The best way to take vitamin C is intravenous, secondly is oral dividing to the doses but the possible thing throughout the day.

The expert in vitamin C, Dr. Robert F. Cathcart III, M.D explained in his works as intravenous and intramuscular vitamin C is prepared:

The ascorbato of sodium is used that is a nonacid vitamin form C, and does not have to contain preservatives. It must contain a small amount of EDTA, to quelar the plans of copper and iron that can destroy the ascorbato. The solutions contain ascorbato of 500 sodium 250 or mgrs by cc.  The mixtures of 250 mgs can be used intramuscularly in children in dose of 350 mgs /kg until every 2 hours. When the volume is very great for the intramuscular use is necessary to use intravenous means. The inadequate doses will be ineffective.

We will use a bottle of 500cc with cork of rubber, a funnel and a spoon, which must be sterilized previously. One fills until the line of 300 cc with fine crystals of ascorbato of sodium, this volume is equivalent to 250 grams of ascorbato. If one is going away to store the solution, we will now add 6,6cc of disódico edelato for injection (EDTA), the EDTA is to avoid the degradation of vitamin C, if one is going away to consume before 48h. this step would not be necessary. Now we added the sufficient amount of water for injection until 500cc. The ascorbato is soluble to an almost exact concentration of 50%, the PH of this solution must be of 7.4. Once preparation, lozenge and keep in refrigerator.  The doses are usually of 400 to 700 mgs kg every 24 hours and is recommendable to pass each dose through a filter miliporo before injecting.

If they are used great doses of intravenous ascorbato are needed to administer at least a gram of gluconato of calcium daily to replace free calcium. The ascorbic acid becomes dehidroascórbico acid in cetogulónico acid soon and soon to oxalic acid that is eliminated as oxalato of calcium.

Successful Caso with an Injection of 12 grams

Next a case of Klenner as example of the fast action of the ascorbato in serious cases of punctures of insects: 
“An adult man wine consults complaining a severe pain in the chest and without being able to breathe deeply. He shelp that he had been itched or bitten 10 minutes before. Thinking that she was a Black Widow and without bothering in looking for the brands to me of eyeteeth by the gravity of the situation, I applied a gram to him of gluconato of intravenous calcium, but he did not improve. Help begged saying that it was dying, and went putting cianótico and pale by the lack of oxygen. Then I put 12 grams of vitamin C quickly in a syringe of 50 cc and with a needle 20 I was applied it intravenous without losing a moment. Even before completing the injection, it exclaimed: “Thank god”. The poison had been neutralized quickly.
“Soon I sent it to house to look for the “culprit”. Soon it returned with an animal that seemed a mouse. It had about 4 centimeters with a long brown hair and a dark line in all the back, seven pairs of legs and one tail very similar to the one of a mouse.
“On the following day I took that thing to the Duke university, where hare was identified as a caterpillar. This rare worm left 44 raised red brands in the back of its victims.  But for vitamin C this man would have died by the shock and the asphyxia.”

According to the investigators of Bio Communications Research Institut, the intravenous application of vitamin C must never be made through dripping and injecting it of direct form in vein nor intramuscularly. And it must be made always of progressive way not to produce adverse reactions, being the recommended initial dose of 15 grams daily. That yes, after explaining the protocol used in the intravenous treatment with vitamin C, the authors remember that “the treatment never must replace to an effective treatment already proven. He only must be considered in the cases of failure of the conventional treatment, the cases without effective treatments known and the cases in that he is used as I supplement to the already proven treatments”. And that why?

Then because Oncology is arranged to that any thing is used as I never supplement but as alternative treatment exclusively. It is necessary to preserve the business!