Although much people think that he is the same, since their symptoms are very similar the fibromyalgia and the chronic fatigue syndrome, are two different diseases.

We are going to detach both to see the difference among them:


The fibromyalgia is an alteration that takes place in our sensorial system, and that brings about persistent pain in different areas from our body, as the cervical zone, back, lumbar zone, hips, joints and other zones of the extremities or the head.
Often fatigue or fatigue comes accompanied from without to have realised no physical effort.
Also it produces alterations in the dream.
The FIBROMYALGIA was recognized by the WHO (World health organization) year 1992.


Two or three suffer it of each 100 people, mainly the women.


Fatigue or Exhaustion
Worsening by the cold
Matutinal rigidity
Disorders of the dream
Creeps in the hands or the legs
Difficulty of concentration and memory in the short term
Alteration of the intention state
Pain associated to the menstruation (antecedent)
Symptoms of ocular or buccal dryness
Irritable colon
Miccional urgency


Still well they are not known but it is often observed that several situations favor the appearance in probably predisposed people. These situations are:

- Traumatisms and severe or maintained physical or emotional loads, diseases chronic inflamatories, some viral infectious processes, etc.


It is necessary to visit the doctor, who is the one who is to settle down the diagnosis from the symptoms and the physical exploration, in which a significant reduction is shown and
generalized of our “threshold of the pain”.

The doctor also will be able to discard by means of analysis or x-rays other causes of pain or fatigue that can be present.

At the moment, any alteration of the general analyses or x-rays, specific of the Fibromyalgia does not exist.


The evolution is variable. Some people have slight symptoms, of short duration and intermittent character, whereas others suffer a significant and prolonged pain.

A great percentage of patients, after knowing its diagnosis and carrying out an suitable treatment, in the long term presents a significant improvement of the symptoms.
Some studies suggest them effects of the FIBROMYALGIA diminish with the years.


The chronic fatigue syndrome is a defined process of autoimmune aetiology.

By the denominated criteria “OF FUKUDA”, in which invalidante superior to the six months of evolution and nonexplicable fatigue by no other cause emphasizes a chronic, along with mialgias, weakness, muscular weakness post-effort, alterations in the dream, the concentration and the memory, and in the clinical picture it is again beginning.
The clinical picture of the chronic fatigue


The considered prevalence is placed between the 350 and the 430 affected by each one hundred thousand inhabitants, and of more frequent form in the women, in a relation from 7 to 3, or from 8 to 2.


CHRONIC fatigue of more than 6 months of evolution. Mialgias. Muscular weakness. Fatigue post-effort. Difficulties of concentration and memory. Upheavals of the dream. Headache. Febrícula, odynophagia (pain when swallowing). Artralgies. Dizziness, vertigos and falls to the ground.


Through medical interrogation, of the physical exploration and other final reconnaissances (of image and analytical), that will serve us to discard those inductive causes of CHRONIC fatigue how they can be endocrine diseases, infectious, inflammatory, heoplásicas and psychiatric. Later we will state if the international criteria of the Chronic fatigue syndrome are fulfilled, defined by Fukuda year 1994.


The evolution is towards chronicity, conditioning a severe dysfunction in the personal, familiar and social field. They are evil factors I foretell: a duration of the fatigue of more than five years; age of beginning superior to the 30 years; pain presence; high scores in the fatigue scales.

Between these patients, more of 70% they will be affected by a chronic and discapacitante process.


For years, the investigators have tried without success to discover a singular cause for M.E. Its search was pointed in:

The majority of the M.E experts agrees at the moment that the cause is multi-factor. This implies that a complex of factors brings about the disease. For example, an intestinal infection that implies parasites, leavenings or the molds can cause: sensitivity of the food (intolerance of the food), weakening of the immune system and/or disturbances of the chemical decontamination of the liver. Singular, the weakening of the immune system can lead one to greater susceptibility to the infections. Once the tolerance of the body is reached due to an overload of immune stimuli of weakening, the body can give pulg. M.E can then be the result. This explains because it is not sufficient often to deal with hardly one the factors already mentioned; the complex whole number needs to be dealed with and the resistance the body to be consolidated.

Continucion we showed some treatments suggested by diverse authors:

Treatment tires chronicle


Vitamin To as carotene:
The betacaroteno supplements in particular have been demonstrated to reinforce the immune system helping to the body so that Alexander constructs to more assistant cells T. (, M ET to: “Oral Betacaroteno can increase the number of cells of OKT4 in the human bloodshed”, letters of immunology, 9: 221-224, 1985.)  The amount used in this good study controlled by was 180 milligram of betacaroteno per day.  This one is, in theory at least, the equivalent of 300.000 I.U. Of vitamin A per day!  Even patient from IDAs they have benefitted from the doses as this (Graham, N. American magazine of epidemiology, December, 1993).  Surely IDAs are dysfunction immunized final.

The body (ideally) can obtain 10.000 I.U. Of the activity of vitamin A of each 6 milligrams of consumed betacaroteno.  The true yield is almost doubtlessly lower, nevertheless.  Studies that use small amounts of betacaroteno (20 mgs or under) are likely to indicate no benefit although “the Theoretical” harvest would be on 30.000 I.U. Of the activity of vitamin A.  30.000 I.U. The U.S. GDR is six times stops To of vitamin.  That is not sufficient, or the betacaroteno is not transformed almost as efficiently as to suppose.  Or both.

The safest way to give To of vitamin is as betacaroteno, when the body will turn it into vitamin A as to need and the overdose it is avoided automatically. 

B - vitamin complex:
The very discovery of the B - vitamins are a history of the same fatigue. The disease “Beriberi” means “cannot, cannot”, being related to the serious weakness and the exhaustion.  This “Incurable” condition era found to only be a deficiency of thiamine (B-1).  To eat whole brown rice, instead of the shining white rice, was enough to cause one cures extraordinary of the fatigue that no drug on Earth could obtain.

I have to another one here: the pellagra is the niacina deficiency (B-3 of vitamin).  The niacina deficiency is in (among others things) the weakness and the lassitude (Williams, S. The feeding and the therapy of the Legislative Assembly, 7th Ed., Mosby, 1989, P. 201).


In its body, the food must be decomposed in simple molecules as glucose, and in its cells, the energy must be loosen of glucose.  One very important part of this complicated process is called the acid of citric or the Krebs Cycle.  This footpath energy - to loosen complicated whole number and happens slowly to high a complete one without vitamins of B - complex.  Its body without enough B - vitamins are as an immense and oxidized wheel of ferris without oil.  It is there, but one is not moving.

The four B - vitamins more involved with our cellular energy cycle are thiamin, niacina, acid of pantothenic and riboflavin.  There am concentrate in the first two, as last the two are in fact hard not to remove, even in American diets.  Riboflavin is in all milk products, that cover a multitude with the nutritional sins for many of us.  The acid of Pantothenic is found in all cells in all forms of life so it cannot easily be avoided in food.

Scientific research indicates, time and time again, that the vitamin deficiencies B - complicated (and others) they clear force to the immunity.  The one considerable one number of the support references leave in the nutritious influences on the disease, by M. R. Werbach, M.D. (Keats, 1988).  This book is a valuable harvesting of extracts of investigation of feeding (the summaries).  Pages 243-251 and 418-423 can be applied to CFIDS.

Dieticians, dietistas and doctors often discard these conclusions maintaining that the vitamin deficiencies are extinct in our modern civilization.  For example, FDAF. vitamin of labels of feeding of food has eliminated the information of B - because they perceive that it is superfluous in fact now!  Such opinion is not standing up to the meticulous examination of the scientific Literature, that confirms that the extended nutritious defects slide to slide.  Nor he to explain the great number of patients of CFIDS that has taken Ô ‹‘supplements vitaminic and determined to the extraordinary improvements.

It is the additional practice common to include a vitamin of B - complex with each food.  The doses even dwells frequent have been known to help the most serious cases.

Vitamin C:
The very great doses of vitamin C have been uses successfully to increase the immune system during 50 years.  R of Frederick. Klenner, M.D. Promovió therapeutics of C of megavitamin back in 1940 ' s, giving thousands of milligrams of vitamin C by the injection for a great variety of viral diseases. 

F of Robert. Cathcart, M.D. It has disclosed his successes with enormous doses of vitamin C against many viral diseases.  Between its patients with IDAs completely to even contract improved length of life and quality of life they are the rule, not it exception.  Often the energy levels are and the resistance increased for the disease only can be demonstrated in patients of IDAs with the highest doses of imaginable vitamin C: up to 200.000 milligram of daily vitamin C.  It is probable that CFIDS also does not require much vitamin C, but almost doubtlessly by less than this.

I have been present at such fast recoveries I myself.  And, I have taken 2.000 mgs from vitamin C every 5 minutes when it had viral pneumonia personally

The magnesium is a catalyst because literally of thousand reactions biochemical to be fashionable each of its cells of body.  At the same time as calcium, the magnesium is necessary for the conduction of nerve and muscular activity.  The calcium deficiency is almost universal: in agreement with the arthritis foundation, only the approximately 550 Americans consume milligram of daily calcium.  This is a third to half underneath the GDR of the moderate EE.UU!  The magnesium deficiency could work so to high altitude as 99% between the EE.UU. Adolescents. (Census of MRCA by civil year 1975, General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, 1980) these are esteem why I supplement of calcium - magnesium must be including as a measurement first - line against the chronic fatigue.  800 calcium and magnesium 300 to 400 milligrams are common daily therapeutic levels. The dose must be divided enters and taken with meals.

The organic chromium supplements increase the function immunized in animal.  As much tension as the infection increases the amount of chromium required for the good health.  (“The chromium improves the capacity of immunized answer”, operating Co of Manitoba, 2 of December, 1993) above, the EE.UU. Ministry of Agriculture discovered that 90% of us were eating diets chromium - deficient.  (Anderson, R. and Kozlovsky, A. “chromium Consumption, absorption, and excretion of Subjects Consuming self- selected to diets” American magazine of the clinical feeding, 41: 6, the consumption of partido popular 1177-1183, 1985) sugar of the High exhausts the chromium body in fact.  (Anderson, R. “Metabolism of chromium and its paper in processes of disease in man”, clinical and physiological biochemistry, 4: 31-41, 1986) the Americans consume more than 120 sugar pound Rep person per year.  That is one third of a sugar pound every day!  And if you are not eating as much sugar, then/soon another person is eating greater amount.

200 to 400 micrograms of organic chromium a safe and useful measurement to try daily to be.  Polynicotinate of chromium or picolinate of chromium is probably the best forms to take as supplements.  No exhibition that nibbles on an automobile bumper, because that one is the toxic, or hexavalent, the chromium form.

The zinc could be “Charlie of tail” of the nutritious alphabet, but it is near the top in the importance.  Of vestige minerals, only iron is found in you in the greatest amount.  Peculiarly sufficient, the excessive iron consumption is the one that can reduce its food zinc absorption.  The women, in particular, often need additional iron, because they lose iron in her menstrual circulation every month.  But a woman is more than a smelting, and simply to give the giant amounts of iron to, in supplements or even eaten fortified by iron, she does not respond all to her metallic needs.  She needs zinc, also.  (On purpose, the supplements of vitamin C increase their iron absorption considerably.  Many anemic people only can put of iron taking more vitamin more C.  Isn't That ironic?  It has)

So, have you seen many "" eaten enriched by zinc lately?  Neither he has the majority of the Americans nor, because we obtained the U.S. GDR of zinc not even (that is one very under 12 to 15 milligrams/day).  The deficiency of zinc at national level almost has collaborated in CFIDS surely.  It is known that the zinc is necessary for the dozens of the enzyme systems of the body.  The immunized function reduced follows the zinc deficiency (Bogden, J. D. ET to, “Zinc and Immunocompetence in the old ones: the data of starting point on Nutriture of zinc in subjects of Unsupplemented” American magazine of the clinical feeding, 46: 101, July 1987).   The zinc is completely essential for the lymphocytes, T - assistant cells, cells of T - suppresor, and natural - killer cells.  The critical alcohol zinc outside of our bodies.  Even if you have a blood analysis to indicate almost normal plasma zinc levels, you still cannot have very little zinc in the same cells.  This means that its immune system can seriously be cleared force and tests could not reflect it.  Does This seem familiar for the chronic patients of fatigue?  (Prasad, A. S. “The zinc paper in the human health” the contemporary feeding, 16: 5, 1991)

How does zinc provide effect well coldly?  The zinc has been demonstrated to shorten the duration of the common viral cold by more than 50% (Elby, G. A. ; Halcomb, W. W. ; And Davis, D.R. In Agents of Antimicrobial and the chemotherapy, mentioned by medical world, 13 of February of 1984).  The zinc demostra the activity of antiviral, in agreement with B. D. Korant ET to in Nature, the volume. 248.  Duchateau ET to demonstrated the reaction immunized improved with approximately 400 milligrams/day. (“The beneficial effects of Oral Supplementation of zinc on the immune answer of old” American magazine of medicine, Bowl. 70, May 1981) some clinical studies on zinc are summarized by J. well. Challem and R. present Lewin we live, June 1983 (“It fights against the infections with zinc”) and by Frank Murray in the life of the best feeding for today, July 1990, partido popular 12, 13 and 26.  In 150 doses of 50 to s milligrams Rep day, the zinc is totally safe to take.  Long term doses on 300 to 600 milligrams/day, especially of natural zinc sulphate non-, could cause anemia of iron or copper deficiency (the opposite of what too much of which the minerals do to zinc they direct)

It is well, we go away here again.  There am yet to another nutrient here that is essential for the immune system, deficient in our diets, and available as I supplement.  Fodder that we are on here to something.

The first rule to evaluate an electric appliance is to be safe is covered.  You would be surprised how many calls of the service would be to avoid first if this outside done.  The first rule of CFIDS must be to cover minerals and vitamins.

Treatment for the fibromyalgia

Vitamin C and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a unexplainable disorder of the “pain”. The pain is generally muscle experience rather that joints. There is analyses or x-ray of no blood that can confirm their presence. It is diagnosed by symptomology, that often includes “soft points,” disturbed dream, increasing fatigue and other symptoms. [MMW Fortschr Med 146:34 - 37, 2004] a 2-6% considered of American adults has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. [Clinical North America 39:195 - 204, 2004 of the nurse office]
The diagnosis and the origin of the fibromyalgia can be confused because it is often accompanied close, or it is associated to, other conditions such as viral infection, disorder of the panic, indigestion and disorder of humor. [Psychosomatic Investigation 49:285 - 89, 2000 of J]
Is a nutritional deficiency the base of this disorder?
Some cases begin with a influenza-as syndrome. The antibodies against the virus small called enterovirus are more frequent between the individuals that have acute fibromyalgia of the beginning. [Rheumatology 28:601 - 03, 2001 of the newspaper]
The best way to look for the origins of the fibromyalgia is to examine the fine weave itself of the muscle. The investigators in Denmark and Switzerland confirm that the patients of the fibromyalgia exhibit lower concentrations of proline in fine weave of the muscle that adult healthy. Two amino acids, proline and lysine, along with vitamin C, are required for the production of collagen. Lower amounts of collagen create a physical atmosphere for the pain. [Rheumatology 43:27 - 31, 2004; Rheumatology 57:52 - 55, 1998 of Z]
The investigators in Germany have found that the “levels handicapped of collagen” around fibers of the nerve can reduce the threshold for the pain between patients of the fibromyalgia. [Rheumatology 40:1450 - 54, 1997 of arthritis]
Three separated studies confirm that the patients of the fibromyalgia exhibit lower amounts of collagen within the fine weave of the muscle. The investigators have concluded who this “can lower the threshold for injury of the muscle” and “contribute to the threshold more under the pain in the soft points” between patients with the fibromyalgia [rheumatology 43:27 - 31, 2004; Rheum arthritis 40:948 - 49, 1998; Z Rheumatol 57:52 - 55, 1998]
Vitamin C is little probable to be a singular treatment for the fibromyalgia. But the data published again indicate that the levels much more above that circulate of vitamin C can be reached with the oral dosage that thought previously possible. An examination demonstrated that 35% of patients with supplements of vitamin C of the use of the fibromyalgia. [Procedures 80:55 of the clinic of May - 60, 2005] are only probable taking relatively low doses from vitamin C and they never undergo the complete advantages. The damaged information, scattered by the national institutes of the health, has deceived public in the belief more than 200 milligrams of vitamin C do not have to be consumed because it alleges that the amounts on 200 milligrams per day are excreted in the urine. This one false has been now proven. [Internal Medicine 140:533 of annals - 7, 2004] doctors Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts of the pharmacology of Manchester, England, have studied the implied dynamic factors in the oral administration of vitamin C of the dose and confirm that the repeated oral doses in the intervals of 3 hours will help to maintain optimal levels of the blood of vitamin C. [Ascorbate, the science of vitamin C,

 What natural approaches can help the FIBROMYALGIA?
 How many have times shelp the people who the pain that regaña and the intense pain are everything in your head?  As behind schedule as 1982, fibromyalgia is not uniform an entrance in the book of standard clinical consultation of the doctors, the manual of Merck. You could find myalgia, although, that was described as simple muscular pain. A charming, trustworthy medical recommendation followed precise: aspirin of the taking for him! (p 1228)
The therapy more effective than I know of is saturation of vitamin C along with the use of the supplements of calcio/de the magnesium.  This is a too easy answer to a problem that so many people have suffered, I know it.  I ask any person with fibromyalgia this unique question yet: You have tried It? . The saturation (tolerence of the intestine) of vitamin C is reached easily through frequent oral doses, and it is described completely in these articles:

The security and the effectiveness of great amounts of vitamin C are established. The great doses of vitamin C seem to diminish the pain exceptional way and characteristics of uniform elevation of humor. Ever since the therapy was introduced years 40 by Fred R. Klenner, Md in the last, and until today as used by Roberto Cathcart, Md, is a track file amazingly surely. Vitamin C is by far safer than any drug.

The suplementación of calcium and magnesium, around the somewhat low levels of GDR (near 1,000 calcium of magnesium and magnesium of magnesium near 400 newspaper, in divided doses) even can differentiate great in health and happiness from the muscle. A deficiency of any mineral can cause to spasm tetany, or of the muscle, among others symptoms.  This that I have mentioned in my Web site (search of the cover of the main page, first with calcium of the keyword and then with magnesium). The dietetic deficiency is the rule, rather that the exception, with both important minerals.
To deal with smoothness to moderate exercise can often help, also. To begin the light and to work gradually for above.  Yoga stretches and that walks they are two good ways to go. Heavy being solved can fix to you behind, so to take it easy.

In my opinion there is a secret weapon: The vegetal juice! I have never felt that good, that energetic, as when volume the juices.  Once again, if you have not tried this completely nontoxic approach to improve health, why not today?
Or, you can accept the medical alternative: The pharmacological drugs of by life, or “to learn to live with the disease.”