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Girl of 11 years, with main complaints of the nervousness, the anxiety, and the excessive preoccupation. The beginning of its symptoms happened when his father died tragic in September of 2003.  fear of being kidnapped, that was incited by a kidnapping well-published of a young Asian girl in the city where she lives. It also disclosed to be approximately two attacks of the panic every day old from September for which she had learned to take care of him “leaving the situation to secure the air.” Other symptoms that it disclosed included some face acne, frequent ruborización, stomachaches, and sweatiness. A complete physical examinación was realised and all the results were within normal limits.
They prescribed
 daily multiple vitamin/one
mineral preparation, 25mg of zinc, 100 mgs of pyridoxine, and
500 of niacinamide.
Three months later the patient disclosed a slight improvement with his anxiety.
One remembered twice increase to the dose of niacinamide to magnesium 1000 mgs to the day.
One did not disclose any side effects.
Two months later the patient disclosed a showy improvement with his anxiety. Its panic attacks unemployed totally and its acne was improved much also. Its anxiety followed improved much and interfered not more with its capacity to hook to a regular life.


A woman of 28 years came in May of 2004. It had been fighting with this disorder of anxiety by last the twelve years. She is professor of the High secondary and observed School that its anxiety was sharper during the academic year. Its anxiety was worse in the morning with symptoms of the frequent muscular tension, to happen of flato, and the pain chest. It disclosed a fear to smell when she needed to expel the gas. The anxiety also did difficult so that she concentrates herself and she concentrates in things. It had been in paroxetine by a year but she had not noticed any improvement. The physical examinación revealed to woman well-fed with the normal vital samples. All systems were within normal limits. Prescriccion:
Niacinamide 500 three times daily by three days, after which they sent to increase it to the magnesium 1000 to magnesium every morning, 500 in the lunch, and magnesium 1000 in dinner.
they hydroxytryptophan twice (5-HTP) in a dose of magnesium 100 to the day for its smooth depression,
2000 mgs of the vitamin C that will daily take for his thrombocytopenia (a previous diagnosis). Its anxiety improved perceivably and she underwent only three attacks of the panic of the junior since the initial visit. The patient continued complaining the depression, that she felt like sharper era before menses. The patient one was uncertain if the treatments were work due to their time far from education. We agreed that it would continue all the treatments prescribed with the exception of vitamin C until the 14 of June of 2004. After this date, the patient would reassume the 5-HTP, niacinamide, and takes 250 magnesium the magnesium from the B-6 vitamin, and to 400 of magnesium. The B-6 vitamin and the magnesium were prescribed for the symptoms pre-menstrual of the depression. The 4 of June of 2004, I received an urgent telephone call of the patient. From continuing the prescribed treatments the 1 of June, their symptoms of the anxiety returned precise and it had operation of the difficulty. It was suitable the curriculum vitae only the tablets of niacinamide. The 2 of July of 2004, the patient emailed me with an update. It continued all the treatments prescribed with the exception of niacinamide. It found its anxiety and depression that will release much because she in the country and did not teach during the months of the summer. When it felt anxiety, it would take niacinamide and help. In her words: “Volume niacinamide and I am very well soon.”


A woman of 42 years first presented private exercise the 16 of May of 2004, for the main complaints of the constipation and the anxiety. Near three weeks previous, they diagnosed to its father with the advanced carcinoma of the stomach. From the diagnosis of its father, it had itself been feeling very anxious with symptoms of shakiness, dizziness, the numbness of the extremities, and the problems of the balance. His medical doctor caused that she made 24 monitors of Holter of the hour and the results were normal. She could not correlate her anxiety with sensations of the hunger. In the past, it would have the same class of symptoms of the anxiety when the exhausting events happened. His medical doctor felt that the anxiety of the patient was related to the hyperventilation. In the physical examinación, well-they fed the patient, slightly excess of weight, with the normal arterial pressure and normal sounds of heart. The rest of the systems was within normal limits. They diagnosed it with attacks of the panic, dyspepsia (possibly irritable syndrome of the intestine), and smooth obesity. They advised to you to continue with his liquid multiple vitamin/mineral preparation, the magnesium takes to 500 from niacinamide three by every day by two days, and was shelp to increase the dose to magnesium 1000 twice to the day. In addition, two capsules of lactobacilo acidophilus were prescribed every morning on the rise. A visit of the recordativa letter happened the 26 of May of 2004. The patient felt a little better during the first week in niacinamide; nevertheless, it felt nervous and related this to the severe prognosis of its father. Its dream was unallocated, even though she woke up once every night to go to the quarter of bathroom. Total, she felt much more under control. They advised to increase niacinamide to magnesium 1000 three times to you every day. The 12 of 2004 July, she entered for another visit. She reduction in niacinamide to magnesium 2000 per day since it felt that she made it have sensations of unreality. Its anxiety was improved much in this dose, and shakiness previous had solved totally. In fact, she had not undergone any episodes of shakiness since the past visit. They shelp you to continue the prescribed treatments and to add a B-complex preparation of the vitamin and 1 magnesium of acid folic to his present plan. Its more recent appointment of the recordativa letter was the 15 of September of 2004. It did not disclose any symptoms of the anxiety or attacks of the panic since the visit passed in spite of the health that declined of its father. It has continued taking magnesium 1000 from niacinamide twice to the day.

The majority of the patients requires magnesium 2000-4500 of niacinamide per day to reach therapeutic results. These dosages were derived from the work of Hoffer, that recommended magnesium 1500-6000 of niacinamide by the day for all the patients with psychiatric syndromes. (19) Of the patients relevación of the experience of its symptoms within a month to generally take the medication (personal observation). The three patients tolerated the great pharmacological doses of niacinamide very well. A patient needed to reduce to his dose from magnesium the 3000 per day to magnesium 2000 by the day due to the sensations of unreality. The patient of 28 years had problems who swallowed the tablets of niacinamide. Therefore, he can be that it is necessary to change to some patients to the capsules or the forms of the dust of niacinamide. The great pharmacological doses of niacinamide (magnesium 1500-6000 per day) have surely been used in children and adolescents per periods of the time extended without no adverse side effects or complications such as clinical hepatitis. (20.21) the most common side effect with niacinamide is sedation, (22) but the dry mouth and nausea have been the common side effects but that I have observed between some of my patients. It has it are a report of the case that binds great pharmacological doses of niacinamide (9 grams per day) to the hepatic toxicity. (23) the patient in the mentioned report did not have any evidence of the clinical hepatitis when to take magnesium 2000-3000 by the day of niacinamide, but she developed clinical hepatitis when the dose was increased to magnesium 9000 daily. All the clinical abnormalitys invested normal once niacinamide outside continued. I never prescribe plus magnesium of 6000 by the day of niacinamide since the majority of the patients will develop nausea and sometimes to vomit in a dose arrives that this. (19) anxiety Is hardly any necessity superficially to pass magnesium 4500 per day when trying. If it happens nausea, to diminish the dose before magnesium 1000 corrects the problem generally.