Alcoholism and its Cura

Does the alcoholism have Cures?

Are vitamins used in the Treatment?

Is the Diet important in the Treatment?



(Introduction by Abram Hofffer, M.D.:

Ever since I knew Bill W, the co-founder of Alcoholic Anonymous and we would become good friendly, I have had a personal interest in the treatment of the alcoholism. Bill taught that there were three components for the treatment of the alcoholism: spiritual, mental and medical.


AA provided a spiritual house for alcoholic ones that many could not find elsewhere and it helped to stay them in abstinence. But for many AA alone was not sufficient; not everyone in AA had achieved to comfortable sobriety.

Bill recognized that the other two components were important. When one found out that we used niacina for the treatment of alcoholic, was interested enough on the subject, because the niacina provided to the patients a great lightening to them for its chronic depression and other physical and mental sufferings.

The article of Andrew Saul on alcoholism emphasizes the importance of the nutritional factors that have demonstrated to be decisive in the treatment of this suffering.

When alcoholics plows able to abstain on to their own, this is the way to go. Some of them dog even become social drinkers on to very small scale. I have not found many who could. But I think that if started on the program very early, many dwells could achieve normalcy. I know the case many alcoholic ones that they did not want to leave the addiction, but accepted to take the niacina.

To the passage of the years, little by little they could reduce the alcohol consumption until they could control it. I hope that soon they are possible to be had treatment centers that use these techniques, and so they can be much more successful that the present centers of treatment. This all too often still consists of the dumping them into hospitals and letting them dry out, with severe pain and suffering.

When they leave these disciplinary centers, the majority returns to the addiction, the most dangerous and widely used street drug available without to prescription. - A. Hoffer.)



by Andrew W. Saul


She was a very nice lady, wife of a surgeon, alcoholic an incurable one. Betty, of 56 years, had entered and left all class of institution of rehabilitation that can be imagined. Of the famous ones and the faces: all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't seem to stop to her drinkin' again.

But its not joke, not AT all. One of each three adult Americans does not take any type from spirits. One third part consumes it in moderate form and with responsibility. And another one third part of the adult Americans consumes it in excess. Ten percent of our population can be classified as very heavy metal drinkers, that are those that finishes half of all the alcohol that is consumed in the nation.

So that Betty is not the unique one. But was strange in principle when it sat down in front of me, gracious and poised, and all their physical and emotional misery talked to me due to its vice.


Most of my experience with alcoholic comes from a voluntary military service in the small premises in center of Rochester, NY. There the winos fit the stereotype much to better: an unshaven, shabby man slurping from to bottle of “Mr. Boston Blackberry Brandy” in a filthy to paper bag.

The truth is that it is difficult to recognize the majority of alcoholic ones. Most manage, somehow, to wins. The easiest way to happen unnoticed is when money is had, free time and off grey hair. Although you do not create it, “70% of the hospitalization of adults in 1991 was related to problems with the alcohol.” (Newsletter of the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, 1:1, September. - October. 1992)


“There is something you can do by me” Betty asked to me. “Perhaps,” I answered. Yeah, right. Nobody, but absolutely nobody has had but the remote luck to remove to this lady from the hole in which it is. And your you think that you can do it, fella? Pull to other leg.

But then a small angel whispered me in the ear. Roger J. Williams!

“A guaranteed nutritional treatment for the alcoholism exists,” I told him. “Roger Williams, PhD, a professor of chemistry of the University of Texas and ex-president of the American Chemical Society, have written extensively on the subject. Its work goes back from 1950 and half-full of setentas.”

“What it is what recommends” Betty asked.

“Megadosis of vitamins and an amino called acid L-glutamine.” I put myself standing up and I walked towards the bookseller, pulled down to couple of references, and returned to my squeaky Brown swivel desk to chair.


“Here you have,” I told him. “You would have to write down all this. Thousands of milligrams of vitamin C to the day, in partial doses; all the complex B, especially thiamin, in I supplement of the complex B, five times to the day, and near three grams of L-glutamine. In addition a good diet generally, without nothing of sugar, is essentially it. You can do”


Betty had to smile. “The true question is, I will be able to do it, is not certain”


“YES,” I shelp. “You have dealed with everything.”


Some weeks later I received a telephone dispatch of Betty. “The things march wonder,” told me. “I have not had a drink from the day in which we saw ourselves.”

“Terrific” But it will have the sufficient force of will, I wondered. Everything depends on her. “It remembers that the supplements are not combined with the bottle. You've got to stay with this permanently, you know.”


They spent the months. I received a Christmas card de Betty: still clean and sober, thanks to my, according to her.

The following year, another Christmas card told of to her continued success. “Return to the University,” wrote to me. Excellent! Suddenly the bottom fell right out of my happy mood: “I have been able to take a drink me or two from time to time,” Shelp Betty. “But him unemployment when I decide it, and do not want any dwells than that. I am taking all the vitamins. Thanks again”


Once again my understanding on the alcoholism was exceeded. The professional wisdom says to us that “an alcoholic one never is cured.” It had given to classes on the abuse of the alcohol and other prohibited substances, as part of a program of qualification to obtain a certificate as counselor alcohol (MILLRACE).

I know on the subject and the experience Betty did not fit well. She would not have to take AT all! Never! Yet here she was, able to have to drink, just like to normal person. She could choose to have to drink, and stop. Noncompulsion, not addiction. Betty wasn't just coping to better; she wasn't just recovering. Bety had been cured.

The Dr. Williams is responsible for at least two nutritional concepts key that are unknown utterly by the medical and dietetic profession: biochemic individuality and genetotrophics.

Biochemic individuality is easy to understand. Different people require of different amounts from nutrients. One size to never fits all; anyone who you have to ever bought to underwear will tell you this. An alcoholic one needs certain vitamins much more that a person who does not take. A reason for this exists

The alcohol that is consumed is ethanol, C2 H5 OH. One is a simple carbohydrate, as the sugar, that provides much energy but without nutrients. Thiamin, vitamin B-1, are required for the metabolism of carbohydrate. The excessive carbohydrate consumption, including the alcohol, requires much more of thiamin.


Because the full alcohol, moves to other nutritious foods than it eats, bringing about undernourishment and especially deficiency of thiamin. So that the drinker in excess is difficult that he consumes necessary the minimal amount, in a while when is required of much more thiamin.


To this it is necessary to add the fact to him that the alcohol destroys to the liver and the brain gradually, but profoundly. The damage increases the necessity of nutrients to repair to the organism when the taker consumes nutritious foods less and less. Still worse, the alcohol brings about an absorption or deficient fixation of vitamins of the complex B. The alcohol destroys to folic acid.


A deficiency of thiamin, only thiamin, produces the following symptoms, according to the famous text book, Nutrition and Diet Therapy:


Gastrointestinal: anorexy, severe indigestion, constipation, gastric atony and deficient hydrochloric acid secretion. All the stupefies result mostly from to lack of Energy to the GI tract cells; if there is no thiamin, there is no Energy, not function.

Cardiovascular: expansion of the blood vessels peripheral (oedema), weakening of the cardiac muscle and faults of the heart.

Neurological: slowness of the reflections, delayed alert status, fatigue, apathy. A prolonged deficiency produces injuries or degeneration of the myelin envelope (fatty rib cell insulation material). Any similarity with the Multiple sclerosis is not accidental.

A lack of thiamin brings about nervous irritation, pain, prickly sensations, deadening sensations and paralysis if it is not had well-taken care of. The damage in the nerves by thiamin deficiency can cause the DT's and hallucinations.


Him memory that all this by the simple deficiency of a vitamin.


The minimum requirement of thiamin in the U.S. of one to two milligrams is not nor remotely near which it is needed in these cases. It is possible to be argued that it is required at least of a dose of 25 to 65 mgs to the day, still for people who are not alcoholic. The deficient diet of the great takers, plus the damage brought about by the alcohol, plus the necessity of proportional thiamin to the carbohydrate ingestion, leads to the necessity to ingest several hundreds of milligrams to the day of B-1 vitamin.

In a study of 1975 of MRCA in near 2000 homes throughout a year one was that in adults of 19 years or majors, 65% less than consumed the minimum requirement of thiamin. This means that half or two third parts of the Americans surely has thiamin deficiency even though they are not alcoholic.

Thiamin is in almost all the natural foods, but in very small amounts. Precious few to sober Americans, let alone alcoholics, eat quantities of the whole grains and legumes (peas, beans and lentils) that plows modest food sources.

Therefore the supplements of vitamin B-1 are necessary. In order to obtain the best results, additional nutrients in abundance are due to consume through supplementation.

As for example?

1. Vitamin C to saturation (in the order of 10.000 to 20.000 mgs to the day and more). The alcohol that is consumed (ethanol) is chemically just one coal and two hydrogens to either way from methanol (windshield to washer you flow) and prostoreroom (rubbing alcohol), which are well-known poisons. In amount, vitamin C is an antitoxin. The high doses of vitamin C neutralize chemically to resulting products of the metabolism of the alcohol. And, vitamin C increases the capacity of the liver to revert the fat accumulation so common in alcoholic ones.


2. Complex B (comprising 50 mgs of each one of the vitamins of the complex B, 6 times to the day). Extra thiamin and niacina extra can better be. Unlike medecines, vitamins work better meetings.


3. L-Glutamine, (around two to three thousand milligrams). The psychological temptation by the alcohol falls.


4. Lecitina (2 to 4 spoonfuls to the day). And provides inositol choline, related to the B-complex. Lecithin also help to eliminate the fat of the liver.


5. Chromium (at least 200 to 400 mcg of chromium polynicotinate to the day). The chromium reduces to the faults in the metabolism of carbohydrates and help to control the sugar levels in the blood. The majority of alcoholic ones is hypoglycemic.


6. To good high-potency multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement ace well, containing magnesium (400 mgs) and antioxidants carotene and d-alpha tocopherol.

The second contribution to the nutrition of the deserving Dr Williams of Nobel, is the concept genetotrophic.

Simply stated, the reason of which different people require of different amounts from vitamins to be in favor healthful is due to its genes. And dwells importantly, any genetic deficiency can be compensated with megadosis of nutrients.


The Dr. Ruth Harrell elegantly confirmed the theory of the Dr. Williams when it provided great doses of vitamins, especially of the complex B, to children with severe mental delay. It secured to extraordinary improvements in learning and levels of IQ in a few months, including spectacular advances with children with Down syndrome. This trabjo became in 1981, and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Good looking that never you had listened of the subject until now.

Because then the medical establishment maintains filed the knowledge of the Dr. Williams, far from seen his? The answer is classic: follow the money. (it follows the track of the money)

In the U.S. interest in the diseases exists vested. The prevention of diseases is not profitable. Money gains much more trying to the alcoholism that avoiding it. It is the very “social COST” of this, and to other diseases, that makes them profitable. It is to tough concept, but think about it: Special There is to shortage of education teachers! You cut and American prisons are saturated and colonised!


The asylums have waiting lists! Waiting lists for the transplant of organs exist! The medical costs are by clouds! Which is the conclusion?


Simple: the Business is good!

The first rule to fish is to put the hook in the water there, because where are the fish. It puts in practice the protocol of the Dr Roger Williams and sees what I saw with Betty.