The emphysema is a disease that is characterized by the partial destruction of pulmonary weaves. This is in the incapacity from being able to exhale the inhaled air and in the unequal distribution of the same in the lungs.

Who can acquire Emphysema?

 Mainly the masculine population between the 40 and 70 years of age. The Emphysema attacks the women but with a frequency ten times smaller than the men. A high percentage of the patients of Emphysema smokes and has been great smokings by a long period of life. Living in areas where the air pollution is a constant problem, is another important factor related frequently to this disease.

How it is pronounced?

 The Emphysema does not attack in sudden form. Generally, the patient has undergone of strong colds in the last years. Often the patient goes to the doctor so that the respiratory difficulty makes him have asthma or some other cardiac problem.

 Causes of the emphysema?

 The Emphysema can be the delayed effect of a chronic infection or persistent irritation in the bronchial tubes. Certain people have a congenital susceptibility to the disease.

The called tubes bronchi, connect the trachea with the lungs. The bronchi are resembled the roots of a tree that are reduced until each finishes in a group of airbags in the lung called alveoli.

It is in the alveólo where oxygen happens to the blood and the leftover gas (carbon dioxide) is sent of the lungs.

When it happens irritation in the bronchi, these can obstruirs. The air that enters cannot leave and is catched in the lungs. It can also happen that the walls of the small airbags (alveolos) scratch diminishing the meeting points in tre the blood and the air. If the infection or irritation extends or it is repeated enough with frequency are possible to be destroyed weaves of the walls of the airbags.

The lung is expanding losing elasticity, as well as efficiency in its important function to interchange oxygen by carbon dioxide

Effects of the Emphysema

Of first intention slight annoyances when breathing feel. A short stroll can be sufficient to leave the person out of breath. As the ventilation becomes smaller, each attempt to breathe requires a greater effort. According to it advances the disease, it raises the pressure in the pulmonary arteries and the heart pumps the blood with greater effort and can get to fail.


Treatment with Nutrients: .


1) the vitamin and help to the body, especially to the heart, to do more work exceed less oxygen.


2) The carotene and lycopene are antirust long-range. At least something of the damage of the emphysema is caused by the free radical oxidants such as. Whereas the vitamin and is antirust of number one of its body, the vegetal juice will provide a great variety of others.


3) the Q-10 coenzyme, by menos300 milligrams daily, divided in six 50 doses of magnesium. This is I supplement hospital-friendly, because there is negative side effects known and therefore no base to deny it to no patient.


4) A certain emphysema is due to the inflammation. Vitamin C in the doses of the saturation fights the chronic inflammation better than and more surely than any other thing

The saturation of vitamin C is reached easily through frequent oral doses.