Airborne magnetic detection gerson was a precursor in treatments ortomoleculares. - Already at the end of years 20, it began to observe that the cancer could be cured with the nutrition and the chemical decontamination. Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Gerson) writes: The “Dr. Gerson found that the underlying problems of all the patients of the cancer are toxicity and deficiency. One of the important characteristics of its therapy was the administration hourly of the juice of fresh vegetables. These contribute the necessary nutrients, as well as the liquids to help to rinse the kidneys. When the food high levels return to enter fine weaves, the accumulated toxins during many years are pushed the blood current. The toxins then are filtered towards outside by the liver. … The Dr. Gerson found that he could provide help to the liver by the caffein of the coffee, through enemas the coffee is absorbed by the hemorrhoidal vein, that takes caffein to the system carries and then to the liver. Caffein stimulates the liver and opens the biliary conduits to send the toxic ones to the intestinal zone for its later excretion.” The therapy of Gerson is not specifically a treatment of the cancer but a metabolic treatment, clean whereas it consolidates the capacity of the body to cure itself. The program is effective against an ample variety of severe diseases. The approach of the Dr. Gerson has been demonstrated, by more than seven decades, cash to greatly improve quality and the length of life in most ill of patients.

Gerson shelp in 1928 that it received a call of a woman who was shelp that she had incurable hepatic cancer. According to Gerson, she asked to you to that she dealed with it with her therapy about the migraine and the tuberculosis, accepting who he did not know anything on cancer and he could not predict the result of her treatment. Gerson demanded it recovered totally in its therapy, like two friendly his that had cancer.

Gerson continued attacking the problem of TV, that was in that then a much more great problem that cancer in Europe. It was convinced that denaturing of the ground by artificial fertilizers and the poisoning of the plants with pesticides they were at least partially to blame by the increasing epidemic of degenerative diseases, leading it to explore agricultural practices as consultant to the regional government.

They did not convince the pairs of Gerson of its successes with tuberculosis. They criticized it vociferously, accusing it to falsify x-rays and to try to the patients who never had TV in the first place, between the other little ethical behavior.

Gerson undertook a clinical trial of its therapy that it would try to silence to his critics once and for all. He decided to only treat the patients who “terminal had been declared” in writing at least by two specialists, was not no doubt as far as the disease or its prognosis so there. The 1 of April of 1933, hardly six weeks before he had present the results of his study, Adolf Hitler began to arrest Jews and to send them to the concentration camps. Gerson literally saved the halting by accident, and left Germany for good, going away behind the results of its study.

Gerson began to apply its dietetic therapy to some patients of the cancer. After some adjustments in the therapy, it disclosed the accomplishment of constantly good results and declared that the patients with “the terminal” cancer survived by many years. The colleagues declared to their ineffective therapy, but to desperate patients continued to look for their practice.

Gerson had published dozens of articles in European medical Literature, but they almost totally closed it to publish in his adopted mother country. Gerson published possible its methods and the results in 1958, along with fifty cases of “cured” patient “terminals”, in a book, a therapy of the cancer: Results of 50 cases. In 2005, Gerson was installed, along with seven other important contribuidores to the natural medicine, in the corridor of the fame of the international society of the Orthomolecular medicine. Book of Gerson a therapy of the cancer: The results of 50 cases, first published in 1958, have sold on 250,000 copies in five languages.

Estracto of the book “a therapy of the cancer: Results of 50 cases”:

A day while to walk near Bielefeld, Max knew a man who raised to foxes. It directed a very prosperous farm of foxes. It bought ill, tuberculous foxes of very low cost to sell them later and to use his skin for coats skins to a high price. Gerson I ask him how it could do this. To mention That was a secret that does not have to be shared with the farmers of otherfox, told him. Foxeswhich ill farmer to buy had lung tuberculosis, it cured Them with diet of organic vegetables and fruits, and vendia later with a good gain. 


Basic principles of the therapy of Gerson:

The use of the organic food to only avoid toxins of pesticide and weed killer.
No greasy animal or protein in the first eight weeks. Milk and the soybean are prohibited to avoid the body that receives the fats and the protein, that have been “to feed” the cells on cancer.
To the pulses (lentils, beans and again soybean) that will be consumed as they can prevent uptake mineral due to his degree with acid phytic.
All the used water to cook or to clarify is due to provide of sources of the distilled or reverse osmosis.
The water does not have to be drunk whereas it dilutes the energy of the juice. Tea of the mint is allowed a little.
Neither the plastic nor the leaf of the tin can be used as he can contaminate the food.
The diet is limited the juice just made of the vehicles, fruits and leaves, consumed within 20 minutes of the preparation to avoid losses in effectiveness of the enzyme. The great amounts of fruit and crude vehicles are also consumed, along with some vehicles slightly cooked to the steam, fruit, stewed the oats potatoes and flour.
The aim is to exclude sodium, whereas it maintains the product of potassium. The fresh juice provides foods more easily absorbed and digested, whereas they do not burden the corporal systems. The use of juice hourly on the length of the adminisered extreme unction to day also thus avoids calorie and of the insulin, and limits really the total number of the calories consumed per day.
Organic the fresh vegetables and the fruit, of season are the ideals

Absolutely essential for the therapy of the diet to be:

Apples - crude
Carrots - crude and cooked slightly
Potatoes - cooked to the furnace, crushed or in salad of the potato
Sweet potatoes - but only once per week
The fresh fruit - aside from apples, it eats the grapes, cherries, handles, peaches, oranges, apricots, grapefruit, banana, mandarins, pears, plum trees, melons, papayas (the pears and the plum trees can be stews)
Fruits droughts - apricots, dates, figs, peaches, raisins, raisins

Throughout our lives, our bodies are contaminated with diverse toxic substances that cause to cancers and other diseases. These toxic substances arrive to us through air that we breathed, of the food that we eat, of medecines that we took and the water that we drink. As the use of these toxic substances increases day to day, and the incidence of the cancer also increases, to be able to use a demonstrated, natural treatment, and desintoxicante as the Gerson Therapy not only offers tranquillity, but is necessary.

The Gerson Therapy is a powerful natural treatment that fortifies the immune system, thus to be able to cure cancers, arthritis, coronary disease, degenerative allergies, and many other diseases. An aspect that the difference of the majority of the other treatments is its integrating and inclusive nature. Thirteen glasses of fresh juice are consumed daily, of organic fruits and vegetables, that provide an abundant amount of nutrients, enzymes and minerals. Soon these substances degrade the ill weave of the body, whereas the enemas help to eliminate the accumulation of all the toxin life in the liver.
With an approach that considers the totality of the body for the treatment, reactive the Gerson Therapy of natural way the magnificent capacity of its body to cure itself to itself - without injurious side effects. More than 200 articles in respected medical publications, and thousand of people cured of its “incurable” diseases, they document the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, that is in addition one to the few treatments with 60 years of success.
Although its philosophy to decontaminate and to reactivate to the body is simple, is this complex treatment that it requires to pay attention to him to the details enough. Although many single patients have cured themselves totally using the Gerson Therapy in case, to obtain the best results we recommended to begin the treatment in a center of treatment with license of the Gerson Institute.

The Gerson Therapy is an advanced present holistic and natural treatment that uses the own mechanism of treatment of the organism for the treatment and the cure of debilitating chronic diseases and. When it was introduced by the Dr. Max Gerson, this nutritional therapy so was advanced opportunely that almost there were no explanations in scientific Literature of how could manage to cure infectious chronic diseases and. But, because in fact it cured many cases of tuberculosis outpost, coronary disease, cancer and many diseases of smaller gravity, the Gerson Therapy stayed established as an important contribution to the field of the medicine, through articles appeared in publications with academic review. The Dr. Gerson published for the first time an article related to the cancer in 1945, almost 40 years before the adoption of the present official program of diet, nutrition and cancer of the National Institute of the Cancer of the EE.UU.

The Dr. Max Gerson dealed with to hundreds and hundreds patients and continued developing and refining their therapy until their death in 1959, at the age of 78 years. His more famous patient was the Dr. Albert Schweitzer, to that Gerson cured of diabetes outpost when Schweitzer was 75 years old. He returned to his hospital in Africa, he gained the Nobel prize, and he worked until the ninety and so many years. The following thing wrote: “I see in the Dr. Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses of the history of the medicine”.
It is rare to find cases of cancer, arthritis or other degenerative diseases in cultures considered “primitive” by Western civilization. It is due to the diet? Such idea is sustained in the fact that the degenerative diseases they appear in these cultures only after the packaged modern food introduction and additives (To see “Politically incorrect: the denied nutritional investigation of the Dr. Weston Price”.
The Dr. Gerson shelp: “Mantente near the nature and its eternal laws will protect to you”. According to him, the degenerative diseases were caused by toxic and degraded foods, water and air.
The Gerson Therapy looks for to regenerate the body to recover the health, supporting each important nutritional requirement flooding the body with the nutrients of almost 9 kilos of fruits and organic vegetables. Most is used to make fresh juice, a glass per hour, 13 times per day. Generous amounts of crude solid foods and spanish stews are consumed. Generally, oxygenation turns out to be the double or more, since the oxygen deficiency in the blood contributes to the development of many degenerative diseases. Also the metabolism with the aggregate of supplements for the thyroid, potassium supplements, and others is stimulated, and avoiding heavy animal fats, the excess of proteins and sodium, and other toxins.
The degenerative diseases leave the body more and more incapable to excrete the remainders adequately, which commonly is in hepatic and renal faults. In order to prevent this, the Gerson Therapy uses an intensive chemical decontamination to eliminate the remainders, to regenerate the liver, to reactivate the immune system and to reestablish the essential defenses of the body - the enzymatic systems, mineral and hormonal. With a generous nutrition and of high quality, major availability of oxygen, chemical decontamination, and an improved metabolism, the cells - and the body - can regenerate, be healed, and prevent future diseases.
No treatment works for everybody, all the times. If somebody says to him the opposite is not telling the facts him so what is. We know that when a disease has been diagnosed him that puts into play its life, to choose the best strategy to fight against this disease he can be an amazing task. All say to have “the best treatment”, “the fastest cure”; or “the only treatment that works”. In the majority of the cases, the doctor of confidence of his family has only knowledge of conventional treatments, and or does not know, or is hostile towards the holistic options. He can listen to many options exceeds how to treat his disease, but hers it is the decision of what doing, what treatment to choose, and must be comfortable with his election. The treatment chooses that seems more reasonable to him.
The majority of the therapies, conventional or alternative, treats only the individual symptoms, ignoring what really it is causing the disease. The Gerson Therapy is effective for so many different diseases because it reestablishes the incredible capacity of the body to cure itself to itself. Instead of in particular to deal with only the symptoms a disease, this therapy deals with the same cause the disease. Although we think that the Gerson Therapy is the abarcativo and complete treatment for the disease, nontenth that is going to cure everything nor to all.
Although the Gerson Institute does not have nor handles any medical center, we derived the patients to clinics that have license of the Gerson Institute to offer the Gerson Therapy. If you want to make the treatment in his house, to program its enter a clinic, or simply has question on the Therapy, we invited it to put itself in touch with us.


The Gerson Therapy does not begin without the supervision of a professional enabled in this therapy if some of these conditions occurs:

The patients must be able to eat normally, to drink, and to eliminate. The Gerson Therapy cannot be administered to receivers of transplants.


Mixers or equipment to make juices:

The juice is an essential component of the Gerson Therapy. In order to assure reliable results, the Gerson patient will need to buy an appropriate juguera. The investigation of the Dr. Gerson indicates that the patients with cancer must have a juguera in two stages, with a separated pinwheel and a hydraulic press. Generally, the jugueras of a stage do not produce the same quality of enzymatic, mineral content or of micronutrients, and some patients have not obtained results simply of not using the suitable juguera.
We did not recommend to use any centrifugal juguera. It is possible to be used to maintain the health or in nononcologic diagnoses.
The Gerson Institute maintains a list of people who own jugueras used for sale. Put yourself in touch with us to receive a copy of this list.

The diet:

The Gerson diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients; extremely low in sodium and fats; and discharge in liquids.
What the complete therapy follows is a typical day of the diet of a Gerson patient realising:



All the used medecines as it leaves from the Gerson therapy are classified as biological, material of organic origin that are administered in therapeutic amounts.


Chemical decontamination:

A very important part of the Gerson Therapy is the frequent chemical decontamination of weaves and the blood. This is obtained of several ways, mainly by means of the use of coffee enemas. The scientific bases of the use of the coffee enemas well are documented, and can ask for it to the Gerson Institute. The patients inform that the enemas reduce the pain and accelerate the treatment. From a biological point of view, the enzymatic systems of the wall of the intestine and the liver are stimulated, and increases the flow of bile. The capacity of the body has been demonstrated that to this improvement to eliminate the toxic residues of environmental, quimioterapéutico origin, and of other sources.
Also the ill tumors and other degraded weaves are eliminated more quickly the being.
Other methods of chemical decontamination include the castor oil, used as traditional a stimulant of the bile flow and as another way to improve the capacity of the liver to filter blood. Additionally, the digestive enzymes serve to improve the absorption of nutrients and to attend in the damaged weave elimination.
The patients must have one complete compression of the Gerson Therapy to be able to follow indeed with the regime in their home.

Some cases dealt with this therapy:

After early life of the poor health, the multiple sclerosis of many problems (the mother took the DES during pregnancy) diagnosed. DEC. 1973, Syndrome of diagnosed Bartter, also hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, multiple allergies that begin lacking of the kidney, convulsions, deep weakness of the exhaustion and the muscle. Many drugs. It began the therapy of Gerson in the Mexican hospital May, 1984. Constant improvement.  13 years later, trabaj as model.

21 years as an older person in December, 1979 advanced chronic hepatitis, in chair of the wheel, given desperate prognosis. Extensive severe oedema, prednisone, depression, confusion. It began the Therapy December De Gerson, 1979 in Mexican hospital. Recovered totally. It gave light to two healthy children; assets in church, travel everything on the world. 18 years healthy it advanced more.

In pain, she bleeds vomiting. The cancer of the pancreas made a biopsy January, 1986. Demonstrated tumor exploration of the CAT in liver, spleen, bladder of the galling. Given desperate prognosis. The therapy of Gerson in the Mexican hospital began march, 1986. The patient says “to complete return in 10 dí “recovery demonstrated by the exploration of CAT 6 months advanced more surprised his Canadian doctor. He enjoys the work, grandsons. He feels nine years “really good more ahead”.

January, exploration 1983 of the CAT demonstrated to the tumor in body and the neck of the pancreas, probably in the head of the pancreas. Victoria Superior, B.C., the doctors of Canada shelp certainty 100% of the pancreatic cancer. Desperate conventional therapy. It began the therapy of Gerson in the Mexican hospital February, 1983. A last recovery of the demonstration of the explorations of the CAT. In good health, 14 years active it advanced more.