and the origin of AIDS: “They sent the complete list to me of the vaccines, except the antivariólica, that I did not obtain later up to 7 months and after threatening to them bringing a suit before the UN”.
 When finally it could compare the cartography of the vaccine against the smallpox with the map of AIDS: “The number of cases of AIDS with the number of vaccines in each country of central Africa corresponded”.
 Own professor Robert Gallo, officially considered codiscoverer of the virus of AIDS and “Forced to be silent at the moment not to lose its job in the National Institute of the Health in the United States”, did some nevertheless declarations to the London newspaper You trick out of (11 of May of 1987) to indicate that the relation between the vaccine program seemed to him an interesting hypothesis of the WHO against the smallpox, and AIDS. Rooster also affirmed in that occasion that the alive vaccine use of virus, as it is used in Africa, can activate a latent virus as the one of AIDS.
 Brouwer made special emphasis in the confirmation of its hypotheses through the investigations during 7 years of Leonard Horovitz, professor of Harvard and one world-wide authority in public health, that by means of the Freedom Information Act (commission that guarantees the freedom of information) had free access to official documents of the North American Government and could “thus Verify the creation of the retrovirus of AIDS as a deliberate decision on the part of the government of the United States”. In words of Brouwer, Horovitz demonstrates in its study “Virus in emergency” that, in the heat of cold war, the Americans wanted to complete bacteriological weapons, acceding Robert Gallo to put itself to work in these arms. The investigations of Horovitz try, also, that the company introduced the retrovirus of AIDS in the bovine antismallpox in África Igual of full, in 2ª Brouwer day began their communication doing reference to the measures adopted against the detractors of vaccines in a symposium organized in Switzerland in 1976 by the pharmaceutical laboratories. Among others, “To blame the detractors of incompetence and jealousy, to prevent that the opponents to vaccines have access to mass media; to make appear them as communist anarchists or, today as facists, neo-Nazis or members of sects, to discredit to them”.
 Next he argued against the vaccine manufacturers: in Europe and rest countries at the moment developed 1 of each 3 people he suffers a chronic disease while the other 2 are not healthy either but they have diverse nonchronic benign or serious affections, between the 30 and the 60 years the medicine does not cure to the patients but it only provides palliative treatments. He characterized the purchase of medecines and the analyses that are realised of “Useless, goodwills of the pharmaceutical laboratories”.
 If or the deaths are very numerous before the 65 years by cancer or chronic diseases, from 1 to 30 years we found the maximum of fragile people,
 physical, motor and mental patients, handicapped people.
 According to Brouwer, with the progresses had in the medicine in the 30 last years, in the hygiene, feeding and obstetrics,…, “This population would not have to suffer of that evils, but it would have to be healthy, robust, developed intellectually. But we see another thing”. In order to respond to why, “It is necessary to contemplate to the preceding generation, to the genitores that have transmitted altered genes and with their modified genetic code. What is due to the chemical substances of foods and medecines, to the general and nuclear pollution, to the general conditions of life.
 Also to the direct vacunal pollution, of which nobody wants to speak. The vaccine, more important act that the baptism or the circumcision, have generated a religion, the vacunal, that replaces other religions and that are based on an act of faith in the medical omnipotence”.
 If there have been few changes in the climatic conditions in Europe in the last 60 years, in spite of the contamination of the ground and of the air and the nuclear accidents with the increase of the radioactivity in the surface of the planet, for Brou er these factors of pollution are not sufficient to bring about genetic mutations, does not stop to explain the present genetic drift in the western population. There are other causes for the degeneration of the species: “The vaccines, factor of degeneration of the human species, consequence of the change of an organized body that acquires other characteristics that are to him unfavorable”.
 In the different species, the cells and microorganisms have an own immune process in front of the internal and external agents, to avoid the genetic mutations. If there is a good adaptation from the organism to his surroundings and the genitores are healthy, the birth of perfectly healthy organisms will take place. But the genitores do not count on a good immune system, but virus and retrovirus are present, although it is as dumb witnesses, are transmitted his descendants: “They are transmitted because they are present in our cells and our genetic code”.

 There are some particular and necessary conditions so that they wake up the virus that all we took slept. The virus and retrovirus normally are dumb. If the immune system works, it does not eliminate them but it eliminates his virulence and it restricts his genetic material. The genitores are healthy although they take to sleepy virus and retrovirus that their children transmit dumb. Their descendants contact with virus and pathogenic bacteria (chickenpox, German measles, mumps, smallpox, plague, rage). Of there the “Importance of the environment, the conditions of hygiene and nutrition, in the genesis of many infectious diseases. If there were in all the humanity the suitable conditions of hygiene, nutrition,…, would not be infectious epidemics nor diseases”. By weakening of the immune system of the organisms, they are generated and they regenerated the virus slept, that continues thus their evolution.
 The more industrialized it is a country, the more bovine useless are applied in that country.
 In the Third World, with under-nourished populations and weakness and fragility of its immune system, the WHO has realised massive campaigns of vaccination, without distinguishing or discriminating the immune system of the people: “At the moment the great danger of vaccines in fragile individuals is clear by many scientists immunely”.

 Louis de Brouwer distinguished between the developed countries “Where the vaccines are useless and dangerous” and the developing countries “In which the vaccination is a criminal act”, although in both cases “the vaccination is an act of medical and economic dictatorship on weakest and that they support some more unfavorable conditions of life. The social and humanitarian organizations, the WHO, the medical body, and also the citizens because of the disinformation, we are participating in the degeneration of the species. The system of vaccinations is a slowed down pump, in charge of the manufacturers of vaccines, doctors and people in charge of the health”.
 To the WHO, under the influence of groups of pressure as the vaccine manufacturers, represented in this organization by very well phelp doctors: “To only it interests the benefit them, are laughed of the state of health of the world-wide population, especially of the one of the countries of the Third World. Pursuit does not become on the effectiveness of vaccines, the statistics on the matter totally are invented. Their dangers, affections and deaths are stated, that are silenced by manufacturers of vaccines and doctors”. It on the matter mentioned the result, very convincing, of file 651/1980, Geneva (Switzerland) realised by a group of experts of the WHO on the rigorous pursuit during seven year and a half to two groups (vaccinated in the program of vaccinations against the tuberculosis between 1968 and 1971 in India, and not vaccinated): there were so many cases of tuberculosis in the not vaccinated vaccinated ones as in, very textually: “The vaccine of the tuberculosis does not confer any protection in 7,5 years. The tuberculosis attacked more those who had reacted to the tuberculina that to those who had not been vaccinated”. In spite of it, it is continued vaccinating against the tuberculosis, in France without going more far the vaccine is obligatory, with penal and legal sanctions if it is rejected. Also the vaccine against the German measles is at issue, that are administered in the viral triple: “Every time there are more tests of his relation with the autism”. On the possibility or not of a vaccine against AIDS, Brouwer esteem that: “The virus of AIDS has two parts, human and animal. For that reason it cannot have vaccine against that virus”.
 After coming up against the vaccine of hepatitis B - “the WHO wants to eradicate it of the planet, since before it did against the smallpox, before year 2015, through the massive vaccination of all the inhabitants of the planet” - and its multiple possible side effects, talked about besides benefits: “In France the cost of manufacture of the vaccine against hepatitis B is of 18 Ptas and its sale price is of 3,500 pesetas by blister. The margin of gain of the Pasteur Laboratories in 1997 was of 12,000 million pesetas. The vaccine, gratuitous for people, is phelp by the Social Security”. It demanded the freedom of vaccination, that the doctors (forced by its Deontological Code) denounce to the laboratories by the adverse side effects of vaccines, to finalize affirming: “The one that does not use the truth, becomes accomplice of the fakers”.

  As it denounces Louis de Brouwer, international consultant of the ONU-UNESCO and author of the book “the politico-economic Mafias that direct the world”: “the political power is had at world-wide level by a small group of individuals without scruples that is in the USA, a country governed by leaders of diverse secret societies, and that “accidentally” agrees that they are the owners of the six main banks. This small group leader constitutes the brain that dominates the world”

It is not simply “the market”, they are characters with full name, wrecks and colds until the barbarism. The naivete is its better ally. The mere fact to have to demonstrate the evident thing, when the true threat and the authentic adversary do not stop to be with impudence, is already an eloquent signal of the point at which the things have arrived, and of that still they have left to reach.


According to denunciation the mentioned author the multiple vaccinations mine the immune system that opens the door in the numerous effects such as immune multiple sclerosis, allergies, cancers, diseases, and probably AIDS…
The vaccines produced by genetics against hepatitis B introduce the DNA and foreign enzymes in the organisms that can alter or move genes, activate oncogenis, or deactivate anti-oncogenis and therefore to produce boxes of teratogenesis and cancers…
The acts of the vaccination are realised without no medical checkups and there is no medical recordativa letter to establish statistic. The act of the vaccination is dangerous and serious
In its book “the Mafia pharmaceutique ET land-alimentaire” the Dr. Louis de Brouwer says:
  The modern medicine is administered by a resulting powerful oligarchy of the great pharmaceutical groups chimico that get to condition the elections of the Governments, policies and institutions of the health thanks to extraordinary financial means. A denunciation without concessions of all the frauds, abuse, swindles…



such affirmation is Ghislaine Lanctôt, the controversial author of best to seller world-wide “the medical Mafia”. In him, this doctor to whom destitute of his Medicine title has itself denounces the present sanitary system and the corruption that there is after the same, allowed and protected by doctors and governments to the benefit of the great pharmaceutical companies and to the detriment of the citizens. For that reason she advocates the return to the individual sovereignty on the health as she forms to end that Mafia.

Ghislaine Lanctôt
he has exerted the Medicine during 27 years. Now he does not exert… although he would want. The reason? Eight years ago they retired it the doctor license. Why? To publish the medical Mafia (Ed. Vesica Pisces). And what contains that book - ask itself will the reader so that he has brought about such sanction? Then - as easily an exhaustive description of the “system of disease” is understood judging by the title - and nonsanitary that at the moment exists.

The author of the medical Mafia finished her Medicine studies in 1967, a time in which - as she herself confesses were convinced that the Medicine was extraordinary and of which before the end of century XX would have the necessary thing to cure any disease. Only that first illusion was going out until being extinguished.
-Why that deception?
- Because I began to see many things that made me reflect. For example, that all the people did not respond to the wonderful treatments of the official medicine. In addition then I entered in touch with several “smooth therapists” - she is to say, medical instructors of nonaggressive therapies that did not have repairs some in opening their consultations and letting to me to me see what they did. And I reached the conclusion that soon the nonaggressive medicines are more effective, cheaper and, above, they have minors side effects.
- And I suppose that she began to ask itself why in the Faculty nobody had spoken to him of those nonaggressive alternative therapies
- Thus she is. Soon my mind went further on and I began to question itself how it was possible that it was fast talkers to people to whom I myself had seen cure and why it persecuted them as if they were delinquent wizards or. On the other hand, since doctor had participated in many international congresses - in some as rapporteur and I realized of which all the presentations and communications that appear in such events are controlled and obligatorily require first to be accepted by the “organizing scientific committee” of the congress. And who designates to that scientific committee? Then generally who funds the event: the pharmaceutical industry. If today those are the multinationals that decide until it is taught to the medical futures in the faculties and what it is published and it exposed in the medicine congresses! The control is absolute.
- Indeed. The call sanitary system is in fact a disease system. A medicine of the disease and not of the health practices. A medicine that recognizes the existence of the physical body and only considers neither the spirit, nor the mind, nor the emotions. And that in addition deals with only the symptom and not the cause the problem. One is a system that maintains to the patient in the ignorance and the dependency, and to that it is stimulated so that it consumes drugs of all type.

the vaccines are expensive and they suppose to the states a cost to him of thousands of million dollars to the year. Therefore, the only evident and safe benefit of vaccines… is the one that the industry obtains. In addition, the vaccination stimulates the immune system but, repeated the vaccination, the system is run out. Therefore, the repeated vaccine can make, for example, explode “quiet AIDS” and guarantee a “market of the perpetually flourishing disease”.
More data: the vaccination urges the medical dependency and reinforces the belief that our immune system is ineffective. Although most horrible it is than the vaccination facilitates the selective genocides because it allows to eliminate people of certain race, certain group, certain region… It serves as experimentation to prove new products on an ample sample book of the population and is most powerful the biological weapon to the service of the biological war because it allows to take part in the hereditary genetic patrimony of that is wanted

Dr. Mathias Rath
- The pharmaceutical industry is not an industry that has grown of natural form. It was created artificially by investors whom, to be able to make money with the diseases, they had to block the medical treatments
natural and nonpatentable so that they were available nowhere of the world. In the beginning of century XX the Rockefeller group already controlled most of the oil business of the United States and many others
countries. And with the help of those trillions of dollars in income that group of investment decided to turn the health into a new market. Only that the benefit or yield of that investment depended on the patents
commercial of invented pharmaceutical medecines. So the benefits of the new industry were used systematically to turn the medicine into a business handled only by the phamacists. And in only
some decades the medicine happened to be controlled by these groups of interest through the influence that exerted in the schools or faculties of Medicine, in mass media and the political rotation

According to Rath: “the pharmaceutical sector tries to slow down with its brutal one to be able something that already nobody is going to be able to stop, the evidence which effectively the vitamin use and other natural therapies allow to deal with and without side effects the cardiovascular diseases, the cancer and other many diseases”.