Orthomolecular treatment of the cancer (Abram Hoffer)



 I have conserved my interest in the biochemistry and feeding that later combine this with my education in medicine and in psychiatry. The recovery of my first patient in 1960 of the terminal cancer of bronchiogenic of the lung arose from this union of these two disciplines.

In 1960 a retired psicótico university professor was admitted to our psychiatric department in the Hospital University in Saskatoon.
    In the urine encontro pyrrole, identified more ahead as kryptopyrrole. This substance limits with pyridoxine (B6 vitamin) and zinc and when he is present in great amounts produced a double deficiency of this vitamin and the mineral. In the clinical side it described pyrolleuria of the syndrome, a form of schizophrenia with clearly towards outside marked to symptoms and the samples that could hereby be diagnosed of kp in the urine.
       It had a carcinoma of bronchiogenic of the lung and when it was put psicótico was reached the conclusion that it had metastasis in his brain. It was put on the final care, hoped to die approximately in a month. As soon as I discovered that it was on our room I had its collected urine and we proved it for the factor. It excreted the abundant amounts that we were able to use to help us to identify the substance. I advised that its resident soon began it on niacina 1 gram after each food and on ascorbic acid 1 gram after each food then/. It was begun on two vitamins on afernoon of Friday and was mentally normal before the following Monday.

After one had recovered I advised that it remained on these two vitamins. Approximately 12 months later I had lunch with the director of the cancer clinic that was following its case. It told me that the tumor had become less and less twiceable with each x-ray every three months and that was not now more present. Month lived approximately 30 after it was diagnosed terminal. It did not die of his cancer.

Two years later a woman to whom had treated by the depression the several years before consulted with me again. This time was depressed because her daughter of 16 years had Ewings tumor (a very malignant sarcoma) in an arm and was programmed it surgery to amputate its arm. This one was the usual treatment. I shelp it on the previous patient and his recovery and suggested that although there were no tests would help him it could make no damage and it could possibly be of some VALUE. Her daughter accepted to take niacinamide 1 gram after each food and ascorbic acid 1 gram after each food. His surgeon accepted to postpone the surgery by a month. One recovered and the last time that I had the news of its family he was married and to take a normal productive life, with both arms. I reached the conclusion that B-3 of vitamin was the most important component and than the vitamin C was beneficial. In Saskatchewan under my direction we made the first therapeutic judgments blind controlled by doubles in psychiatry, finishing six before 1960. Therefore he was conscious of the strong influence of the placebo. Nevertheless when two terminal patients recovered on vitamins tested strong that work was placebo AT more.

I did not see any dwells patient of cancer until 1977 after he had established my practice in Victoria, BC. In British Columbia the specialists will not accept to patients until they have been sent by her general doctors. As a psychiatrist whom I saw who patient they sent with the psychiatric problems but in most you marry the doctors sending would not demonstrate why the letter of recommendation had been done and it would only discover the reason when I saw definitively patient.

The A.S.An of age woman appeared and when I asked to him why it had come it responded that it had cancer of the head of pancrease. It had contracted jaundice. His surgeon discovered that he had a great tumor in the head of the pancreas that occluded his I saw duct him. He finished immediately, he created a circumvallation route, and he informed it that month had approximately 3 to 6 to live when recovered of the anesthesia. He worked in a book store. Norman Cousins had read book anatomy of a disease and thought that if could take so much C of vitamin with the 10 every day security could also and began to take gramoss. The next time that consulted with its doctor shelp it what was doing. It sent it to me since it was familiarized with my interest in the Balinese of vitamins. I examined his program and I daily increased his vitamin C in the grams of 4o trying to arrive at the level about sublaxative. It had been using nutrients of multi for my schizophrenic patients per years and because have nonidea which, if any, of these vitamins to be able to help I considered that it would have an opportunity far better if she also to be to take more from a nutrient. I added B-3 of vitamin, selenium, and zinc sulphate then/soon. Six months later it called to me to house in the great emotion. It finished having a computerized axial tomography. No tumor was visible. The computerized axial tomography was repeated by the incredulous radiologist. His saw duct him original had reopened and now it had two. It remained alive well and until one died 19 of February of 1999, almost 22 years after it was shelp that one would die.


 The second case was a man with a sarcoma of the prostate that was invading its pelvic bone. It was informed that no treatment was available. His doctor sent it to me and I began it on a similar program. But he was only able to take approximately 10 grams from daily vitamin C. I asked his doctor if gramoss of vitamin C would bother to him to inject it 10 twice weekly. After six month his doctor wanted to know time at the most would need to receive his vitamin C. He told me that the tumor was missing. He stopped the injection. He lived other 9 years and one died in 80 of age, but not of his cancer.

The program in the detail explained to my patients a general concept describing each nutrient and why it thought that they could be beneficial. I added that there was no guarantee of which the vitamin would be beneficial but I gave to the hope describing the cases them that had had a dramatic answer. I added that the vitamin mineral program would reduce the toxicity of the treatment of xenobiotic and would increase the effectiveness of the program of xenobiotic. If they needed the surgery would cure later faster. If they needed the chemotherapy the program would do it more tolerable and less painful and if they needed the radiation the program would reduce the intensity of the side effects of the radiation and increases its effectiveness. These commentaries were based on the Literature that was being developed quickly. The program was designed to help the body to control the cancer and it was not a direct aggression on the tumor. The attack on the tumor was taken by to other doctors including its surgeon, attending physician, radiologist and oncologist.
     I soon sent a report of consultation to each doctor sending then/.
After the several years when she had treated approximately 50 patients, the patients who had followed the regime constantly by at least two months much more lived time that the patients that did not begin the program or did not take it by at least two months.
Dr. Pauling developed to an elegant method This begins when they visit and they finished to me for the first time with the day of his death. There are increasing tests that this difficult measurement of the success is much more useful that to try to determine if the tumor is slightly smaller or no. Because the patients have permancido for a long time letting grow the tumors very slowly.   

     The data analysis of mortality for associated of patients of cancer with a great fraction who survive in the completion of the study and a comparison of times of survival of cancer patients who receive great regular oral doses of vitamin C and another nutrients with similar patients not to receive those doses.

    Evaluation of previous information and the present summary.

The use of great doses of nutrients for the treatment of the cancer has not entered the main medicine tendency, not in the universities, nor in the medical magazines, or the rooms, the halls and runners of hospitals still no. But it is beginning to do it, to a large extent due to persistance and the dedication of Professor Linus Pauling.
     When Stone de Irvine wrote me in 1965, after to have listened to give a chat to me in which I shelp that I would like to live 25 years more time to enjoy to read about the new discoveries on the nature of the world of which no doubt would be done by scientists during these 25 years and I shelp if it took three grams to day from vitamin C, perhaps would not live only the 25 years but even 50 years. And that one was when I increased my consumption ascorbate to 3.000 mgs day, soon later to 6000, soon to two hundredfold, then/soon to three hundredfold and still I am not certainly is the optimal consumption. There is a practical reason why I stopped to the three one hundred times in 18,000. I read a declaration by doctors of which they had to say to his patients who do not worry to be constipating. Fodder that must worry to be constipating to retain material toxics a period of unnecessarily long time.
   In our two recent studies, Hoffer and the Paulings reached the conclusion that the addition of vitamin C improved the result of the treatment for the cancer significantly and considerably.  In the first study 134 patients seen between August 1977 and March 1988 were followed up to 31 of December of 1989. We reach the conclusion that the treatment to orthomolecular dice to the cancer related of feminine sex had improved the life expectancy approximately 20 times compared with our controls non random and 12 times for the other cancer. In our second work an associated second of 170 patients seen between April 1988 31 of December of 1989 was followed 31 of December of 1992.  We reach the conclusion that while vitamin only C I improve a 10% approximately the addition of other nutrients increased this in a 40% approximately.

The Orthomolecular treatment improves the quality of life. Also it reduces to the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The program is acceptable. The only patients who could not follow it were those that were securing chemotherapy and underwent serious nausea and the vomit or patients who could not swallow due to injuries in their throat. The therapy of Orthomolecular provides a step forward in the fight against the cancer and must be analyzed completely. It can have no logical reason today why must only go away towards the more way and more chemotherapy examination of to give to the radiation the majority of the investigation reserves.

Feeding of cancer
   Almost all the diets used by the complementary therapists are lower in the animal proteins, much more vegetarian, with the emphasis on vegetables rich in bioflavonoids and fruits. I advise that my patients obey three rules:
 (1) to eliminate all food scrap iron. Simple food that contained no added to sugar as table sugar or glucose as in corn syrup. This simple, comprehensible rule even children, will eliminate almost 90% of additives commonly added to processed meals.
 (2) to reduce fat levels, fodder that the milky products are the main evildoers. Almost all study has shown that the countries with the lower fat consumption have less cases of cancer, the cancer of mamaparticularmente. Milk is very rich in oestrogens of the cow (the high concentration and maintained of estrogens it stimulates the appearance of the breast cancer) and in phytoestrogens of the grass that eats.
(3) to eliminate all meals that know to that they are allergic. These rules allow that the diet is varied, acceptable and interesting.

Vitaminic supplements; protocol

 He is advisable to work with a always understood doctor. But they cannot find any doctor or dietician to orthomolecular they must go now ahead single using the information easily available on vitaminic feeding and supplements. The mineral vitamin and supplements are compatible with the treatment and the diet

Nutrition: To diminish the caloric ingestion a 30 percent. To eliminate milky products and greasy meats increasing to crude vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C is only the important food but that one can give to any person with cancer. The dose reach is in the intestinal limit of tolerance. The dose is variable, any patient can easily tolerate between 12 and 40 grams daily. If the dose is too high will not be absorbed by the internal, it will remain in the intestine and it will act as a laxative.

Vitamin B-3 Hay two forms. The niacina loss cholesterol, lifts cholesterol of high lipoprotein of density and reduces the damage of the heart disease, but cause to throw the chain when it is supported first. The Niacinamide, does not have any effect on blood fats (lipids) but is not a vasodilator. There have been 7 international conferences on the niacina and the cancer. This vitamin is an essential component of the enzyme systems that repair decomposed DNA molecules. The dose extends 100 milligrams daily three daily times to 1000 milligrams three times.

Vitamin E. The dose daily extends 400 to 1200 natural vitamin International Units and. Ttiene a paper reducing the concentration of free radicals that are thought to be involved in the creation of the cancer. Also it reduces the risk of the heart disease,

The Carotenoids.  The majority of the people has heard speak of betacaroteno but this is only one of many carotenoids that are present in vegetables of color and fruits as carrots, tomatos and vegetables. The mixed tests are very strong that these carotenoids so found in these meals will reduce the index of the cancer but there is a question on the effectiveness of the pure betacaroteno. Still there is an energetic debate on this. I prefer juice of carrot to the betacaroteno. The betacaroteno is very safe. The only question if it is the best possible form. Only one small part is turned into vitamin A.

Folic acid.    Some studies are shortage that this vitamin has properties for the cancer of the neck of uterus and the lung in smokings. The women must take the amounts sufficient to prevent the neural upheavals of tube as bifid with spina. The dose reach is of 1 to 30 milligrams daily.

Coenzyme Q-10.   Dr. Karl Folkers discovered this substance, also called ubiquinone; towards the end of his long and distinguished race it was sorry that it had not called it a vitamin. It is a rare vitamin since the young people can do ubiquinones whereas older people and anybody patient cannot hacernada. Some clinical studies have shown that in great doses especially have anti-carcinogenic properties for the breast cancer. These extend 300 milligrams to 600 milligrams daily.

Selenium. The presence or absense of this element of vestige has the clearest relation for the presence of the cancer. The people who live on the Earth which they are rich in the selenium have a lower incidence. I recommend between 200 to 1000 newspaper of micrograms. One of my patients took 2000 without side effects.

Calcium and magnesium. These are generally very useful to take to maintain calcium levels in bones and blood. They have been found useful in the cases of the intestine cancer. The 1500 daily women must receive milligram of calcium of their food and supplements and half ace much magnesium. There are some forms of these minerals available. A person will generally absorb in her body no place between 25 and 50% of calcium.

Zinc and receives. There is a reciprocal connection between these two. If the blood zinc levels are too high the copper levels will be too low. Because the zinc can shrnik expanded glands of prostate and it can be useful in the treatment of this cancer. There am it been using with regularity. Also, the people in Victoria take care of to be low in the zinc levels because our water is soft, and more easily dissolves copper of the installation of copper pipes.