The depression usually is associated to diverse symptoms as sadness, nostalgia, melancholy, apathy and until moral pain. Also it can be in favor accompanied of a continuous pesimism and loss of the self-esteem and, sometimes, also of a state of anxiety.

The symptoms
According to the American Association of Psychiatry, a person can diagnose herself as depressive if she presents at least 5 of the 8 following symptoms:
- much or little appetite with increase or loss of weight
- insomnia or hipersomnio
- physical hyperactivity or apathy
- incapacity to experiment to please social or sexual
- energy slope; weakness
- deep, lacking sadness of self-esteem or inmotivado sense of fault
- difficulty of concentration or reflection
- desires to die

A common treatment within orthomolecular medicine for the serious depression:

correct feeding - Omega fatty acids - 3 capsules of Omega 3 700
- B6 vitamin 
- Vitamin C - of 4 gr. in future daily
- Complex B50 or sup.
- B12 vitamin (preferably injected) 
- B3 vitamin - between 1 and 3 gr. newspapers 
- B6 vitamin
- calcium (it directly activates to tryptophan hidroxilasa to synthesize important serotonin in the process of the depression) 
- tryptophan


For Hugh D. Riordan, M.D.podria to have to the deficiency of a sufficient amount of a single element nutrient and puts examples of vitamin C and the zinc as one of people in charge one of the common effects but of the vitamin deficiency C is depression, indicates. We go very rarely to a psychiatrist that measures our level of vitamin C.
“Many years ago, it had one lady who was deep professor and pressed it. It had three years of psychotherapy before coming to the center. She had deep fatigue. Our test revealed it that it did not have any perceivable vitamin C, so we gave daily vitamin him C.
In couple of weeks, she thought that it had happened a miracle. No miracle had happened. It was low in vitamin C and the depression is the natural consequence of that.” E.

What follows is of an audio tape of a person who had this problem:
“It obtained pressed. It had two magnificent babies coming at the end of July and I did not wish to see them. That is something uneven for a grandmother. It knew that it was not until helping to my children with his children. It knew that I had to teach. We need the rent. I never secured any dream and it did not worry to me about my students. I teach to disabled students who learn. Master my work. Just he did not feel to me until him and he knew that something was incorrect.
“I tried hypnosis uselessly. I tried to several psychiatrists. I responded totally opposite than the medication was supposed that I took to do. A psychiatrist knew enough to send me to the center.
‘This was not right a slight depression. It was an incapacity to do against the life, incapacity to enjoy my family. We could not leave to dinner because he was allergic to so many foods.
The thing that changed my life was posteriora part that called the center and letting know them that it did not feel to me better. They decided to give the double amount me of liquid zinc. The Dr. Riordan told me how to take it. Instead of to have it in a whole portion of water, I finish having smidgen of the water. In the time of two days when he had double zinc, my husband shelp that he had a new wife and he was not safe he could do in front of me.
To have present that the zinc is implied in at least 100 systems of the enzyme in the brain only. Therefore, it is a very important mineral of the sign. Certainly not only, but one that is worthy of the consideration when the function of the fine weave of the brain is not optimal.
The Serotonin lies down to improve humor and to promote the relaxation.
The sugar and the alcohol consider ‘stressors of Tood, “according to a British study. In the same study, the water, the vehicles, the fruit, and the fish were considered “those in favor of tood.” Really, the water these investigating ones was number one for the subjects that wished to improve how they felt. Then we obtained older, one of the main problems is dehydration. When éramos young people, the quotient of the water within the cell outside the cell is 1,2 to 1. There is more water within the cell that there is outside. For the moment in which we are 60, the quotient is 0,8 to 1. Although you are drinking enough water, you are dehydrating all the hour. The goal is so to drink the sufficient water.
The incidence of depressive disorders varies through world. Japan has the lowest incidence of the depression like Chant. Japanese and the Koreans eat fish. The greasy Omega-3 in the majority of the fish manipulates chemical agents of the brain of the ways that raise humor. You can, by all means, measure fatty acids to see what levels you have. If the brain is not working well, to feed it what needs!
Most people do not appreciate that the food has something to do with how it feels. In addition to general answers to I vary food, the adverse reactions to specific foods can lead to the depression.
The suitable amounts of fatty acids, that are in each membrane of the cell, can have an effect that becomes stabilized in humor. The cells speak the one to the other through fatty acids in the membrane.

A psychologist shelp that the same hammer all we struck to us, so he made an interesting observation: “A person did ‹one of the porcelain, one of plastic, one of three steel wrists. If you struck the three with a hammer, the porcelain would break in pieces, the plastic would be dented, and the steel wrist would emit a musical note.” Therefore, it is not the hammer but how they do to you that it differentiates.
To eat well, to drink the water, and to verify your levels nutrients and you will be as the wrist done of the steel.

The majority of the patients with somatic symptoms of the allergy has a disorder of humor, generally depression and anxiety. I cannot remember to a patient with asthma, allergic a severe one to itch, or suffering of beehives, that are happy. The fact that makes sense that the depression must be an answer to the somatic symptoms is not certain.

Special diets
Of these the diets of the rotation have been rightest. Nevertheless, there are many of patient resistance towards these, and their families can also be against. They lie down to do to patients worried totally with the food and to eat, and they often do not work simply. The fasting has been used; I have had several patients who were improved much by a day four quickly who did not have any allergy of the food in subsequent tests. When returning to its diet of the scrap iron from not that had been ignited before she well remained fast during long time. The fast ones appeared to have a function of clearly.

Some of vitamins have characteristics of the against-allergy and have tried beneficial. The Niacin sends to low histamine and levels of histamine in the body. I have observed in many patients who required very great doses of niacin, 1 12 grams per day or more, until they eliminated those allergic foods that were a. In many patients, the elimination of milk precise reduced the amount of niacin that was required and it would be possible to be tolerated to divide 12 for 3 grams per day. The ascorbic acid probably reacts with test-tube histamine and in the blood; it does quickly inactive. he has been very beneficial doing against the allergic reactions associated to the bites of the insect, the eruptions, et cetera.

Ideally, the foods that digest totally to their component amino acids, sugars, and fatty acids ought not to cause allergic reactions. If, nevertheless, greater fragments are left, dipeptides or disaccharides either other complicated molecules the more, then one counted on allergic reactions the more. These greater fragments can cross easily in the blood and equal in the brain, through sangre/de the barrier of the brain; this has been established by studies of the trazalíneas.
Perhaps these great or macro-molecules are responsible for the toxic reactions to a little food. After this line of the reasoning a deficiency in the digestive enzyme secretion is possible, or of the intestinal pancreas or walls, they could be a factor; finally it would follow that replaces these enzymes would be beneficial. Some of my patients have helped and I have several can eat the foods that previously did them patients; they took pancreatic enzymes before eating. But others were not helped and several underwent allergic reactions to the enzyme, to the capsule, their color, or to the content. But patient that has been helped to continue very being been thankful. We require the clinical trials of the careful, great scale to examine the therapeutic paper of enzymes and supplements of the food.

A beneficial effect of the product of calcium in humor

The ample amounts of B-complex vitamins, especially B-6 (pyridoxine) must be present stops for your normal body, chemical reactions depression-that fight to happen. The B-6 deficiency is very common in Americans, and that “deficiency” is moderate already against ridiculous the low USA GDR of only two milligrams. The amount of B-6 needed for the clinical effectiveness in, for example, rabbits newspaper is the human equivalent of the dose of magnesium 75. That one is more on 35 times than the GDR!
The really enormous doses of B-6 only taken have produced temporary neurological side effects. Taking generally between 2,000 and 5,000 daily mgs. Some side effects have been disclosed as low as magnesium 500 daily, but these are very rare in fact. A daily total of some hundreds milligrams of individual B-6, especially if it is taken in addition to the whole B-complex to assure the balance, is very safe in fact.

If we are what we eat, later our nerves also depend on which is EDF. Here it is the enormous potential for the lightening of the depression and related disorders.

An exhaustion of the called neurotransmitter norepinephrine can give rise to the clinical depression. The chain of chemical events in the body giving by result this substance is:

L-phenylalanine (of foods of the protein) - > L-tyrosine (done in the liver) - > drugs - > dopamine - > norepinephrine - > epinephrine
This process seems complex but it is obtained really easily, particularly if the body has a pile of vitamin C. is more probable to be a shortage of the vitamin C that limits the production of norepinephrine. The doctors who gave great doses of vitamin C have been showy successful in investing the depression. It is an approach remarkable and surely cheap to try.

The Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter of the end of your parasimpático system of the nerve. This means that, among other things, it facilitates the good digestion, a deeper breathing, and a slower heart rate. You can perceive his effect as “relaxation.”

Your body will do its own acetylcholine of choline. The Choline is available in the diet as choline phosphatidyl, found in lecitina.
The lecitina is in yolks of egg and the majority of products of the soybean. Three spoons of soup of the newspaper of grains of the lecitina of the soybean provide near five grams (5,000 milligrams) of choline phosphatidyl. The long term use of this amount is mentioned favorable in the Lancet, 9 of February of 1980. The suplementación of the lecitina does not have any harmful effect known any. In fact, your brain by the dry weight is almost one lecitina half! Until where we can go with this idea simply to feed the brain what is made up?
The lecitina is good for you. How good? Each spoon of soup (7,5 grams) of grains of the lecitina contains near magnesium 1700 magnesium of choline phosphatidyl, 1000 of inositol phosphatidyl, and the magnesium near 2,200 of essential fatty acids as acid linoleic. Also it contains the object of value fish-oil-as, the acid linolenic Omega-3. It is the rule, not it exception, for one or more of these valuable substances to being undersupplied by our daily diet.
the lecitina that is available in capsules but is also expensive.
Probably the best way to obtain many of lecitina is easily to take GRAINS from the lecitina. To quickly toss around grains in the juice or milk. They will not dissolve, but they will mandilarán something around as you drink. The grains of the lecitina can also be used as topping in any cold food. The ice cream comes to matter. Also, they are not bad if they are scrambled in yogurt. If you put grains of the lecitina in the hot food, they will melt and then you will have liquid lecitina.
An alternating source of the not-soybean is egg yolk. Generally, the maximum advantage is obtained when you eat the cooked egg yolk slightly (for example inside a smooth-boiled egg).

The Serotonin is responsible for sensations of the well-being and mellowness. This one is a so deep effect that Prozac, Paxil, and the similar antidepressants artificial maintain own high levels of serotonin of the body. You can make the same thing with diet naturally. And nobody can say us that the beans, the peas, the cheese, the nuts, the sunflower seeds, and germ of the wheat of good ol el' is toxic if you eat to many of them!

To consider that five portions of beans, of some portions of butter of the cheese or peanut, or several handfuls of cashews provide the magnesium 1.000-2.000 of they tryptophan, that will work as well as the prescription antidepressant-but not to say the drug companies. a pile of vitamin C sale allows your body to turn tryptophan dietetic in your own 5-HTP, and then ignited in serotonin.


The studies indicate that any depressed person has an opportunity 10 to 30% of being deficient of timid B12 vitamin.

    Some of the most flowery psychoses in medical Literature - involving people of age extinct paranoiac, crazy, or violent typically - testify the dangers of the deficiency of B12 of irreconocida vitamin. And that is only during the early stages. When the cause is the disease of malabsorption of B12 called the pernicious anemia, when the years happen and the levels of B12 do not diminish to anything irreversible freshness and cerebral injury and dementia follow insidiously. This can also happen in severe vegetarians (vegetarian strict) if they stop obtaining B12 of fortified meals of plant, in the same way who meat and substitutes of milk, or supplements.

A symptom less dramatic, but more common of the deficiency of early B12 is the depression, typically of the languid and mentally foggy class. In the 1950s, one such woman had so convincing a case of the depression of endogenous of which the shock treatment was administered in vain. Four years later, its deficiency of B12 of beginning of - slow it was diagnosed definitively. Some days and some shots of B12 later, “It showed a dramatic clinical improvement and it came to again life”, its medical T N Fraser informed. Another pair of months, and “Pretended the image of the health.”

The deficiency of B12 has profound effects on some systems of neurotransmitter and is in noradrenaline levels significantly reduced in the brain.” Noradrenaline is one of good more important of the brain - neurotransmitters of humor.

Of logical way, all depressives with B12 under must be filled up. Actually, many psychiatrists of orthomolecular think that no depressive one must take additional B12, to the point of to even prove shots of B12 (the injections).

For years, the shots of B12 have been a treatment nonofficial for patients tired and exhausted, or depressed. (The great oral doses are very badly absorbed, although sublingual and formulations of B12 of intranasal seem to give a bullfight to the injections by their money.) The practice has been the handle (it matches of words glided) of many jokes between skeptics. Still what investigation has endorsed it.

Psychiatrist Richard Brown of Columbia University and Teodoro Bottiglieri of neuropharmacologist of Baylor University recommends that all psychiatric patients take a daily megadosis from 1 mg of oral B12.

The suggestion of Newbold that B12 is a humor the stabilizer is imitated by recent investigation in what Balinese oral of methylcobalamin - more form of bioactive of B12 - it has indicated the hope as a regulator of the insane dream - wake rates. Methylcobalamin has not been - particularly well premeditaded in Japan as a treatment for syndrome of phase of delayed dream; that is to say, being able to remain slept until very behind schedule at night and needing to sleep until behind schedule every morning. Because the dream - wake disturbances are part and package of the majority of them upheaval of the emotional state, the evident dream of B12 - wake regulating effect could help to explain its humor - stabilizing benefits. In a 1996 study by G Mayer ET to. , Three grams to day of methylcobalamin, but not cyanocobalamin (the form of B12 in the majority of the supplements), taken to reduce time of dream still improve quality of dream and alert status by day in a small group of men and healthy women.

Some people with normal levels of blood of B12 can have a deficiency of B12 that is limited the brain.

While the majority of the doctors never would consider such possibility, the studies have documented the local cerebral deficiencies of B12 (to use cerebrospinal unstable levels as a measurement) in the people with Alzheimer's disease, the toxic depression of postpartum, and upheavals of neuropsychiatric, including the toxic depression. Cees van Tiggelen and the partners suspect that this cryptic condition could also afflict commonly to the people with oxide histories of nitrous or intoxication of Agent Orange, alcoholic (including those with the dementia - of alcohol related) usuary of period of - long of dilantin, and the people with the brain atrophy.

B12 also has its conventional defenders. In 1975, psychiatrists K Geagea and Jambur Ananth, then/soon in university of McGill, it commented that the Amazing results “could be obtained in some cases with the therapy of B12, even if the levels of B12 are within the normal range.” They finished describing one such box. The depression two years of its young patient had made it stop in the Jewish general hospital of Montreal after an attempt of suicide. Because the man had been gastrectomy total nine years old before - a factor of risk for the deficiency of B12 - and because his treatment - the immune symptoms had put progressively more psicótico and neurologic in the quality, Geagea and Ananth took a blind faith. The levels of B12 of the man were normal, but they gave shots him of B12 anyway.

“The answer for this therapeutic judgment, “Wrote”, she was dramatic. The patient was terminated eight days later with the complete remission.” Still it was well three years later.

In 1999, in his book he stops the depression, psychiatrist Richard Brown of Columbia University now and Teodoro Bottiglieri of neuropharmacologist of Baylor University (a head in vitamin investigation/depression) recommends that all psychiatric patients take a daily megadosis from 1 mg of oral B12. In the way upon "down", UCLA psychiatrist Priscilla Slagle suggests: “If you are on fifty - five, vegetarian or alcoholic, she has extreme fatigue, the poor memory the low thyroid or the loss of weight, I recommend that you have been 1000 to 2000 every morning mcg of the sublingual form of [of B12].”
To use B12 of vitamin
(Cobalamin, cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, methylcobalamin)

Recommended daily taking: 6 mcg.

Dose (therapeutic): by the injection: 1000 mcg.cada day. Oral (including sublingual) and nasal gel: probably mcg/day from 500 to 25,000. Gel Sublingual and products (especially) nasal.

 Calcium: for euilibrio psychic it is essential that the daily diet contains the recommended minimum dose of calcium, since its deficiency, in addition to osteoporosis and descalficación of bones and teeth, brings about a certain sensation of fatigue and a greater excitability. The minimum of calcium that there is to take every day is 900 mgs