Charles Simone

Protective health

You can differentiate in your health and the one of your loved some. We have lead the exhaustive investigation that test that the fatal diseases of the cancer and the heart disease can simply be stopped - making some adjustments in the form of life. The overwhelming evidence demonstrates that the nutritional factors are responsible for 60% of the women and 40% of the cancers of the men as well as 75% of cardiovascular diseases.

by Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D.,
with Nicole L. Simone, B.S.E., Charles B. Simone, II
protective center 1999 of the cancer of Simone of the copyright

Whereas it was absorbed thorough in basic science in the national institute of the cancer as medical immunologist of the Oncologist and the tumor, I found the new direction as a result of contacts with the patients of the cancer. One of my first patient ones was vice president of the United States that was to die of the secondary undernourishment his cancer-as 40% of all the patients of the cancer. More ahead, a man my own age with a rare cancer asked if he would maintain it alive until he saw the birth of its boy. The intensive chemotherapy cleaned outside towards the cancer, but he could not improve. As a last resort, I gave to discharges dose of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals that produced apparently a miraculous one quickly, although temporary result you. The man saw the birth of his boy.
Taken care of today of oncology

The cancer will emerge as the cause of number one of the death in the United States by the year 2000. In spite of the enormous effort to fight the cancer, the number of new cases of almost each form of cancer has increased annually during the past century. Still more worse, as of 1930 to the present, in spite of the introduction of the radiation, the chemotherapy, and the immunotherapy with biological modificantes of the answer, in spite of explorations of CT, Mr. explorations, and all the other new medical technology, life expectancies for almost each form of cancer of the adult they have continued being constant, except cervical cancer and of lung. This means, have not been any significant progress in the treatment of the cancer there.

Although the x-ray of the chemotherapy and continues having a paper in the treatment of the cancer, produce morbidity. The nutritional modification, including the use of antioxidants and other foods, and the appropriate factors of the life form can dramatically diminish morbidity and side effects of the x-ray of the chemotherapy and as well as rates of answer of the increase. Some information have demonstrated that the nutritional modification and of the life form can really increase survival. One has tried on that the quimioterapéuticos agents and the x-ray reduce the levels of the food serum certain, especially antioxidants. The levels handicapped of these antioxidants are from peroxidation of the lipid.
To increase the treatment with foods

  • Do vitamins and the minerals interfere with x-ray of the chemotherapy and/or? The patients I request this frequently because they have been advised not to take supplements during the treatment. Scientific Literature has treated clearly this question:
  • The early clinical studies were realised in the national institute of the cancer that used cysteine called antirust of the N-acetyl that was found to protect the heart against the cardiac toxicity of adriamycin, but did not interfere with the capacity of the tumor-slaughter of the drug. An antioxidant, dexrazoxane (ICRF-187), protects the heart against the effects of adriamycin without affecting the effect antitumor. The cellular studies, the animal studies, and the human studies demonstrate that vitamins To, and, C, and K, betacaroteno and selenium, as single agents or in the combination, everything protect against the toxicity of adriamycin and heighten their effects of the cancer-slaughter.
  • The cellular studies Ines vitro and the animal studies using vitamins C, To, K, and, D, B6, B12, betacaroteno, selenium, or cysteine as single agents or in the combination given concomitant with chemotherapy, or tamoxiphen, or the interferon alpha-2b, or radiation, or the combinations of these modalities demonstrate the same effect: Increasing slaughter of the tumor and increasing normal fine weave protection.
  • The human studies that implied on 1,960 patients have done using single or multiple foods jointly with the treatment systemic and/or the x-ray that demonstrated that the foods produce a rate of higher answer, lower side effects, and equal increasing survival.
  • An increase in the survival for the patients of the cancer is infrequent with any treatment. But an increase in survival has been demonstrated for the patients who received the vitamin To or antioxidants jointly with x-ray of the chemotherapy or. This that found was observed for the patients with syndromes myelodysplastic, cancer of chest, gastric cancer, cancer of the buccal cavity, and cancers aerodigestive superiors. The patients who were given the betacaroteno and anthaxanthin whereas they experimented surgery, the chemotherapy, and the radiation lived more on length with an increase in disease-free intervals. And the antirust treatment with chemotherapy and the radiation prolonged the survival for the patients with the cancer of small lung of the cell compared with the patients who did not receive antioxidants.

The effects of a quimioterapéutico agent, methotrexate, can be invested with acid folinic, that is an analog of acid folic. The Folic acid itself does not invest the effects of methotrexate. In order to invest the effects of methotrexate, the acid folinic must be given in high doses. The acid of Folinic cannot be obtained surplus - the opposite. He is in favor only available of the prescription.
Antioxidant effectiveness

The antioxidants neutralize chemical agents harmful calls the free radicals that happen in the body and they appear constantly of greasy foods, to smoke, of alcohol, environmental contaminating agents, toxins, carcinogen agents, iron, fog with smoke, and the radiation. The free radicals attack the vital structures of the cell and spoil that it contributes to the development of certain disease (that is to say, cancer, cardiovascular, arthritis, cataracts).

The antioxidants protect the normal cells and other free radical fine weaves fighting and the reaction oxidative that is caused by the free radicals. The antirust foods include the betacaroteno, vitamins C and E, the selenium, the copper, the zinc, bioflavonoids, and cysteine. Now it has more than 200 studies to that the demonstrated antioxidants can help to diminish the risk of developing the cancer.

  • One of the most recent investigations happened in Linxian, China. The investigators of the institute of the cancer of the Chinese academy of medical sciences teamed for above with the investigators in the national institute of the cancer of the United States and studied to almost 30,000 adults, selected at random on a period of five years in four diverse groups that received diverse foods during that period. Here it is a brief summary of the study:
  • It was the first test in great of the intervention in a at random selected way anticipated to demonstrate that to three antirust foods together-beta-carotene, the vitamin and, and the selenium-significant reduced total mortality (9%) especially of all the cancers (13%) and particularly of the cancer of the stomach (21%).
  • These antirust foods also prevented the risk with the cancer in human beings.
  • These antirust foods substantially reduced the predominance of cataracts in the oldest patients (aged 65 to 74 years).

These antirust foods also reduced the mortality of the movement. Many other studies demonstrated similar results, including the study of Finland, the study of Switzerland, the Hawaiian study, and the studies that implied to people in of elevated risk developing the endometrial cancer, the chest cancer, the cervical cancer, the cancer of small lung of the cell, the oral pharyngeal cancer, and others. All the studies demonstrate that the protection is conferred to which they consume antioxidants and other foods.
Studies of precancerous conditions

The accounts of studies, by everybody, have demonstrated that the antioxidants can diminish the risk of precancerous injuries of becoming a true cancer.

  • The Linxian, study of China investigated to 3,300 patients with the dysplasia of the esophagus that is a precursor to develop the cancer of the esophagus. The same equipment of investigators of China and the United States examined the results of the study, that was a study of the intervention, the best type of clinical design. The group that received the multiple newspaper of I supplement of the vitamin-mineral by six years had:
  • to lower to the mortality of the cancers of the esophagus and superiors of the stomach (8%)
  • to lower the mortality index generally (7%)
  • to anywhere lower the index of the death of the cancer (4%)

to lower the risk of dying of a movement (38%)

Whereas the duration of this test was very short (six years) and the doses of foods far under were too much compared to other tests, the patients who took the supplements had results much better than the control group of the patients that did not take any I supplement. Other studies demonstrate to that people that have polyps of points both, abnormal cervical blotches of transference of the Pap, or other precancerous conditions, all improve and can invest the tendency towards a cancer if they take certain antioxidants and other foods.

  • But what on the betacaroteno specifically? There have been information of the studies of the ATBC and INTERLEAVE SIGN that the betacaroteno increased the incidence of the cancer of lung in heavy smokings of heavin which they drank the alcohol and were exposed to the asbestos. Desire to deal this edition with the following thoughts:
  • On 200 studies they have demonstrated that the betacaroteno is safe and can lower the risk of developing to the cancer and the cardiovascular disease.
  • All the studies of the intervention demonstrate that the betacaroteno and other foods can diminish tariffs of the cancer and the progression of the cancer.
  • A total of 22 studies epidemiologists who included 400,000 smokings and nonsmokings has demonstrated that those who had a high level of the blood of the betacaroteno had a lower incidence and a mortality of the lung cancer. No of these studies disclosed any association with an increasing incidence of the lung cancer. In fact, the reduction in risk was pronounced still more in smokings who in nonsmokings.
  • The main investigator is public saying that the results are too preliminary to discuss and the data were not statistical significant.
  • Smokings in these studies that had stop serum of the betacaroteno make level at the beginning of the study had the lowest incidence of the lung cancer.
  • Most of the participants of the study were alcoholic, and all ate a diet of high degree in fats - both factors of risk dramatically and increase independently the risk of developing the cancer.
  • the betacaroteno did not increase the risk of the cancer of lung for that they less than smoked 20 cigarettes to the day and did not drink little or anything of alcohol.
  • knowledge, did not compile any information referring to other factors of risk of the life form that also would contribute to a poor result.

The betacaroteno works more efficiently possible in the first times of the carcinogenesis, not in the later phases when a cancer forms already - like the case with the patients in the studies of the ATBC and INTERLEAVE SIGN. The cancers are begun between 10 and 20 years before the symptoms or our technology happen can detect them.

  • The rest of the fact, betacaroteno:
  • it is the most long-range antioxidant.
  • it neutralizes the oxygen of the t-shirt, a long-range chemical agent that it damages.
  • it heightens the function of the immune system.

he is very safe and nontoxic.

It is important to trust synergism of all the antioxidants, including carotenoids, and also the b, the etc., as well as the life form changes to diminish its risk of the cancer and the heart disease. he is absurd to tell with that a single food can give the “green light” to continue the behavior of the life form that will cause disease.

  • The factors of the nutrition and the form of life can deep reduce toxic side effects and improve the results of conventional treatments. In a recent study of 50 patients with the cancer of chest of the first time, I only evaluated the side effects of the treatment of the radiation, or the radiation combined with chemotherapy, whereas the patient took therapeutic doses from foods. The patients also followed Simone plan of ten points (it see table 1). The patients asked of life to evaluate their own answer to the treatment in terms of impacts of the treatment in their quality. The analysis reasoned main behind our nutritional plan is that it contains a well-cleared food and antioxidant source that they heighten immune. The results of the study were impressive:
  • Plus the one of 90% of both groups they observed the improvement in his physical symptoms, cognitive capacity, operation, sexual dysfunction, general well-being, and satisfaction of life.

A subject in any group did not disclose a worsening of symptoms. Patients who follow the plan of ten points and use certain report of andminerals of vitamins few side effects of the x-ray of the chemotherapy and. Twenty studies with more than 2,700 patients than investigated the modification of the life form that includes dietetic changes, the suplementación nutrient, and other changes of the life form demonstrated to a lower tariff of the repetition and an increase in survival. The patients in these studies had the following cancers: ovarian, cervical, uterine, main chest, and neck, lung, pancreatic, prostate, and bladder.

The patients of the cancer must modify their forms of life especially using the plan of ten points, that includes nutritional factors of modification and to take certain vitamins and minerals, if are receiving the chemotherapy and/or the radiation. The studies indicate that it is important to take correct foods to reduce side effects, to heighten conventional therapies, and the results of the increase (table 2).
Table 1


  1. The Simone plan of ten points:
  2. NUTRITION. To maintain an ideal weigh-they even lose 5 or 7 pounds if it is needed. To follow with little fat (near 20%), diet of the high-fiber (25 GM). To take specific foods (it see table 2). To eliminate nutritional salt, additives and preservatives, and caffein.
  3. TOBACCO. Not to smoke, not to chew, not snuff, nor to inhale another smoke.
  4. ALCOHOL. To avoid the alcohol.
  5. RADIATION. To avoid the unnecessary x-rays and sunscreens of the use when in the sun. To avoid the electromagnetic fields.
  6. ATMOSPHERE. To keep the air, the water, and the place of clean work.
  7. HORMONES/DRUGS. To avoid all the estrogens and unnecessary drugs.
  8. TO KNOW THE SEVEN DANGER SIGNALS OF THE CANCER. Lump in chest, not-curative pain, change in the wart/awkward person, change in habits of the intestine or the bladder, cough or hoarseness persistent, indigestion or hardship swallowing, unusual drain.

Table 2

  • Recommended foods/dosages of the Dr. Simone:
  • Betacaroteno = magnesium 20 to 30 per day
  • Lutein = magnetocardiograma 10 To 25 per day
  • Lycopene = magnetocardiograma 10 To 25 per day
  • Vitamin E = 400 to 600 IU per day
  • Vitamin C = magnesium 350 to 6,000 per day
  • Bioflavonoids = magnesium 10 to 20 per day
  • Selenium = magnetocardiograma 200 to 300 per day
  • Zinc = magnesium 15 to 20 per day
  • Copper = magnesium 3 to 5 per day
  • Cysteine = magnesium 20 to 500 per day
  • Vitamin A = 5,000 to 7,500 IU per day
  • Vitamin D = 400 to 600 IU per day
  • B1 vitamin = magnesium 10 per day
  • B2 vitamin = magnesium 10 per day
  • B6 vitamin = magnesium 10 per day
  • B12 vitamin = magnetocardiograma 18 per day
  • Niacinamide = magnesium 40 per day
  • Biotin = magnetocardiograma 150 per day
  • Pantothenic acid = magnesium 20 per day
  • Folic acid = magnetocardiograma 400 per day
  • Iodine = magnetocardiograma 150 per day

Chromium = magnetocardiograma 125 per day

Princeton, NJ - Charles B. Simone, M.D., oncologist doctor, immunologist and oncologist of the radiation in the protective institute of the cancer of Simone, continues being a leader in matters of the medical care and reforms of the administration of the food and the drug. In 1993 they invited it to write the language that one finally lead to the commitment in the Senate of the USA and the house making sure that all the Americans have free access to the supplements of the food - the dietetic act of I supplement, the health and the education of 1994 (DSHEA).

Box of the signal of the triumphs against FDA

They invited Charles B. Simone, associate M.D to help to Emord and gaining a box of the signal against the administration of the food and the drug again. The 15 of January of 1999, the court of appeal of the United States for the circuit of the C.C governed as invalid the interpretation of the FDA of the term “significant scientific agreement” for the demands of the relation of the food-disease of the pre-investigation of nutritional supplements - [Pearson v Shalala]. The court found that the interpretation of the FDA of the term “significant scientific agreement” has been “arbitrary and capricious” and “in the violation of the act of the administrative procedure.”

FDA violates and the fifth amendments first

The court also took to end four secondary-regulations of that FDA [

§of 21 C.F.R. 101,71 (a), (c), (e); and
§101,79 (c) (2) (i) (g)] as disabled person and in the violation of the first and fifth amendments to the constitution of the United States. The first one, because the producers of dietary supplements are assertedly according to a previous lodging of ‘’ in the their protected speech product labelling. The Fifth, because the approach of the agency is so vague as far as prevails to producers of freedom (and characteristic) without process due.
The court of appeal of Or S foments indicated: “He will not do simply so that an agency of state declares - without the explanation that a proposed course of the private action is not approved. The agency must articulate a satisfactory explanation for its action. In order to reject to define the criteria that are being applied he is equivalent simply to say not without the explanation. Therefore, in remand, FDA must explain what means by significant the scientific agreement of ‘‘or, in the minimum, what does not mean.”

We always needed to say to patients the truth?

Charles B. Simone, M.D., Nicole L. Simone, B.S.E.,

Charles B. Simone, II Lancet. 1998; 352:1787.

  1. Hassn and Hassan wrote their opinion that “the desire of the patients to know the whole truth on its disease does not mean that correct for them… in the opposite, he damages many of them” (1). Nevertheless, an examination found that 96 percent of Americans wished to be shelp if they had cancer and 85 percent wished to know how long would live if its cancer lead generally to the death in less than a year (2).
  2. On the other hand, a legal case that it implied the informed consent ethical (Arato v. Avedon [3]) asked if the law must force doctors to disclose the statistical information of the life expectancy to the patients. Mr. Arato had cancer of the pancreas that surgical, later was dealt with experimental chemotherapy and the radiation because “there is no effective treatment.” The surgeon and oncologist never shelp to Mr. Arato and his wife who only 5 percent survive by 5 years, neither give to a prognosis or estimation of his life expectancy, nor were asked. A repetition happened and the doctors knew that he would die within some months, but that did not say to patient on life expectancy. The patient died and her wife demanded doctors whom they demanded that they forced to the doctors under law informed into the consent of California to say to the patient one on figures of the survival before asking that he allows the chemotherapy. The court decided that Mr. Arato must be informed. The doctors shelp if the patient knew of the high index of mortality, he would not have no hope. And during the 70 visits, the patient did not make questions about his life expectancy that indicated the doctors who he did not wish to know. The wife of the patient this had the well-known patient the facts, he would have declined all the treatment and had taken care of its subjects of business. Her wife incurred the losses of tax due to the poor planning of companies.
  3. The lowest court favored doctors. The plea court invested the decision. The Supreme Court of California maintained the decision in favor of the wife due to the doctrine of the informed consent based on four tenets:
  4. The patients are generally ignorant of medicine.

The patients have a right to control their own bodies and to thus decide on the medical treatment.

To be effective, the consent to the medical treatment must be informed.