The constipation is an ailment that never you need to have again.  It is certainly important to put the right food class in your body, but he is also essential to obtain trashes towards outside.  Naturopaths
to treat the disease, intestine frequently first, and with good reason.  The scientific studies have demonstrated the increasing incidence of the diseases diverticular, heart diseases, and the cancer between constipated to people.  It is common so that arthritics has a history of the chronic constipation.  Probably at least a third of all the diabetics would require less insulin simply if they had more fiber in his diet.   
Through much of Africa and Asia, people eat the vehicles, grains and vegetables many (beans, lentils, etc.).  This people have awhile digestive of the transit of 18 hours or less.  She means that which is to the left of the food they finish eating will be excreted as movement of intestine near 18 hours advanced more.  In the cultures of Westernized, awhile of the transit (36 hours) it is twice so of length the rule, and 48 to 72 hours he is not infrequent.  This means trashes remain in the much more long body, allowing that the greater opportunity so that those toxins are reabsorbadas. 
Your two points (or the intestine) are designed to gather and to take to end trashes, but only during some time.  If both points do not drain regularly, they begin to resemble itself a maintained culvert.  The packed faecal matter in the intestine can stretch it of the form, that reduces tone of the muscle, and the poor elimination is the result.  The trashes then become still condensed and concentrate more and more, and it last more to eliminate.  The stools become revolting smelling as the normally beneficial bacteria of both points take to a contaminated intestine, pathogenic.  
Here they are the ways to finish the constipation. 
 1. It turns into a vegetarian. 
 2. To eat the portions of fruits and fresh, crude fruits.  The salads are the answer, nonlaxative. 
 3. To drink a glass of water, preferably hot, after you wake up in the morning. 
 the herbal teas are good also. 
 4. To make a habit sit down in the dressing table by five minutes after breakfast.  Your body soon will secure to n the habit of an intestine movement early in the morning. 
 5. The contribution of the fiber to your diet.
 6. The molasses is a good natural laxative if you need one. 
 7. The crude juice just fact of the cabbage is even better. 
 8. 4.000 to 6,000 milligrams of vitamin C taken throughout the day have a laxative effect. 
 9. You can animate a movement of intestine with calm an abdominal massage.
Generally, you follow the intestine.  To begin in your lower belly, underneath and to the right of your navel.  For above, and later to move to you to traverse.  Then, to lower the left abdomen and to hardly finish to you on the area of the groin.  To repeat this sometimes, and in awhile you will notice probably an impulse to have an intestine movement.  This is especially beneficial for kids.  Not to give massages if there is a pregnancy or some medical or surgical reason for which you do not have. 
 10. Walking, positions of yoga, mounting in bicycle and moderate exercise regularly will be always beneficial.
 11. The stewed fruits (such as you happen) still work well for much people.