The treatment for the cancer: Theory, history and treatment      2003 of Owen R. Fonorow


The theory that the bad cancers are false-placentas (partial pregnancies) first was formulated by the Scottish beard of Juan of embryologist in 1902. The beard found that the substances secretadas by the pancreas would inhibit the growth of cancers before they become but they lack in the blood of the patients of the cancer. These substances, trypsin (Proteolytic Enzymes Forms of Suplemento/Alternative Names:  



       John Beard ' s was a shining biologist who main interest of the investigation was pregnancy, and the placenta particularly. He made or confirmed several crucial observations that lead to its theory of the cancer. It observed underneath the microscope that the cells of trophoblast that form the similar placenta the cells of cancer. The beard then made an extraordinary observation: The placenta growing day 56 of the human pregnancy - in the same day the pancreas of the fetus begins to work. It came to the conclusion that the pancreas of the secret fetus something that stopped the growth of the placenta. It then conjectured, and tried more ahead, than the same substance stopped the growth of the bad cancer. It needed to determine itself which were this pancreatic substance.

        Beard lead experiments with the juice extracted of pancreases animal young people. These juice was injected in tumors of the cancer and the tumors were contracted in animal and human beings. The work of the beard was published in JAMA and he wrote a book in the therapy of the enzyme for the cancer. It does hundreds years, the doctors tried to duplicate the experimental results of the beard, but they failed, and the work almost was forgotten.

       Now we know that “the delicate” enzymes can lose their effectiveness if not extracted carefully of the alive action of the young people. Even though trypsin was one of the first proteins that sturcture molecular was deciphered by the chemicals in years 60, we cannot still synthesizes trypsin or chymotrypsin. Then trypsin pure is due to extract intact of the young cattle, the cost of supplements with these enzymes is high. The cost in the dosage recommended by the experts of enzima/de the cancer can exceed $2000 per month.


       All we began our lives as a single undifferentiated the cell. This called cell a zygote, a class of “wonderful” cell of piston rod, is divided in trillions of the lineage. The cells cheers change after being successful the divisions in differentiation course, but all the cells do not become the muscle, the bone, the eyes, the teeth, the hair, the connector or the other fine weave. Some cells form in the placenta, a layer trophoblastic of the fine weave that unites to the uterine wall during pregnancy. The placenta is rejected by the body of the mother after birth.

        Beard, first in observing that the cells of the placenta are resembled the cells of cancer, also mountain range how the bad cancers act of the same form that the cells of the placenta do in the matrix of the mother; -- they unite to the uterus and “to eat” through him to obtain a source of the blood.
       Beard also found other cells of trophoblast of towards be-of-place in great numbers through body. These cells are placenta-as, do not distinguish in specific fine weave, but they lie inactive. Beard called these cells of the “germ” of the cells. They have characteristics similar to the cells of piston rod, and Beard thought that these cells are the seeds of the cancer.
      It theorized that, as we age, the cells of germ are probable to receive a signal that makes them begin to grow. The conditions that induce growth could include a hormonal message that the cells of germ interpret as pregnancy. The estrogen-based hormonal signal that mímico pregnancy can be induced by physical trauma, or for other unknown reasons. As this “false-placenta” begins the growth, wild, he makes the bad mass that the medical community flame cancer.


          The pancreas produces trypsin of enzymes of the protein that dissolves (and his chymotrypsin of the precursor) that believed Beard avoids that the cells of germ get to be bad. The secret pancreas the digestive enzymes in the small intestine where they help to digest “cooked proteins” or denatured. Some of these enzymes enter the current of the blood. In theory, when the pancreas is healthy, the cancers of the early-stage (false pregnancies) are destroyed (digested) by pancreatic enzymes in the blood.
         They understand to the cancer more better possible as lack of the pancreas to produce trypsin, that diabetes (type I) is of the same form a lack of the pancreas to produce the insulin. The beard thought that when the health of the pancreas is deteriorated and the exit of pancreatic enzymes declines or the stops, any cell of bad cancer that begins to be divided grows outside control.

        In the age of Beard creyo that the taken enzymes oral would not enter the current of the blood. Even there is today controversy if or them great molecules of the enzyme cannot be absorbed, and if the molecule of the enzyme remains intact in the stomach. The disclosed indices of the success of the followers of Beard tell us that the enzymes of trypsin can be taken by oral way, but, the very great amounts are required to do them effective against increasing cancers.
Note: The patients of the cancer can not analyze trypsin oral. If the pancreas of the patients of the cancer mafunctioning, is not producing the protein that digests trypsin of the enzyme, then the body would not easily digest proteins (e.g enzymes) taken by oral way.

       An interesting discovery is that the digestive enzymatic action of trypsin in the protein is activated by the high atmosphere of the pH (8,0 highly alkaline ones) in the small intestine. The cancer of the small intestine is rare. This can help to explain the effectiveness of the more and more popular treatment of cesium for the cancer. The treatment of cesium raises the pH of the cancer to 8,0 and this one can be able “amplifies” the digestive effect of any trypsin present in the current of the blood.


     In years 40, the investigators discovered that there was “something” in the blood of people without the cancer that lacked totally in the blood of the people who had cancer. This track urged Dr. Max Wolf to read the book of John Beard ' s the THERAPY of the ENZYME FOR the CANCER AND ITS SCIENTIFIC BASE.

       The Dr. Wolf along with its associate Helen Benitez and the Dr. Karl Ransberger, biomedical investigator young of Germany, proven numerous enzymes of sources of the animal and the plant, and created a formula of the enzyme that contains trypsin and chymotrypsin.  Today, the formula systemic of the enzyme of the Wolf/Benitez WoBenzyme

 ®it is according to inquires the second hotter selling product into OTC of parts of Europe - behind aspirina ordinary.


     In 1963, they diagnosed a dentist, William D. Kelley, with the pancreatic cancer, that is quickly fatal almost always, and it returned to discover the connection between pancreatic enzymes and the remission of the cancer. It later cured its own cancer - and hundreds more. Nevertheless, he vilified by the medical establishment and embittered.

In years 80, the center of the cancer of Sloan-Kettering sent a young medicine student, Nick Gonzalez, for debunk the demand of Kelley of a tariff 100% of the treatment of the pancreatic-cancer. Nevertheless, after revisiting the patient files of Kelley, Gonzalez it made believer. The Dr. Gonzalez recently gained a concession $6 million of the national institutes of the health to continue the study of the therapy of the enzyme for the pancreatic cancer.


    The clinics “laetrile” in Mexico demand that tariffs of the treatment for the cancer have “100%”, although determine a negation: The tariff of the treatment of 100% is only applied if the patient has not undergone the chemotherapy or the radiation - and only in those patients who take pancreatic enzymes. Several books have been written that make a connection between Laetrile and pancreatic enzymes. The vitamin “B17” heightens according to inquires the anti-cancer enzymatic activity.

    If the cancers are truth false placentas, the bad tumors mímico pregnancy of other ways. All the cells of trophoblast produce a unique hormone called gonadotrophic chorionic (CGH) that is detected easily in urine. Thus, if a person is embarrassed or has cancer, a simple test of the CGH pregnancy must confirm anyone or both. Therefore, with high exactitude.
   The university of the center of the cancer of Michigan has proclaimed recently that the present chemotherapy points “the incorrect” cells.

The investigators of Ann Arbor discovered that all the cells in a tumor are not equally bad. Only one very small minority of cells of the tumor is really able to induce new cancers; the rest is relatively inoffensive. “These cells tumor-that they induce have many of the characteristics of the cells of piston rod,” shelp to Michael F. Clarke, Md, professor of the internal medicine, that directed the study. “They make copies of themselves --a called self-renewal of process --and to produce all the other classes of cells in the original tumor.”
It is clear then that the center superior of the cancer of the nation unknowingly has returned to discover the thesis of the beard.

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  The Dr. William Kelley recommends discharges amounts of pancreatic enzymes - oral magnesium 45,000. Its formula includes an enzyme starch-that dissolves that Kelley creates is important in some cases. The formula of the enzyme that Kelley is stopped behind costs, rough, $2000 per month. [warehouses of the health of the university of the contact, Weatherford impulsion, Roofing tiles 76087 of the LLC 410 Lution for more telephone 888-477-3618 and 817-594-1471 of the Info]
, Unfortunately greater it is the mass of the cancer - that dissolves quickly of oral therapy of the enzyme - more duro is so that hígado/el kidney to free the body of the remainder of him. Consequently, they digest many patients who take the dice from enzymes of the toxemia as the tumor of the cancer. The several methods to decontaminate the liver are known, with the “enema of the coffee” that it is preferred by Kelley and Gonzalez. Toxemia is the primary reason of making the bad mass of the tumor clear surgical.
    If the theory of Beard is correct, the bad cancer only begins after the pancreas cannot secretar sufficient trypsin and chymotrypsin to avoid that it grows. A therapy that recovers the health of the pancreas so that it again begins to secretar enzymes of trypsin and of chymotrypsin would give rise to remissions of the cancer.

 For example, if the heavy metals, e.g mercury, are being accumulated in the pancreas that causes the problem of the secretion of the enzyme, the great amounts of vitamin C could cure a cancer (remission of the cause) freeing the pancreas of mercury. If defiency acute CoQ10 were the reason the pancreas worked incorrectly, later to replace CoQ10 can recommence the production of trypsin, the therapy of chelation of the EDTA of the etc., another way to reduce the toxic load comes up according to inquires the cancer, and the effect is probably of the same mechanism. The pancreatic theory of the enzyme of the beard explains because vitamin C of the high-dose, or CoQ10, or the works of the EDTA in some people, correcting the pancreas, and not in which pancreas has failed for other reasons, e.g., of the necrosis of the cell or the viral damage.

There is a sensible protocol of the high-vitamin-c that has been to arrest growth of the cancer. He does not cure nor he digests the cancers, but according to the previous associate Matthias Rath, Md of Linus Pauling, this protocol restricts or for the growth of bad tumors deactivating the enzyme that the tumors of the cancer emit, malignin, that allows the tumor “eats” through ordinary fine weave. Malignin is the image of the mirror (to sterioisomer) of trypsin. The therapy of Rath can allow that the body digests the tumors more slowly, or the tumor can calcify.

Whereas the jury continues being towards outside, with the great tumors, the risk of the toxemia can use except the protocol of Rath that the therapy everything of the enzyme of Beard/Wolf/Kelley by itself. Nevertheless, only the therapy of the enzyme has the file of track of 100 years of the success. This author would recommend the cesium leavening therapy by 30 days as associate to enzymes before beginning the therapy of Rath.
The daily protocol of the Dr. Matthias Rath is according to inquires
vitamin C of magnesium 14.000
Lysine of magnesium 12.000
Proline of magnesium 2.000

green extract of the tea of magnesium 1,000 (EGCG)
  No doubt, this protocol of vitamin C improves the health of the pancreas.