Fasting, Chronic diseases and Cancer



We are ill because we are intoxicated. A fast and efficient way to decontaminate of any disease is the fasting. Some less serious diseases can be cured through only changing the diet.

The Dr. Fuhrman, in their Fasting book and Eating For Health, indicates that it helped much people to only get rid of diabetes and microphones with simple changes in the diet. Others can need the combination some form of fasting with a change of diet.

Most people demand the fast cure of its disease or pain. To some it took decades them to become ill and demand one cures from one day to the next. They adore the fast lightening that feels when they take a pill. It clears the pain to them, NOW! The majority does not realize later damage that causes to the organism medecines. Apparently there are three types of ill people:


WHAT IS THE FASTING? In the strict sense of the word, it is the total abstinence from food. He is not new and it has been with us from Biblical times. The bible often mentions it; nevertheless, the majority practices it for spiritual reasons. It has present that in the Biblical times people did not die of the 10 thousand diseases that now exist. In that one time people did not stuff with food scrap iron and medecines of prescription, because still they did not exist. Due to this, the disease as we know it now did not exist.

When we fast, our body happens to a state of rest that allows him to concentrate all their energy in the weave elimination and unnecessary remainders (superfluous) that are catched in their interior. These toxic remainders, most people cannot degrade them, due to the constant state of medication and deficient feeding. Once this consumption of food and/or medication pauses, the vital work of repair can be initiated.

When it is fasted, all our systems rest. The digestive system rests because it is not fed, but the other systems need this rest still more and when it appears, the energy that was used for the digestion, it assimilates and it eliminates the excess that we consumed of food and/or medecines; now they are possible to be used for the repair of the body. The fasting provides to the body the power and the energy to him that needs to expel toxins.

My own experience with the fasting, has given the irrefutable test me that I need for knowledge that the body has miraculous powers of treatment, if we prepared it in order that the healing appears.

Also I have reviewed documented reports when it investigated for this book, where many people with different diseases and sufferings, such as: Cardiac acne, arthritis, asthma, arterosclerosis, tumors, the evils, colitis, diabetes, depression, fibroides, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, hypertension, microphones, rheumatism, sinusitis, vertigo (to name some), had been cured completely or improved dramatically by means of the fasting. The change is needed diet to introduce better to the organism to the process of cleaning conducted during the fasting. After the fasting, also an appropriate diet is due to maintain.

When the animal become ill, they fast.

Many pets would fast, if not outside because we took them with the veterinarian, so soon they are refused to eat. The animal fast by instinct. They are sufficiently intelligent to know that when fasting its body will heal by itself. All we would have to learn this lesson; they are certainly much more intelligent that we human them.

“Instead of medicar to you, he fasts by a day.” -- Plutarco, Greek Philosopher. It heals through means - the FASTING - all disease is possible to cure it. This, by itself, is the test that the nature only recognizes a disease in the human body.

“Vitamins are not required generally (during the fasting), because within the cells of the organism are reserves adapted of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins that can require during periods of scarcity, extreme hunger, or of fasting, in fastings still prolonged (that last between 20 or 40 days), because the body has the innate ability to use its stored reserves of exact and balanced form.” -- Joel Fuhrman, Md (Fasting & Eating For Health)

“The desintoxifica fasting not only, also disturbs superfluous weaves-- fats, (fouling in the arteries) and tumors-- and it unloads ill weaves for his elimination. This process of chemical decontamination is realised better if it is fasted totally.” -- Joel Fuhrman, Md (Fasting & Eating For Health)

“At the end of any fasting, you will have to feel far better that before beginning it probably better and, for the first time in long time.” -- Alan Cott, Md (Fasting The Completes Diet to you)

“Personally I think that to fast regularly it leads to the rejuvenation so highly yearned for (the regeneration of cells reverts the aging accelerating), as they make the glandular transplants of monkey or goat, injectable hormones, face the aesthetic ones, massive doses of vitamins, or the any other most expensive extreme measurement and in addition.” -- Alan Cott, Md (Fasting The Completes Diet to you)

“Three fastings to the year will purify the blood to him and will eradicate the possibilities of contracting diseases, more indeed than hundreds of laxative bottles of bitter.” -- Felix L. Oswald, Md



The professional who attends it will help him to settle down the standards of preparation for the beginning and the term of his fasting, being based on his clinical file.

In my first fastings of three and four days, I initiated water just by and I only broke them with juice, never with solid food, throughout the day, before and later. My last food before beginning the fasting of 24 to 36 hours, is only a juice (of fruits or vegetables). The food that concludes my fasting, is always a fruit juice. The other two foods of the day before and after the fasting, only consist of crude food (germinated, green leaves) or if so, fresh juice.



The answer depends on many factors. The professional consultant's office; the clinical file; the personal determination to want or to need a fasting; in fact a doctor has the last word. I have never fasted by more than four days, just by water. What yes I can say, is that I have received many benefits of these fastings of little duration. The Dr. Shelton, that supervised the fasting of more than 30.000+ patients, with routines of 21 to 40 days, reported that the supervised fasting more length was of 90 days. One of the patients of the same doctor (now Dr. Fuhrman), considers a fasting of 90 days risky. The Dr. Fuhrman experienced with the same a fasting of 46 days under the supervision of the Dr. Shelton. Fuhrman thought the following thing:

“The majority of the people who are fasting due to some suffering, had to fast between 14 and 28 days to obtain a significant benefit” Normally I recommend at least two weeks, because there am shortage that is after the first week, when they are begun to reveal the benefits to the health. Following the nutritional reserves of the person, it is that I recommend the duration of the first fasting, that can be until of 3 weeks, if the patient suffers a chronic disease. “I have supervised to fastings of 30 days and some by more time, but they are special exceptions.”

Two famous healers of the past, Paul Bragg and Arnold Ehret, only supervised to thousands of patients in water fastings. They concluded in the same opinion: “the fastings of short duration, are recommended the majority of the times.” Paul Bragg indicates in its book “the Miracle of Ayuno”: “Personally I do not believe in the long fastings, unless it is an emergency - and then, it is absolutely necessary medical supervision.”

He never tries to fast of 2 to 3 days to the week. Everything in excess is harmful. It must be concientizar of which after a fasting, you will have obtained great benefits and if she from time to time continues doing to them, will be greater the benefit, but its feeding subsequent to the fastings will have to be the correct one. Preferably fresh and crude (roots, germinated, whole fruits, vegetables, some vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains).


It never loses the time fasting, if it is going to continue eating hamburgers, French fries, candies, cakes, refreshments, swearwords, etc., etc. The fasting, talks about to establish a commitment of by life, to have good health or to recover it.


I was very ill, more than I have been able to transmit to them to you in my book; I clung to the life and desire to recover to me; I had the value of fighting, in spite of longing for better the death. Once it experiments what is the fasting and one feels well, creates to me, it will do of the fasting leaves from his life.




On the malaises that it has, it depends basically as one feels during and after the fasting. Arnold Ehret indicates, “During a short fasting, enters faster the patient feels “worse” than she is, more poisonous is his poisoning. In case of having dizziness, headaches, etc., it is signal of his high toxic and snot congestion. If palpitations of the heart appear, it is signal that somewhere of his system there is pus, or some medecines are in circulation to be eliminated, even though they have been taken for a long time.”




All the books that I have read on the fasting, indicate to their way that, when the feeling that we got worse during the fasting, your body more is urgent of the fasting. The reason by that it can feel bad when it fasts, is because the toxins are being joined in a same circulation to be eliminated. It can have nice super moments and soon it can feel miserable. This it is known him as a healing crisis.

I found that when increasing the consumption of water, at the rate of 12 to 14 glasses to the day (2,5 liters approx), help to calm the pain during the crisis the treatment. The reason is that the water dilutes the toxins that are in circulation.



Never there am lost weight with as much facility in the life, since I did it with the fasting. I laugh me when I see people spend money with the Milagrosa de Jugos Diet of Hollywood. Better it makes his own juice. The reason by that this “dietetic juice” works is because it is abstaining to consume foods. Many doctors, who supervise fastings, make it to help the patient to lose weight. If you are battling with the obesity, I recommend to look for medical consultant's office immediately to you and to begin the fasting. The numbers do not deceive. Million people have fasted to revert their diseases, and one of so many benefits, is the natural loss of weight. Still a short fasting (1 to 3 days) can accelerate the toxin expulsion of the liver, kidneys, lungs, sanguineous torrent and the skin. Sometimes it will undergo forts changes (as already mentioned, and even diarrhoea). He is patient with his body!


To fast and to starve are completely different concepts. During the fasting the body is nourished well from its stored reserves. To pass hunger is when appetite is had and it is deprived to the food body. The person average with on weight, must fast near four weeks before the appetite returns to him, that is the signal to break the fasting and to begin to eat again.

Those that thinks that the fasting is equivalent to starve completely are mistaken. Two periods in the process of the abstention from foods exist basically that concern - the own period of the fasting and the period to us to pass hunger. -- The phase of fasting contnúa while the body is nourished of the reserves stored in weaves. The one to pass hunger begins when abstinence extends after stored are expend reserves, or have fallen at a dangerous low level. It is not possible to be killed of hunger to secure good health. It is possible to be fasted during reasonable periods, to improve his physical training conditions.

People with anorexy cannot fast, because they do not eat during long periods of time and they do not count on reserves to consume during the fasting, as any normal person would do it. For that reason it is recommended to count on supervision professional for his first fasting, or prolonged or of a day just by water, but permission is needed a professional that has experience in fastings just by water.



The knowledge is an opportunity to be more healthful and happy in our lives. Nevertheless, the majority will continue looking for instantaneous lightening, via risky nutritional habits. So far, I will make everything what is reaches, to make sure that this information is of the public domain, - the truth about the cause and the cure of the disease.

If somebody had told me a year ago it was going to me to feel as I feel at the moment, without medecines, without surgery, it would have called to him lying. Now I am trying to convince people than it does not create. This is difficult, but already I have proposed it to me. My only endorsement is my personal experience.


Patience is due to have: It will not recover miraculously overnight, the health damaged during long time. Many of our evils come from the childhood. You to the almost immediate benefit will be customary that gives a pill with or without prescription, but forgets it already! Deletion mark to its body its own time to autocurar itself. I just by felt great improvement during the first 30 days of vegetarian diet and with two weeks juice. Of no longer I stopped there until alleviating itself.

The subject is due to know: I reiterate to him to have present that is normal that the chemical decontamination process brings about deep malaises and weakness, everything according to the damage degree that has its body. Then, if you ignore certain you detail, it will be frightened.

My crisis of healing never was worse than the worse pain than has suffered during my five years of disease and suffering. Perhaps many do not undergo healing crisis during the chemical decontamination process. By this I recommend to them to read, to read, to read! You must be committed with the success: Unfortunately, the truth is that there will always be people who try to frustar her plans. The commitment to feel well, is only of one same one, and to the 110%, because if you are not it, always you will be looking for an excuse to leave to you the commitment.

One is a new life for you. When you begin this, you will see what as much of our lives, turns around the food. It is really annoying.

A person never jeopardizes will present pretexts. A person jeopardizes, unless its body completely has been damaged by the disease, will be able to revert her evil completely, or at least to improve in much the quality of life, using the methods described in this book. A person does not jeopardize, will fail. She attacks your disease!


No longer she estrese myself, better she puts hands to the work and she already begins to look for the alternatives of fasting that better agree to him, as well as the ideal diet to complement his autocuración. She puts his health in the hands of God and those of same you, in those of anybody more. My book collection on the subject of natural healing and fasting, is gigantic and continues growing. Return to the same books when I have doubts or when a friend requests advice to me always exceeds what would have to read. It enters more documented is, greater will be his power to autosanar itself. If the money represents a problem, I suggest to review its personal library to him or to ask its friendly or relatives to him on its library and check what books would be to him of utility so we are trying in this book. Otherwise, you can buy used books, some of them, are in truth economic.


During my 5 years of disease, I walked for above and down; of doctor in doctor; without no result. Throughout these years, I experienced with different supplements from grass and vitamins with the hope to alleviate to my fatigue and my weakness, but never they worked. Something was told me that there was something with me more than walked bad, that the massages by themselves could not cure. It was recommended to me that it tried to look for the cause than became ill to me. During years all the money that won I used it to try to cure to me. It took me more than five years to find out that my healing was not going to cost money to me.


Arnold Ehret (1834-1922): One graduated to the 21 years and it gave classes in a school, until it was enlisted in the military service. One terminated nine months later, due to cardiac problems. It continued giving classes until the 31 in spite of his chronic state of health, had problems with a kidney and tendency to the tuberculosis. Under the supervision of 24 different doctors, Ehret finally decided on natural methods, vegetarian diet, among others, but without completely satisfactory results.

Temporarily, it made diet with milk and fruit, being partially beneficial. The following winter, traveled to Algiers, where it was fed exclusively with native fruits of the place. Its health improved quickly and it cheered up to do one that another fasting of little duration, with the hope of which the pure air of the place, would complement the treatment, in addition to the diet with fruits. Its effort was successful, because not only it recovered, but it filled of energy, it forces and taste to live.

At the age of 56 years, when it enjoyed an excellent health, the Professor Ehret died as a result of an unfortunate accident. In October 8 of 1922, the night that died Ehret, finished offering one of its conferences more shining on the natural methods of autocuración. After leaving the hall conferences, the Profr. Ehret went quickly towards the station of the train, when it lost in a curve the control of his car. The head in the sidewalk went of backs striking itself, which brought about the almost instantaneous death to him by skull fracture.

Paul C. Bragg, ND, Ph.D.:

Incapacitated by the tuberculosis when she was an adolescent, he invented his own program of feeding, breathing and exercise to reconstruct his body. He emphasized as swimmer, runner, cyclist, trainer of weights and as mountain climber. He made an early promise to GOD where in exchange for the recovered health, the way to the health would use the rest of its life teaching to others.

Bragg was the inspiration and consulting personnel in health and physical preparation of Jack LaLanne, Rey Original de physical Acondicionamiento of the TV, says: “Bragg saved the life at the age of 15 years when it attended the Bragg Crusade in Oakland, California; and still the chain of restaurants the Good Earth was inspired by Paul to establish restaurants to serve to healthful foods instead of foods scrap iron. Paul Bragg lived until the 97 years! What very long life is more phenomenal than his, is the fact that to that age, it was in perfect physical training conditionses. Paul died tragically, still enjoying excellent health, when suffocating in an accident of surfing in Hawaii, the 7 of December of 1976. He knows which practices surfing at the age of 97? (The Miracle of Ayuno).


I hope that what you have read until now, it has convinced to you of the urgency to increase the consumption of crude foods. For that they want to increase the crude food consumption we say in a 25% until a 75% must not have problems to do it. For example, it changes his breakfast, it takes abundant fresh fruits; its meals that are with fresh salads of green leaves and vegetables. (IT DOES NOT USE DRESSINGS, IN CASE LEMON).


What they have common vegans and the vegetarians is that no eats meat, fish, nor birds. They vegan does not consume animal products absolutely; whereas a vegetarian can consume milky products and/or eggs. Also two types of vegetarians exist.


Mainly the purchases consist of fruits and vegetables, if what looks for it is to decontaminate his body or to even maintain a good health. Another food type who must include is grain whole numbers, nuts and seeds without toasting and salt, vegetables, vegetables, germinated and some products of soy (if he is not himself allergic to the product). He does not buy anything that comes in box, broad stock market or. There are some products that can select and I made a list of some tinned products or packagings in bags or boxes.

1 Milk of rice (ocasionalmte) if we needed milk to prepare a subject of gossip. If it does not have problems with the soy product consumption, then milk chooses. I recommend better the one of rice.

2 integral organic Rice or wild rice.

3 Products made with integral flour of a grain very similar to the wheat instead of white flour (it asks in the naturist stores)

4 Butter of soy. I never have used this product, but my husband if. He says that he knows very in toasted bread or to decorate vegetables to the steam.

5 vegetarian Hamburgers. They are prepared with soy and I recommend to eat them to the month once or twice. It has with different condiments. They are very flavorful.

6 organic Sauces as much for you graze, as for another type of subjects of gossip. They are really good.

7 Bread Ezekial. It has simple, with sesame and with you pass and cinnamon. I recommend it when one is to leave the bread, is the ideal substitute. The company that distributes it is called Food for all the Life (for Food Life).

8 organic Soups.

9 organic Refried beans.


NOTE: If you want to adopt a vegetarian diet, these are some products that can help him. Not it discourages, most people selects this option, because the foods that consume contain chemical and toxic substances that the organism does not digest, nor eliminates.

It hopes to see as its body with this type of feeding reacts, or if it adds to him or no, another type of food in particular to its diet. Many of which they have decontaminated with vegetables, have finished thus eating permanently. It learns to know his body, so that it knows what it falls to him or or no. Is a delayed process, is patient. The good health will not appear overnight. What they have read, took to decades of tests and investigations to take shape.


It only does the test fasting 15 days, taking fruit juices and vegetables. Followed of 15 days of salads. If it begins to feel like bad when eating foods again cooked, ELIMINATE THEM! One of best tips than I can share with you, is to only eat, when you finish with your desintoxicadora crude diet, a food simultaneously of which it accustomed. This allows to determine exactly how the body with each food reacts.

It listens his body. If it discovers that they harm cooked foods to him, it consumes a greater percentage of crude foods. If their problems of health begin to improve with a vegetarian diet, combined with a few cooked foods, follows with that plan. As one improves, it will begin to listen his body. Let yourself guide. If one feels happy and with energies, it does not doubt, it will have achieved the awaited success. If one feels tired and discouraged, it eliminates all the new one that has added to its diet.


A crude food diet can be had that is not healthful. Much people who say that the crude diet does not work, is because they make the typical high fat diet crude, with avocados, nuts, seeds; or they make bad combinations. In the market many crude food prescription books exist; it spends a time to look for one or two and studies them at great length.

When Paula put to me on a diet with crude foods, she did not have the smaller idea than there was people who were made call “crude food specialists”. People can exist, as I, who do not tolerate great amount of ingredients used in crude food prescriptions, as marine salt, the vinegar, garlic, etc. Then, if the mistaken direction is received, we will not see improve our health, and remain with the bad impression that the crude thing does not work.

For that reason, I suggest to all to be put under a limited diet of 30 days, avoiding nuts and avocados by a small period of time. She observes how one feels. She watches the results. Those that eats crude, say that the ideal diet is the 80/10/10.


This means a crude diet that consite of 80% carbohydrates, 10% proteins and 10% fats. Having practiced I myself this diet, I can assure with a 100% honesty, that when as this way I feel of the best thing. It can be a diet difficult to follow, I do not deny it, but that happens because he is something new for the organism and our bad nutritional habits. Tómelo as a learning experience.

For many people, their bodies so are debilitated, that the benefits of the juice in the first months of desintoxificación, are imperceptible. For example: a rate of carrot juice contains the nutritious equivalent of four cups of scraped crude carrots. Obvious you are not going to only consume juice of carrots, but she can take with greater facility a cup from this juice. It considers, that our body this preparation not to receive such concentration of nutrients, for that reason drinks the juice little by little, in small drinks and avoids a decompensation reaction.


The fasting with juice is ideal, help to eliminate what the body no longer is using. The juice is due to use in organisms very debilitated in the beginning of a chemical decontamination program or to replace the fasting just by water (by all means with professional supervision), but not by long periods of time because they can cause imbalances in the body.


The homemade fresh juice does not replace, by which they already sell bottling, because it does not contain the same nutrients, but preservative chemicals that affect the health. The prices of an extractor of juice, vary among $250 up to $3.000 pesos. I recommend to him to acquire the Jack Lalanne ' s Power Juicer, who is sold by television.





1 Mastique the food until reducing it to a liquid pulp that practically goes single.

2 Never comma if it does not feel hunger. 3 Benefit each mouthful, savors it until swallowing it.

4 Never comma if it feels tired, annoying, worried and at the time of each food, avoids to think or to speak of disagreeable things.

It follows this procedure during five months. As result, it will eliminate the excess of weight that can have and if no, simply will feel as a young person of 20 years. The slow chewed one of foods, would have to be at the rate of 50 times by mouthful before swallowing it. If it is become attached to this, each food piece chews until a watery mass in the mouth becomes and swallows it.

The food is enjoyed better, if it eats slowly and relaxed; any situation of stress or muscular tension, falls considerably. The nutrients of foods are assimilated well and easily; one digests in correct form and disappear the problems of constipation or flatulences; also, the energy is increased.


To the Pharmaceutical Companies

Really there is nothing can say. God could lower and tell them that they stop the unnecessary medecine production, but He will not do it. You make money because people depend on medecines that do. Many of medecines, do not do more than to cause problems, and you whenever you make a medicine, already are thinking about other to alleviate the damage of the previous one.

With the conventional medicine of today, the cure can be worse than the disease! I hope of heart, to see actually medical a radical turn soon, around the healing without medecines. To cure itself is not nor half of difficult that to become ill! It never accepts blindly a diagnosis of incurable disease. The knowledge is its power. Document yourself; inquire asking the friendships; it knows the disease well.