The Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, well-known surgeon orthopaedist and doctor to ortomolecular expert in vitamin C, already shelp years ago:

Although the pharmaceutical industry strives to avoid it to all thing, we must force an honest investigation for the use of massive doses of vitamin C for the treatment of diseases. In spite of controlling all the previous communications, they cannot control Internet.

If each knew envelope how to use massive doses of oral and intravenous vitamin C, it would be a financial disaster for the pharmaceutical industry. The question is if the secret of vitamin C can be continued maintaining, with Internet shouting the truth at any moment. To keep this secret is costing trillions of dollars and million lives every year.

As they are the properties of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is the vitamin stars of the treatments ortomoleculares.

During the serious epidemic of influenza of year 1918, well-known pandemic as spanish flu, several people of Pennsylvania without access to the medical services only could receive the customary infusions of a called grass Boneset (arreglahuesos), well-known as Eupatorium Perfoliatum. This plant has been used traditionally in the acute febrile pictures that are attended with generalized bony pains and of is consumed in the east of the United States.  Today which is known that many of these people survived thanks to this plant, has an extremely high vitamin concentration C. The daily dose average of each adult one was of 3 plans, reason why it contained near thirty grams of vitamin C.
The dose can seem excessive, but one of the basic principles of Orthomolecular medicine is the biochemical individuality. This means that each subject requires doses different from nutrients instead of the fixed established ones. The daily requirements that were determined 50 years ago for this vitamin do not correspond actually to the real needs of the patients. The factors that change these requirements, among them are several are:

  1. The age of the individual.
  2. Its habits, such as the alcohol tobacco and consumption.
  3. The dream, especially when it is caused artificially.
  4. The traumatisms.
  5. The threshold of renal excretion.
  6. The environment.
  7. Psychological stress.


But the main reason of this error has been the ignorance of the many functions that has vitamin C. When values GDR phelp attention, its paper anti scurvy only considered, but its action as antioxidant and electron donor, as well as other functions discovered later was unknown, being main its ample and powerful action general anti-stress.

All the animal, except the pig of Guinea, the bats, some primates and the man, produce daily between 3 and 11 grams of vitamin C, amount 80 times greater than the daily dose established them human beings.

Vitamin C forms in the liver and the kidney of the majority of the animal from the glucose. His it formulates structural is C6H8O6.  It acts as receiver or electron donor of I oxygenate to stabilize another molecule, as for example the iron, doing it more soluble and improving his absorption.

In the human beings, it is absorbed in the intestine to enter the cells through the same receivers of the glucose. For that reason, the candy consumption or simple carbohydrates, diminishes the absorption of vitamin C when competing by these receivers.

To the being so similar to the glucose and to use its same biochemical routes, takes place a peculiar and as well important phenomenon: when we needed vitamin C, we wished sweet meals.  This is due to this structural similarity, in addition because when eating them as the nature planned it, the only candies would be the fruits, which contribute this vitamin.

The production of this vitamin in the organisms, is related to the stress level. While in conditions of calm, a mouse daily produces the equivalent of 1,8 to 4 grams of ascorbic acid, under stress it produces up to 15,2 grams. From the biochemical point of view, one of the fundamental components of stress, is the state of oxidoreducción altered in weaves. This alteration is present in almost all the diseases, for that reason when suitable doses of this vitamin are used, they remarkably alter the course of many diseases.
Many investigating notables already have indicated this benefit. Doctor Fred Klenner has been the pioneer in the endovenoso use of high doses of vitamin C, Fred Klenner discovered that the acute viral infections could be cured with ascorbato of intravenous sodium in amounts until of 200 grams daily.  
Irwin Stone emphasized the potential of the vitamin C in the treatment of many diseases, the incapacity of humans to synthesize the ascorbato and the resulting state of hipoascorbemia.
Linus Pauling reviewed Literature on vitamin C and undertook the crusade to disclose its medical uses to the public and the medical profession. Ewan Cameron next to Pauling has shown the utility of ascorbato in the treatment of the cancer.
Vitamin C is the Hormone of Stress, missing in the Humans. (Stone).


Robert Cathcart

As much the production by the liver and the kidneys, as the intestinal tolerance of the ascorbato, is determined by the state of oxidoreducción of weaves and the corporal liquids, or in other words, by the state of biochemical stress.
For these reasons, Stone was against to the vitamin denomination, and the hormone of missing stress in the humans called it.

The Anascorbemia and the Induced Acute Scurvy

Today one knows that certain symptoms are associate an almost total lack of vitamin C. These are some of the problems that can appear:


It is difficult to think about a disease that it does not involve to the free radicals.

Irwin Stone indicated that the majority of the animal has the capacity to create Vitamin C. The developed primates, lost the ability to synthesize does it approximately 65 million years. This defect is due to the loss of a gene to synthesize the hepatic enzyme L-gulonolactona oxidase, necessary for the last one in the creation of the ascorbato from the glucose. 
The animal that live in the Earth with the snout in trashes, taking contaminated waters and foods in decomposition, have a smaller rate of diseases than the human being because they have the protection that need, since their bodies produce ascorbato against conditions of stress as detoxication means.

Since we cannot produce vitamin C based on the circumstances, we are going to see that dose would be the idal following the moment and the person. In order to reach the optimum dose, the daily dose of vitamin C throughout the weeks goes away aumenandola until diarrhoea takes place, moment at which it pauses and the dose previous to the diarrhoea stays. Of the great variability between different individuals a form takes control necessary to determine the doses and to make the pursuits. Doctor Cathcart developed the technique of the intestinal degree, and has handled than to 20,000 patients during 23 years using more this method to settle down the personal dose of vitamin C.
In each patient the toxicity of its disease determines the vitamin necessity C that their weaves need. A person who can tolerate 10 to 15 grams daily of ascorbic acid in doses orally divided when she is or, could be able to tolerate 30 to 60 grams to the day if she suffers a slight cold, 100 grams with a severe cold, and 200 grams with mononucleosis or viral pneumonia.  
At the levels of the threshold near the intestinal tolerance, the ascorbic acid, improves the symptoms and often the potential of oxidoreducción of the pair (the dehidroascorbato ascorbato/, AA/DHA) in ill weaves cures many upheavals standardizing.  
In graph 3 the doses are appraised that each upheaval requires according to the intestinal tolerance and its distribution in the time. It is instructed to the patient one on these principles and these amounts as dose of beginning are assigned.


The Intestinal Vitamin Degree C

It illustrates 3.  Intestinal maximum permissible exposure of vitamin C.


According to the experience of Klenner and Cathcart we can mention several:

Chronic fatigue

The chronic fatigue was a disease by overproduction of free radicals, that damage mitochondria. When the vitamin molecule C lets its two extra electrons to inactivate two free radicals, it recovers with two electrons of mitochondrion. If the mitochondria are damaged and they cannot provide these electrons, vitamin C is lost fast and irreversibly. Taking massive doses from ascorbato, this loss is avoided, and this continued provision replaces the mitocondrial incapacity to provide electrons.  The greater function of mitochondria is to provide electrons in the form of ATP to muscles. Without sufficient ATP to feed muscles, fatigue will take place.   
The mitochondria are damaged because of virus, bacteria (sometimes bacteria of deficient wall, or forms L), allergic toxins of fungi, sensitivity to the chemicals (even some drugs), reactions, etc., and once damaged they become the main source of free radicals. This causes a vicious circle.


With the treatment the laboratory tests including the SGOT, SGPT and the bilirubins are standardized of fast form.  Morishige, a Japanese investigator, has demonstrated the effectiveness of the ascorbato in the prevention of the transfusional hepatitis.

The Pneumonia by Pneumocystis Carinii (NPC), immediate cause more common of death in the AIDS patients, is with certain effectiveness with a combination about ascorbato and drugs sulfa. Of the complications of AIDS, the NPC is the one that more easily is dealt with ascorbato. 
The severe weakness, the malaise, the loss of weight, etc., typical of the NPC, are manifestations of anascorbemia due to the rapidity with which this state responds to the ascorbato. 
The ascorbato, in combination with the rest of the protocol of AIDS, prevents the majority with the attacks of acute NPC. Normally the colds and other respiratory diseases can be prepared that predispose to the development of NPC. 
Cathcart considered that the patients with NPC if they treat early, normally can treat using the tolerance intestinal to dose the ascorbato next to sulfa appropriate, without the danger of reactions allergic to sulfa.

“The greatest, expensive and genocidal lie of centuries 20 and 21, is that they cannot be cured or improve all class of infectious diseases with massive doses of vitamin C”

Robert Cathcart


Traumas, Surgeries and Burns

The capacity of production of ascorbato in the animal emphasizes its importance in the cases of traumas and surgeries. Whatever there is made veterinary surgery it is impressed by the fast recovery.
The pains and inflammations by traumas, surgeries and burns are reduced remarkably with intestinal maximum permissible exposure of ascorbic acid. In the cases of trauma and surgery, they must occur a minimum of 6 doses per day. The burns can require dose hourly. The severe burns, the traumas and the surgery must be dealt with intravenous ascorbato. 
The effect of ascorbato in the anesthetic ones must study. The barbiturates and many narcotics, must be avoided when ascorbato is used during the surgery because this I complete blocks its action.

The Cancer

The relation between vitamin C and the cancer this at length documented. Abraham Hoffer and Linus Pauling are outstanding the successful experience of the use of the ascorbato in the cancer in but of 1,000 cases in its book “Vitamin C & Cancer”.  
One of the aspects that because worries today to the oncologists more is the angiogenesis, as much the persistence of the tumor as the extension of the metastases depends on this factor. The ascorbato, when reinforcing the collagen plot and preventing the formation of new glasses, has shown to an important action anti-angiogenesis. 
It is necessary to emphasize the necessity to administer daily doses over the twelve grams to these patients, because doses inferiors seem to aggravate the development of the metastases. 
The Ascorbato along with the main vitamin and, betacaroteno, selenium, dimetilsulfóxido and lipoic acid today constitute ortomoléculas in the prevention and control of this flagellum.

The Herpes

The infections by herpes have a well-known lightening with massive doses of ascorbato.  To combine ascorbic acid with zinc and lisina, improves the effectiveness of this therapy. In the chronic herpes, the intravenous ascorbato is very beneficial.

to klenner

Syndrome of Sudden Infantile Death

Kalokerinos and Klenner consider that these deaths are due to a sudden deficiency of ascorbato. This induced scurvy more probably happens when the diet is poor in vitamin C. All the preliminales factors of this upheaval are associated to a low vitamin consumption C.

The clinical evidence indicates that the massive doses of ascorbato, of 50 to 200 grams in 24 hours, can suppress the symptoms of the disease and can remarkably reduce the tendency to secondary infections.  The ascorbato in high concentrations reduces NAD (P), and therefore can provide electrons of high energy necessary to reduce used molecular oxygen in the respiratory chain of phagocytes.  This is a determining function in the immunological recovery.

The Renal Calculus

The main complication that has been attributed to vitamin C, has been the formation of kidney stones, due to the formation of oxalato and to its excretion increased in the urine.
To date shortage nor published any case is not had. Cathcart in its experience otherwise of 23,000 patients, does not inform into any, on the contrary, mentions patients who to the being dealt with massive doses of Vitamin C for another ailment, have stopped having these symptoms. The acute and chronic urinary infections, often are eliminated.

The Coronary Disease and the Hipercolesterolemia

In 1941, Canadian cardiologist J.C. Patterson, reported that more of 80% of his patients with coronary disease he had low sanguineous vitamin levels C. 
The Dr. G.C. Willis in 1955, demonstrated that the suplementación of vitamin C reduces the arterial deposits of plate.

The observations are many on the value of vitamin C in this upheaval. Linus Pauling mentions the following facts:

Group They produce Vitamin C Lipoprotein (a) in blood E.Coronaria
Humans NO IF IF
Developed primates NO IF IF
Pigs of Guinea NO IF IF
The 99,9% of the other species IF NO NO

(Abram Hoffer)

The chemotherapy and the radiation are standard. Half of patients of cancer dealt with these therapies passes away by a relapse few years later. We can improve these therapies? The Dr. Abram Hoffer, Md, PhD, a doctor whom its PhD in vitamins had gained, and author of “vitamin C and the cancer”, it chose diet and vitamins to fight the weakening caused by the habitual therapies. One of the first patients of Hoffer, had undergone a pancreatic surgery. His doctor did not offer any hope to him, but she had hope. Hoffer gave vitamin him C in 35,000 doses of mg/día, plus other supplements. Seven months after beginning the treatment, an exploration of CT (X-ray computed tomography), it did not show any sample of the cancer. Five years later, it diminished the daily dose of vitamin C. Twenty years after its terrible prognosis, the woman had 79 years and nor sign of pancreatic cancer. The society of the American cancer discloses that 96% of pancreatic patients of the cancer die within five years.