In this article the author speaks to us of four nutrients that the author considers very important in the delay of the aging.

Four nutrients to stop the aging

By the Dr. Michael Colgan

          At the time of Abraham Lincoln, a American new born could hope to live to age 39. The aging was not a problem because the majority of the people died before they had time to age. But for you, the aging will be the problem greater than you must face in all your life.
     It does not think that I am exaggerating. The centers for the disease transmission and contagion control predict that more of 50% of all the Americans who live today, they will spend his last years in the clinics of rest incapable to take care of themselves by themselves. More of 50%!
     You wish to be part of that army of frightful geriatrics, dependent medicine, gasping all days until the blessed relevación of the crematory?  Without exception, all which I ask in my conferences say one emphatic one “Not”. But the statistics show that half of you you will finish there.
     To avoid this destiny requires two things: a modicum of luck, under that an automobile accident or the other great trauma does not reduce it to a vegetable, and an agreement of the aging process. Beyond - of language in advice of cheek of - taking the feet of four rabbit or eating clover of leaf of - I cannot do something on the luck. But I can give a handle him (to you) on the aging.
     First, the calendar never killed or disabled to somebody. Nobody sometimes dies only of the oldness; you only die of damage or disease. The gerontólogos now are convinced that no disease or degenerative process they only happen by the passage of the time reasonably. That is a phenomenal discovery because it follows that the extension to that we prevent the disease or the damage for the body, also prevents the aging.
     You will have noticed how the prevention of age is becoming the dominant interest in many magazines - including the fast muscle magazines. The founded people good are realizing of which for the first tricks out of in the Earth history, the prolonged human life is a true possibility. But not them ill geriatrical years now offered by the disease industry that happens through the health care in America. The feeding science offers not just the duration of life, but they healthspan, not only the amount, but the amount of quality.
The coronary disease.
     The first step is to prevent the development of our assassin greater disease of coronary artery. Some disinformed medical people, whose main motivation I to suspect to be protecting their tree of money, make fun of so of objective, saying that this degenerative disease has been part of the human condition from always.
     The first report of the disease of coronary artery in America was to publish it in 1912 in the magazine of the American Medical Association next to Dr. James Herrick 1. The disease was so infrequent that cardiologist famous Dr. Paul Dudley White spent next the ten years to look for he (she/that), and found only three cases2. Today we have thousands of boxes in any small city.
     In the same medical magazine 77 years later, on 7 of July, the 1989, an analysis at national level of the coronary disease, showed that to the 60 million American adults aged 20 - 90 had the problem until certain point. That one is one in each three adults in nation3. It has plus any doubt that the disease of coronary artery is not a natural consequence of the aging, but is predominantly man - done.
     Some medical apologists try to excuse this crime against the human health, affirming that the coronary disease afflicts now to the people because the medicine has cured the contagious disease that used to kill them in the youngest ages. So now we have Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces dwells people older than they have the time to contract the atherosclerosis. Pucky de Bull! The autopsies to carry out on killed young American soldiers in action show that one in each two already had atherosclerosis. It determines the average of the age, 22! 4
     In my book, the new feeding: medicine by the new millenium, show exactly how it made the degradation of our meals, water, air and lifestyle5 the contracted coronary disease during this century of the man -.
     My hearings of conference call the tests “To scare” “Criminal” and “To devastate” and can understand how they have allowed who it happens the successive governments. But the arrogance, the greed and corruption responsible for our epidemic for the coronary disease has a good side. If this disease were a natural consequence of the aging, we could make little envelope he (she/that). But, now we know surely that he is man - done, also we can - to come he.

Protection with nutrients.
     The medicine cannot alleviate it. The coronary disease is quiet and very difficult to detect. The first symptom is often only one that you feel, to few you make a draft before it mate. The Dr. Lewis Kuller, for example, analyzed the files of 326 people who died of the sudden attacks of the heart, all had received medical examinaciones within six months before their death. Eighty - six of the subjects had received the medical examinations within seven days of death. No one of the single cardiac attacks to be foretold by his physicians6.
     So it is better than you use. Most people still is unconscious of the last decade of investigation, that sample that how the man - the degradation did of our feeding and atmosphere attacks its arteries. I cover the investigation in the detail in my book the new Nutrition5; here I will change to the persecution… Cholesterol, saturated fat, salt, sugar, pesticides, medecines of sale with prescription, water air and contamination are involved all, but the main mechanism by which they damage it is the oxidation.
     The free radicals oxidize tiny low-density lipoprotein particles (LDL) on and in the arterial walls. Their macrophages of immune system recognize that oxidized LDL is toxic and covers with sand immediately with him (she/that). Due to the overload of the oxidation created by man to whom - it made toxins the macrophages cannot be able. They put too much full and they disturb in pathological cells called skims cells. These cells of foam rubber constitute the greasy yellow veins that are the injuries beginning of atherosclerosis7, 8,9.
     The answer is simple: if you reduce whole oxidation of body of - you reduce the development of the disease of coronary LDL. The protection of its LDL, that is a greasy compound, depends on the amounts of fat - antioxidants soluble that you can obtain mainly within LDL particles.
     Better - antioxidants soluble premeditaded fat people are and of vitamin, the beta - carotene, and Q10 of coenzyme. Just in vitro (in the test tube) the studies show fully that these three nutrients prevent the human oxidation of LDL10, 11,12. Vitamin C also is involved. The acts of vitamin and vitamin C synergistically to give back to use to state7 active. Vitamin C also prevents macrophages to absorb too much LDL13.
     By all means, these studies are all on the vanguard. The new rules of the Direction of Feeding and Drugs do not allow any affirmations with which antioxidant can prevent the cardiovascular disease. They say that we must wait for the controlled judgments great that they will take at least another decade to finish.

I cannot recommend to you to take these foods. This is your own option and risk.
I can tell you, nevertheless, what I and many do it of my colleagues. As the winner twice Linus Pauling of the Nobel prize, we at least took 10 grams from daily vitamin C. Also we took 1.200-2.800 IU from the natural vitamin and, succinate d-alpha tocopherol. Also we took 25.000-100.000 IU from the betacaroteno. Also we took magnesium 30-60 from the Q10 coenzyme.

     Also I can say it what says of the new restrictions of the FDAF. master economist and winner Dr. Milton Friedman of Nobel prize: 14 of “Any increase in the authority on something of the FDAF. it is a clear and present danger to the health of the nation”.
     You do not hope that health authorities protegan it. It does not hope that medicine protega. Lea the medical references to this article and chooses to whether or not you you want to protect same you. It is the only election that you have obtained.