Pregnancy and feeding
The good feeding for the whole life of a woman is the best possible preparations by the pregnancy. This is especially true the year or under immediately preceding to the conception. In a subject to speak, a baby is almost for a year of age in the childbirth.  Many women only begin to eat well and to take necessary vitaminic supplements as soon as they know that they are pregnant.  This is weeks or even months too late. The first few weeks of the pregnancy is especially crucial for the embryo (Hillemann).

The poverty, the abuse of chemical substances, the adolescence and the age outpost make four common problematic areas of pregnancy traditionally. The nutritious deficiency smaller than the diseases, the treatment, the American - deliveries of style and following bottle - the feeding does until above of four other problematic areas.

The feeding necessity increases during the pregnancy, by all means. (La/los/las) of the GDR it is even superiors. This could be obvious for you, but many women eat bad diets generally. They take care of to eat same bad diet more of that then/soon in an attempt “To eat by two” and “To secure all the feeding that needs a balanced diet.” This one is a genuine tragedy, so that the doctor and professions of feeding cannot be excused easily.  At least, the following necessity increases during the pregnancy and lactation:
A. protein
B. calcium
C. iron
D. all vitamins
E. that is many increases, not to be he

The American diets are to a large extent - of dominated protein, and the calcium is spoken of in another place on this website. Certain we consider that some necessity maternal increased for nutrients, of starting with the vitamin To of vitamin of A can be without danger increased using beta - the carotene (for example. Juice of carrot).  The toxicity of vitamin A of Preformed (fish oil) smaller of 25.000 IU is possible, but the deficiency of vitamin A during the pregnancy is a greater risk Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces. For one really - of bone to cool the summary of the consequences of the vitamin deficiency during the pregnancy, read Hillemann.

We say to polar bears, no?
Because three - the trimesters of a pound of liver of polar bear it contains 7 or 8 million units of vitamin A preformed, this food is prohibited by traditional Eskimo religion quite rightly. If it is to him of any satisfaction (to you), same polar bears are in the risk for vitamin an overdose since they eat whole seals with regularity in a session. The seals, when we know it all, are a very good origin of vitamin A, producing 30 to 100 million units each.

It would create or no, 6.000.000 units of “A” have been taken by human beings immediately… , Five times to tell the truth consecutive… Without mortal victim (Bicknell and Prescott, page 82). Naturally, this is stupid, and especially certain during the pregnancy.

Very the great prenatal doses of vitamin A can cause the congenital defects.  The deficiency of vitamin A can also, and is much more probable. The rates of A de Hypervitaminotic produce young normality with the very high stores of liver of the vitamin. The human fetuses and babies new born generally have low stores of vitamin A (Bicknell and Prescott partido popular. 19 and 59).  Pauling (how to live more time and to feel better, P. 253) does not recommend to daily exceed 50.000 IU in the normal health.  The MISTRESS approved 25.000 doses of IU in 1946 (Adelle Davis, we eat the right to keep the adjustment, 1970, P. 61), but in the PDR you find the warnings to begin in 6,000 IU during pregnancy (P. 1736 - 1737, 1980).  Something the greatest doses are probably very safe during the pregnancy, supporting that one 3 - ounce to carry out of liver contains more than 50.000 IU of vitamin A, and there is no warning of pregnancy in packages of the liver supermarket. Nevertheless: to use carotene supplements, or vegetable juice, provides a margin infinitely greater for the error.

Now for vitamin C and the pregnancy.
Because it is - of soluble water, “C” is naturally more certainly the vitamin To always, including the pregnancy. F.R. Klenner, M.D gave great doses more than 300 pregnant women and informed on practically no complications in no into the pregnancies or deliveries (Irwin Stone, the factor of treatment, Chapter 28). Indeed, the nurses of the hospital around Reidsville, N.C noticed that the babies who were healthier and happier were it loss “Babies of vitamin C.” Abram Hoffer, Md, has informed into similar form that has observed a complete lack of congenital defects in born babies his - vitamin Cs that take - to mothers to - being.

Specifically, Klenner gave:
  (1) 3.000 milligrams every day during the first trimester (first three month of the pregnancy)
  (2) 5.000 milligrams every day during the second trimester
  (3) 10.000 milligrams every day during the three trimester
Some women daily obtained 15.000 mgs during the third trimester.

The results? There were no abortions spontaneous in this whole group of 300 women.

Klenner gave the injections of “Booster” of vitamin C to 80% of the women on the admission for the hospital for the childbirth.

The results? Wonderful, indeed:

First, the work was brief and less painful.  (My niños's mother, with her 2: 45 and 1: 45 insist on times, broad can confirm this.)

Secondly, striae were not rarely to be seen. (I can give faith of this; it was married with her.)

Thirdly, there was no hemorrhage of postpartum absolutely.  And, there was no toxic manifestation and no cardiac anguish (Stone, P. 191).

Between the patients of Klenner the quintuplets of Fultz to be, that unique AT the tricks out of were quints in the Southeastern EE.UU to which to have survived.  These were given 50 of “daily C” in the childbirth each. This one is an important point: if mami is taking C from vitamin, also it must be continued for as much mother as youngest child later also. The failure to do this will turn out in the good - to present “To recover the effect.” Therefore, it does not stop a good thing. If “C” is important sufficiently woman to take it before giving light, then/soon the baby is important sufficiently to obtain after she has been born.

Klenner had children to every day take its age in C from vitamin. That is to say, a gram of “C” per year of the age, becoming stabilized in the age of ten in 10 gramoss (they when in the good health).

Vitamin C and to nurse
Different amount from vitamin C will be found in chest milk. If mami takes much “C” will be “C” in the chest milk also. If mami is estresado treatment up and outside, probably there will be reasonable less “C” to the baby. And if mami is ill or to eat food of the hospital, almost doubtlessly there will be a provision of “C” in diminution in his milk of chest. The solution, again, is for both mother and baby to complement with vitamin C.

We did this with our babies exactly, and were astonished with the results. You can empolvar a pad of “C” of the chewable best finely and for putting it on his finger or the language of the baby.  This must be done in each feeding.  Babies do not need much “additional C”… But they frequently need it every day for the maximum success.  “The success” to be easy to define: a healthy and happy baby that he eats and he sleeps well.

Little vitamin C is found the formula, after it is sprinted, was opened especially, warmed up, it rained to pitchers, and it oxidized during the feeding of bottle.

Some special problems in the pregnancy and lactation
Matutinal nauseas
 1. It proves a natural vitamin, not one artificially of color.  The painting can be nauseous to eat.

 2. It takes all supplements on a full stomach.

 3. It avoids ferrous sulphate iron supplements.  Many doctors still prescribe this - of cake throwing iron form, in too great an amount, and without additional enough “C” for the absorption. The constipation almost is guaranteed with ferrous sulphate.  Gluconate uses fumerate ferrous ferrous, or especially carbonyl of iron in time.

 4. 6X of homeopathic remedy for simple matutinal nauseas proves the Natrum Phos, and possibly Kali Phos or Natrum Sulph.

 5. You could also in the morning prove some thing of first base of fresh and flavorful juice for get to a good principle.

 6. The long serious vomit requires the medical care.

The constipation is very common during the gestation.  It is also very easy to avoid (how - for the information it sent another part on this website). Pregnant When, does not take the treatment by this or any other condition if you can avoid to possibly do it.

Increase of weight or loss
The increase of weight is natural, necessary, and desirable during the pregnancy. A woman does not have “To obtain fat”, nevertheless! My wife acquired 25 pounds to attend in the childbirth of a baby 10 pounds, 2 oz. An increase of slightly greater weight is normal and fine. The increase of weight must nothing else be that 35 pounds or under really; under thirty to be better. No fasting, no attempts of loss of weight during the pregnancy or lactation!

(To see the “Constipation”) and to avoid to drink of a drink cheese pizzas uncheweds. Support that the babies and amniotic fluid are heavy.  Additional vitamin C will often help here, because “C” reinforces connective weaves and you will tilt. The putting in practice of the present time of and vitamin will help definitively.

The acidity?
1. Comma eaten frequent, small. In other words, “It grazes” to rather than to banquetear.

2. It chews his food especially well.  This simple measurement really works.

3. It mixes his meals especially well.  He does not have to obsess itself with this, but of his own experience, you can distinguish that some meals do not mix well in their stomach.

How to avoid the majority of the problems of childbirth & baby problems
 1. A pair of really hip (no fiance of game of words) obstetrical nurses taught to me that the pain was a function of the tension, particularly during the childbirth. He proves the meditation to reduce to the tension and the tension. Also I suggest you you contact yourself with Todd Gastaldo, D.C. todd@chiromotion.Com for the information of postural that it can help to assure that MDs and matrons of Cnn do not complicate the delivery closing the channel of childbirth by up to 30%.

2. It avoids drugs of all classes, alcohol, cigarettes, and everything but the most essential medecines.

 3. It is a point to read the feminine art to nurse, by Milk League International, park of Franklin, Illinois.  This one is a good good book.

 4. Lea MALEpractice, by Robert Mendelssohn, M.D., that says that “the only women who can nurse they are those that has had bilateral radical mastectomies… Or those that goes towards paediatricians.”

 5. Timekeeping: - of wise age, he is better to be pregnant when you are an adult woman (especially because the adult men seem to have such problem to put itself significant). Old, nor Better not to be a girl. The risks for mother and boy are enormously increased enters young and old mothers very very.  Nevertheless, many of the risks are attributable to the age - related nutritious deficits.  A good diet, complemented with (folate) of folic acid and appropriate amounts of to other vitamins appropriately, will go away a very long way to reduce the congenital defects.

 6. This one is a hard order, but it tries to put his spouse first so his baby will even have two parents after the trinkets to wear in off. Luckily, almost all authorities indicate that sexual relations during the pregnancy do not damage the baby.  The common sense is needed, doubtlessly, during the moment immediately before and immediately after giving light.  But negligence makes a point to do not it yes.

 7. It avoids caffeine! It is the drug more extensively used and abused of America. Caffeine can enter fetal circulation (Williams, p 469).  Two cups of the coffee milligram of caffeine, a dose of pharmacologic even contains up to 250. Five 12 - the tins of ounces of dark soda water have the same total amount, to lot more dwells sugar (or, not even worse, aspartame).

 8. Worried about the high pressure? Then/soon the sanguineous pressure monitors it, same you, at home. It is easy and, because you avoid the “white Preoccupation of coat”, it is in fact dwells likely to be exact that in the office of a doctor. You therefore reduce to his opportunity of the unnecessary preoccupation the doctor resulting superfluous interference, and overprescription. If you are diagnosed with the high pressure, she considers to take a B - I supplement complicated before resorting to a drug. I hear speak of a woman who was diagnosed with temperate pre-eclampsia and decided to prove a natural approach first. To five daily took a B - complicated the three times of from tablet.  Also she cooked with the “Chinese black Fungus” unfortunately - to name, a victim pardons nice discovered in many Eastern plates.  She used approximately two teaspoons of the dry fungus, reconstituted in a hot water cup before cooking) daily. Its sanguineous pressure was normal in a few weeks. It had plus the problems with the pregnancy.

9. It takes and from vitamin (at least 200 and perhaps 400 IU newspaper). This reduces the opportunity of the spontaneous abortion enormously.  This one is not myth: at the end of World War II, already there were dozens of medical studies that confirmed this. The cardiovascular beneficial functions are also excellent.  In opposition to what the text books of many dietistas say, to be able meals to contain another fat - soluble vitamins do not guarantee the consumption of and sufficient vitamin by the pregnancy… Or to any other time, for that to matter.

10. This is putting to the horse after the car, but the conception is more probable if papa takes additional C from vitamin, zinc, lecithin and extract of a little Korean ginseng (ginseng of Panax) every day. The investigation in the University of Texas has shown that 1.000 mgs of additional vitamin C daily can undo male sterility in fact supposed. (Medical Tribune, 11 of May, the 1983) the important improvement in count of spermatozoa, motility and the viability was demonstrated… After four days!  It remembers, one in ten pairs is infertile. Also it remembers that, because 9 outside of 10 Americans are undernourished (to eat less significantly that the U.S. GDR of fruits and vegetables), then/soon 9 outside of 10 pairs are undernourished.  One could be marvelled at which the human race is as successful as it is!  Still, the feeding is something that a pair really needs in trustworthily order and healthfully to conceive.

Some final ideas on nursing
Did You know that the chest milk changes the composition in fact to cover the necessity with the developing baby?  For example, preemies obtain one protein of - more stop, in fact higher than fat milk of - full - period babies (Williams, P. 476) are apparently a very sensible and complicated relation between the physiology of the mother and the baby there after the childbirth so well ace before.  The immunity of Colostrum is only part of this, only one important part. It nurses his baby from the first moment!  The chest milk changes again during the later infirmary and during weaning, to provide still dwells protein and, YES, some irons.

 It does I do not supplement with the formula!  The chest, or the udder for that subject, makes more milk when demands of him (she/that).  If you use formula “Also”, you will begin to do still less milk.  A spiral will be developed, being in not more milk of chest.  For I am always been thankful - of sister in law of - to say wife who “Puts to the young one on the chest and only suffers of him (she/that) by one or two days.  There will be more milk, does not worry.”  It was right.  Memory to the baby practically drowning in milk after that. It astonished, really, to see my children to me like of the simple contact with his mother. And I am plump and robust babies speaking, here!  And all on to suck, month after month.

By all means, a not even greater emotion is see to its born boy. Gentlemen, attempt of being there; you could not possible are any more squeamish than I am.

The hypochondriacs, the eager readers, and students who will be doctors often worry much about their own health because they study under much that can go away wrong. For you, I offer a last history:

Oía to speak of an adolescent who had a life of terrible house alcoholic parents the serious poverty, a bad diet that seem to almost completely consist of cocaine - gaseous dark and French fries.  It attended in the childbirth of the most beautiful baby whom sometimes I have seen.

It excepts of mine, by all means. Or his.