The Multiple myeloma is a neoplasm that is characterized by the proliferation and I accumulate of plasma cells in the bony marrow. It is denominated took root because usually it affects to multiple locations. It is the second more frequent cancer of the blood, after the lymphomas representing between 10% of the sanguineous neoplasms and 1% of all the cancers. The referred classic incidence in texts is of about 4-6 cases by 100,000 inhabitants and year in the western population, being greater in the black and smaller population in the Asian population. In the United States, the American Society of the Cancer offers the following numbers related to this disease corresponding to the year 2,002: 14,600 new annual cases, 10,000 patients passed away by this cause to the year and 50,000 alive patients who suffer this disease. It is a disease related to the age, being more frequent from the 60-70 years. More of 85% of the cases majors to 55 years are diagnosed in patients and more of 70% they are patient are majors to 60 years. The age median oscillates between the 65 and 70 years

Types and Stages of Multiple myeloma

The multiple myeloma is a very heterogenous process existing many types and different clinical forms from presentation. It is therefore an individual disease, creating different problems for each patient. The system of estadiaje of the I to the III described by Durie and Sdalmon in 1.975 is at present continued using is based on the existing tumorlike mass with respect to the monoclonal protein in serum and/or urine as well as in the degree of the affectation renal bear and. Chronic” and asymptomatic cases “exist, that do not need treatment, in which the patient can coexist with the disease many years, even decades. These indolent cases denominate mielomas and agree with Stage I of the disease. In other occasions one is a serious disease that forces to receive treatment with chemotherapy or other agents and that can alter the habitual life of the patient during many months. These cases is denominated active or symptomatic multiple myeloma and usually agrees with Stages II and III of the disease. Between these two modalities there are intermediate forms with variable gravity.
There are forms that we could call “located” and that are not mielomas exactly. They denominate Plasmocitomas. In them, I accumulate of plasma cells is located in the bone or soft parts. When it is isolated this presentation can cure with surgery or x-ray.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of mieloma depend on the type and of how is the outpost disease (Stage). When mieloma is of quiescente type or asymptomatic, who usually agrees with denominated Stage I, there is no symptom. The disease only detects in this stage in the complementary analyses and tests, and the patient a normal state without needing treatment. In this situation only medical checkups are recommended. However, when the type of Mieloma is symptomatic, that usually agrees with denominated Stages II and III, the patient already refers symptoms that are more accusing at the most extended is the disease. Habitually they appear bony pains, mainly in the back, the costal or lumbar region. Fractures of long bones can be originated, even without traumatisms, due to the weakness of the bones. He is frequent that the patient refers weakness and fatigue and also is tendency to suffer infections by the associate immunosuppression frequently. When the disease is in a phase outpost can appear nauseas, vomits and constipation and sometimes neurological symptoms. Specific symptoms or signs of mieloma do not exist generally. Many of the symptoms that can be presented are due more than to the disease in himself, to other medical complications associated.


Living Proof - to medical mutiny

The author is a companion of the university of the St Catherine, university of Oxford, England. He teaches English Literature and is professor who visits in the overseas department of the university of Stanford, California. With the years, he has done to many friendly through world, and he could invite his help during his investigation in the treatment of the cancer. He obvious did not know anything exceeds what had the life in the warehouse for him. He trusted friendly and members of the family to help to the care him and to find that it had more friendly than he thought.

With a diagnosis of myeloma the author played. It chose not to have chemotherapy, and still he is alive on eight years later. It was absolutely a game - the occasions of the survival were near one in 20.000. It was a positive rather that a negative option, to use exercises of breathing, enemas of the coffee, the diet of Gerson and acupuncture rather that the conventional treatment.

The book begins with the best part, a whimsical account of the discovery of its disease and its impact in him, its friendly and their life as companion of a university of Oxford that teaches English. The impact is cushioned somehow strangely, the author who looks with other eyes. Its encounter with the doctors accentuates the shock between the cultures, supposed rational meetings of the medicine those servers in a diet to deal with disease “luxury” with the last whim of Sunday Times.

Then ignition of him is in declivity, and the problem is causality. He is outer dark and the street lights are ignited. Therefore the street lights did that darkness goes. The miracle is the survival of the author without the conventional treatment. Its alternative regime supported it with this time. It was in control of that aspect at least. But I do not have to think that the regime was the treatment - the regime was the one of support and streetlight tranquilizing.

Many many pages are dedicated to the reasons for which the regime was the treatment. Pseudoscience is selective and seriously uncritical, and the measured words of professor Roberto Kyle are stopped towards outside. The simplistic implication is bad of the chemotherapy, good carrots. Simply false, for example for many leucemias of the childhood. The parents must make decisions on the treatment for their young boy, or in fact on their own treatment with the employee others. The bad individuals, the orthodox doctors, must help with these tremendous decisions, and the central difficulty is communicating uncertainty. That difficulty comes strongly to traverse in the book.

Too easy nevertheless, to condemn all to us as bellowers and bullies. They also exist in other professions. We fail in two levels. We cannot surpass the scientific illiteracy in means. An increase of fifty percent in risk can be an increase of fifty percent in a number very small, and therefore hardly excellent. Any subsequent scare, stopping the treatment, vaccination ducking, can have devastating consequences. We need the absolute increase of the risk, so that to be able to relate it to other risks that we run happy, as that is in occasion 17,000 to die in a traffic accident of way in the United Kingdom in any a year. The second lack is in the individual, patient level to take care of itself. The professional advice somebody that you do not have taste can be hard to take, but your bellower he can be my santo. To make purchases around.

Michael Gearin-Tosh
After their diagnosis in June of 1994, following a combat of pneumonia, five separated consultants impelled it to have chemotherapy or he would be “dead in a year”. They shelp you that if it had the treatment he can be that lives by two to three years

He began with the therapy of Gerson (12 vegetal juices and of fruit to the day, vitamins and the enemas of the coffee), soon added the daily prescription of Hoffer-Pauling of more vitamins, including C, of B3, B6, Folic acid, betacaroteno, selenium and later added more including the coenzyme Q10 and aspirina

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Summary Mieloma treatment

Treatment I: the therapy of adapted Gerson to blood cancer

Diet that is to a large extent vegetarian and low in the protein, the first two months not to take no food milky animal or products fresh diet - no processed food - salads - crude - high fresh fruit and juice - with only some small percentage from cooked meals

Oils - (rich in essential greasy acids Omega 3 acids)

Fruits and vegetables:  apples (rich in flavonoidescomo quercetin), apricots, bananas, cherries, grapes, grapefruits, handles, melons, oranges, peach trees, pears, plums, mandarins.
cauliflower, radishes, garlic onions, leeks, chives, small onions

12 daily juice, one hourly. (it added of potassium, in each of 10 daily juice to reduce it gradually. It is possible that the balance modified electrolyte for good

Solution of Lugol - I supplement of iodine; (it has properties anti cancerigenic. ally to reinforce and to standardize the function of the thyroid gland.)

Niacina - 300 mgs daily in 6 sublingual doses 50

pancreatin 4 daily xs 3 (enzymes)

B12 100 daily injections mcg. (first 6-8 month)

Enemas of coffee 4 to the day (it eliminates the accumulation of remainders of the tumor and stimulate the activation of glutathione)

Treatment II: Oncology of Orthomolecular Dr. Abram Hoffer/Pauling:

Ester - C 20g of C - limits intestinal

B3 1,5 to 3 gr. (niacina, niacinamide)

Vitamin and 800 iu

betacaroteno 25.000 for 50.000 iu

Selenium 0,2 - 0,5 mg (the patient took 400 g from µ)

Citrate of zinc 50 mgs

calcium, magnesium sometimes

Multivitamin V - 2000 of Solgar
Lipoico acid of alpha 200 mgs twice to the day

to immunopower lets v 200 solgar that it includes furthermore:

                                Q10 Co enzyme 50mg once a day;
                                L - glutathione 500mg
                                L - cysteine of 50mg twice daily
                                folic acid (5mg daily);
                                vitamin And Succinate (800 newspaper of iu)
                               mint oil (2 newspaper of 200mg of x)


Treatment III: Bisphosphonates

 The alternative of the therapy of Bisphosphonate can increase the density of bone with time.

the intravenous administration with Pamidronate was spoken, but in the end the patient decided on daily oral Clodronate (medique 800 mgs daily). This was begun in interrupted March 1995 but at the end of

May 1995, attributable one to the intestinal upheaval appellant, that the patient to feel to be able to obstruct the optimal absorption of nutrients of the therapy of Gerson.

Then it took:  
     vitamin D
     the formula of Bioforce of Dr. Vogel
     Urticalcin, to contain calcium,
    silica and extract of nettle.
    Meritene de Novartis

At the end of June 2001, the therapy of bisphosphonate with intravenous Ibandronate began.


Treatment IV: enzymes

 The patient took to the Gerson pancreatin until the end of 1998, and soon to change of a “Megazyme” (pancreatin 325mg + USP of protease 81.250 + 6.500 USP of amylase 81.250 + lipase USP by 2 capsules)

Treatment V: metabolic typing

The optimal health is secured if you eat in harmony with his diet of ancestral sanguineous group

treatment I SAW: acupuncture

 Nobody affirms that acupuncture can cure the cancer. But their generalized effects make it a useful tool in the strategies of treatment that try to modify whole biochemical atmosphere in the cancer for good, and optimize the results of the other therapies.

it began in September 1994 and it has continued with an intensive regime of and then/soon soon monthly biweekly the weekly sessions and then/to the gift, initially of the patient, and now at 6 intervals of week.

 treatment VII: the mind
 There are two classes of the disease - corporal and mental. Each arises from the others, and can exist without the others nor. Therefore, the physical mental disorders arise from ones, and the same mental the physical upheavals arise from ones.

Until July 2001, the patient is whereas clause the additional addition at the moment to his treatment of the benevolent cytotoxic therapy by the experimental use of the therapy of vitamin C of Intravenous of dose (50g - 100g) very high of Dr. Hugh Riordan. This approach has caused the extraordinary remissions in the pancreatic cancer, and the cancer to the lung. The reason fundamental to use this special therapy of the patient that, in fact, mieloma still is in its marrow, nevertheless is deactivated. Intravenous vitamin C can secure a saturation of blood in the order of 200% unlike 2% by the oral route. Very the test-tube high doses of vitamin C have been demonstrated to have an effect of apoptotic on cancer cells. the hope is that only a final cytotoxic push is needed and mieloma will disappear totally.