Arthritis and the Niacinamida

Can Arthritis be cured with the Niacinamida?

Can the glucosamine sulphate regenerate the cartilages?


Natural treatment against Arthritis


Jonathan Wright, M.D says:

He says goodbye to the pains arthritis in one go in eight steps or less


In I number of March of the 2003 of Nutrition & Healing, I appear information on the different ways to protect to the heart, a cliche that not this fashionable one in these days, but which is critical for its health. In this article, I have selected another cliche that is not listened to much lately (except in the publicity of drugs), even though affects to the majority of you on to daily basis: one is the arthritis.


I have been witness of which so debilitating it can be this disease. Although there are many patented medecines and other drugs that they do not require of medical prescription to control arthritis, when judging because the patients with arthritis are those that but visit the Tahoma Clinic, it's obvious that those options plows only masking symptoms temporarily. They do not estan designed to correct the problems that bring about the pain.

So that we throw a glance to the different natural alternatives that they can allow him to undo for always of these medicines of patent.


First that must do it is to determine that type of arthritis is the one that you have.


Two forms of arthritis, the degenerative arthritis exist (also well-known as osteoartritis) and reumatoide arthritis

The osteoartritis is the form but common of the disease and it appears when the cartilage between the joints begins to damage itself and to disappear, bringing about pain and rigidity.


Reumatoide arthritis produces inflammation, pain and rigidity. of the cover of the joints in his organism and also it brings about reddening and rigidity in the majority of the cases. If not this safe one on the type of arthritis that it has, its doctor can help him.

Although both types have different causes, some of the natural treatments that are used are overlapped. We begin with the osteoartritis.


The arthritis triggers that could sees growing in your garden

First that I recommend for the osteoartritis it is to change certain aspects of the diet. In the years 1950s, Norman Childers, Ph.D., descubrio that eliminating certain vegetables (known as solanaceos vegetables) of the diet, is podian to completely eliminate the symptoms of arthritis in many cases. The solanaceos vegetables include to the tomatos, Popes, chili peppers, eggplant and tobacco.


According to the Dr. Childers, sensitivity to the solanaceas is not an allergy, but really lost a progressive one of the capacity to metabolizar the substances known as “solanaceos alkaloids,” that they are in all the Solanaceos vegetables. Unfortunately, does not exist test that allows him to know if their arthritis benefitted with a free diet of solanaceas. It is needed to test.


He is not easy to eliminate all the solanaceas totally.


The tomato and the Popes are used in a great variety of nutritional products, and Chile is in many foods. Local Check your library or consults with the Arthritis Nightshades Research Foundation ( to secure a copy of the book of the Dr. Childers, variously titled (following the edition) Childers' Diet; Arthritis -- Childers' Diet to Stop It; and similar titles.


But even eliminating common solanaceas but (already mentioned) is definitely worth trying. Evitelas at least of three to four months and sees if there is some effect in the symptoms. If not this safe one after three or four months, can begin to consume a great amount of tomatos, Popes and chili peppers and verify the effects.


If the pain returns after the test, then you are sensible to the solanaceas and you must them eliminate all of your diet in permanent form.


[Also The Arthritis Help Centers, Box 768, Wharton, NJ 07885, have published results of investigations in Foods Found to Cause Pain, Swelling and Stiffness, where which is identified to a great amount of foods many of contain solanaceas and related used ace taste enhancers not required to sees identified on the food label. http:// Ed.]


Sometimes the osteoarthritis worsens as a result of allergies to foods If it has some personal or familiar history of allergies, is worth the pain to verify if it has food allergies certain. For to list of physicians in your area who dog help you with allergy screening, contact the American Academy of Environmental Medicine ( Several methods exist to determiner specific allergies of foods, but skin testing is not usually an accurate tool in this marries.


The alternative treatments are so effective that enough they are known


Once it has verified if he is or nonallergic or sensible to the solanaceas, it can begin to look for alternative therapies, beginning with glucosamine. At the moment, they even mainstream medical doctors have heard on glucosamine.


Different studies demonstrate that it helps to stimulate the growth of new cartilages in the joints. This is probably why there's usually to three to four week delay to after starting treatment for pain relief to begin. I recommend 500 milligrams of sulphate of glucosamine three times to the day.


Some warnings in mainstream have appeared medical publications envelope that glucosamine could affect the control of sugar in the blood. If you have significant osteoarthritis and does not have diabetes, this nonserious theoretical possibility a problem.

If it has diabetes, when checking the blood sugar can tell him if glucosamine has some effect in the sugar content. In the majority of the cases, the improvement you'll likely feel will Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces outweigh the possibility of any slight effect on blood to sugar.


Glucosamine is combined frequently with chondroitin in natural treatments against arthritis. But there's enough question about chondroitin and risk of for cancer of prostate me to advise all men to avoid chondroitin AT this tricks out of. Besides, I have observed that glucosamine works very well single. So that glucosamine only uses “plain” until this doubt is solved completely.


Total lightening of arthritis in less than a month


The following natural remedy of the osteoarthritis on the list is the niacinamida one. Even many natural medicine doctors have forgotten, or they never learned, the tool that turn out the niacinamida one (nonniacina) to control the pain and inflammation of the osteoarthritis.


In 1949, William Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D., published its rigorous and careful investigation on niacinamida and the osteoarthritis, titled The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction: Its Incidence and Treatment.


Unfortunately, the investigation of the Dr. Kaufman conocio almost at the same time as they are promovian in great scale you are formulated them of the patented cortisone, so that the niacinamida treatment with almost was ignored.


But even though never it made much commotion, the treatment with niacinamide works of wonder. I recommend the use of 1.000 milligrams of niacinamida three times to the day (she does not work very or is used one or two dose to the day). It can begin to feel the results in three to four weeks.


Many patients of osteoarthritis secure to a total lightening of the pain and swelling whenever they continue using the niacinamida one.


Apparently the niacinamida one does not rehabilitate to the cartilage, so that he is better to use glucosamine at the same time. If it suffers of diabetes and one worries about the effects about glucosamine in the sugar of the blood, niacinamide is to good companion for it. Niacinamide also has many benefits its for blood to sugar problems, and using it with glucosamine is even dwells likely to relief your osteoarthritis symptoms.


A warning: sometimes, the people who take this niacinamida amount from suffer of feels nauseous weighs, of nauseas, and sometimes of I vomit. Although this only appears in less than the 1 percent of the people who take the niacinamida one, in case she has this kind of problems, suspends her use immediately. It feels nauseous it can disappear in just a short time, but it must consult with his doctor before resuming the use of the niacinamida one.


Two great additional remedies to try


Since glucosamine is on the well-known end of the arthritis-relief spectrum, both composed final that are in the product list that fights to the osteoarthritis, generally are not within the radar of the majority of the doctors. But the boron and the S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) can be very effective.


The epidemiological evidence demonstrates a greater incidence of arthritis in area of the world where there is boron deficiency. To small amount of research demonstrates that the boron can alleviate many symptoms of the osteoartritis. Because the boron is quite cheap, is safe in small doses, and is used in the treatment of the osteoporosis and prevention of cancer in addition to osteoarthritis, does not make damage twice take 3 milligrams to the day.


The SAMe is truly effective for some cases of osteoarthritis, but not in all. While it's not to surefire cures, it's clears safe and worth trying if the diet changes and supplements noted stupefies aren't helpful. The unique problem is that he is a little expensive if is compared with other supplements. If you decides to give it to try, takes 400 once or twice milligrams to the day.


The first line of relief of reumatoide arthritis


Now we see rheumatoid arthritis (RA). As it were already shelp before, some of the following recommendations are the same that the case of the osteoartritis stops, but is a pair of differences.

First of all, arthritis is very important to put attention to the diet for the control of rheumatoid --even more important that in the case of the osteoarthritis. I have been able to observe an improvement in all the cases of rheumatoid arthritis with the elimination of the allergy and sensitivity foods, and not only the elimination of solanaceos vegetables.


The milk milk and products generally produce allergy in people with this type of arthritis and have even been the subject of mainstream medical research into RA (that has demonstrated that the elimination of milk and milk products served to alleviate the symptoms).


But even though the milk products are the main guilty, always exist many allergens that make worse rheumatoid arthritis. It finds and it consults with a doctor described with the allergies of foods, just like with nutritional medicine; to good start is pleases to with to member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) (


But although the elimination of the allergies and sensitivities arthritis improve rheumatoid, often does not cure the problem.


To common culprit contributes to rheumatoid arthritis


Throughout the years, many studies have reported a high incidence of stomach upheavals (specifically, low pepsin and hydrochloric acid levels) in people with rheumatoid arthritis. These reports also reveal that just by to replace to “missing” hydrochloric acid and pepsin without doing no other change-self many cases of rheumatoid can improve significantly arthritis.


So that with this in mind, always I ask the patients with rheumatoid arthritis to them that become gastric analysis. (It's important to uses to proper procedure in doing the test. Unfortunately, there isn't enough space here to thoroughly explain it, but for greater information, consults my book Why Stomach Acid is for Good You.)

In the majority of the cases, the test reveals loss stomach function (under acid). If this outside its case, considers to supplement with Esther betaine hydrochloride-pepsin or glutamic-acid hydrochloride-pepsin before the meals.


Generally I recommend to begin with a capsule (5 to 7-1/2, or 10 grains). After two or three days, if there are no problems, it takes two capsules before the meals; then, several days later, increase the amount to three capsules. The dose is gradually increased in this step like fashion until to 70 arrives at 40 grains by food.


You'll probably need to work with to doctor on this aspect of rheumatoid arthritis, too. On rare occasion treatment with hydrochloric acid dog sees dangerous, so that it only must be used when the laboratory tests therefore indicate it. Though problems occur rarely, they dog sees bad ones.


Hydrochloric acid is never due to use at the same time as aspirina, Butazolidin, Inodicin, Motrin, or any other anti-inflammatory drug. These medecines by itself can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers, under using hydrochloric acid with them can increase the risk.


Oil Fish and its cousins -- an arthritis relieving family meeting


Oil of fish: Here it is again, and is from greater utility in the case of the reumatoide arthritis that in the osteoartritis. Many studies have demonstrated that the greasy acids antiinflammatories Omega-3 contained in the fish oil significantly reduce to the inflammation and the pain rheumatoid arthritis.

Generally, I recommend to twice take a spoonful from cod liver oil along with 400 IU of vitamin E (ace mixed tocopherols) to the day.


Oil Plain fish, as cod liver oil, on its own is often very helpful, but some people have found that particular fish oil “fractions” as the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) can be of greater help. If it wants to use them, oil I still recommend backing them up with that “plain” fish; for example, every day takes 2,000-3,000 milligrams from DHA (the DHA capsules always contain EPA ace well) along with a spoonful of cod liver oil and 400 IU of vitamin and.


Another near option podria to be the acid eicosatetraenoic (ETA).


The eta removed originally from mussels and is a close relative of the DHA and the EPA. It is a anti-inflammatory greasy acid and one has studied very well in Australia. It is possible that it has listened to his commercial names Lyprinol and Lyprinex. Some patients of rheumatoid arthritis are shortage that 50 milligrams of eta three times to the day noticeably reduce the inflammation.


The eta can be a little difficult to find; try your local natural food store first, and if you can't find it there, you can obtain in the Internet or through the Tahoma Clinic Dispensary [to it]. (Although I am affiliate to the Clinic Dispensary, I am not associate with the production of the eta.)


The five final ingredients in the prescription to alleviate to arthritis reumatoide-


In order to clear the natural list of rheumatoid arthritis relievers plows the following:

Ginger. It can use this condiment to also cook and to take it as I supplement. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, uses ace much to ginger in your cooking ace you dog and also it takes 1.000 milligrams from ginger three times to the day. Unless he is allergic, there's downside to not to ginger, and it's usually to significant help.


Zinc and to copper. These minerals separately help rheumatoid arthritis, but because the use prolonged of one can produce insufficiency or deficiency of the other, he is better to use them together (but not necessarily at the same time) Takes 30 mgs from zinc (of picolinato or citrate) two or three times to the day and 2 mgs of copper (from sebacate) two to three times to the day. (It takes the three doses to the day if your arthritis is dwells severe.)


Selenium. Garlic and the onions are the unique foods with high content of selenium under if you're not allergic to them, includes them in their diet - along with ginger. Also I recommend supplementing the onions and garlic with 200-500 micrograms of selenium to the day. But it does not exaggerate; it is possible to overdose AT 2.000 1.500 quantities of to micrograms daily.

Niacinamida. Although arthritis is not the main treatment for rheumatoid for ace it is osteoarthritis, niacinamide can be very useful for the joints “ankylosed” --meaning ones that have been partially or completely stiffened and immobilized by long-trick out of rheumatoid arthritis.


After several months of treatment with niacinamide, the majority of the cases of joints ankylosed recovers mobility gradually. I have seen some joints ankylosed that they recover its mobility after a year or but of niacinamida continuous treatment with, and many dwells partial regain AT least mobility.


Natural lightening of the arthritis: News dog still does not see good news


Independent of the type of arthritis you're battling, does not have to wait for until it leaves to the market the new drug patent to alleviate his arthritis. All the compounds that have been mentioned work of wonder and naturally to alleviate the pain arthritis. During years I have recommended them and have been much more effective that the patent drugs!


It adds something of Oil to the oxidized joints


Already habra given account that the oil of favorite fish is one of my recomendacion4s.

Good reasons exist: the greasy oils Omega-3 can already have replaced to folic acid ace America's no. l dietary deficiency/insufficiency. And the fish oil is the best source to secure the Omega-3 that the organism needs.

Make sure that the brand that uses is “certified heavy metal metal free,” but aside from that, the fish oil always is due to take along with vitamin E-practicamente does not have risk. (That infamous “cod to liver oil burp” dog almost always sees eliminated by “burying” the oil in the middle of meal, by blending with to “high-lipase” digestive enzyme.)


For the case of the osteoarthritis, with once takes a spoonful from cod liver oil (400 IU vitamin E) to the day - twice to the day if its padeciemiento is serious. It can take along with glucosamine and niacinamide, ace for they all work in different ways different aspects of the problem.


The warning that's not on the back of your Advil bottle

If it has arthritis and it has taken aspirin, Motrin, Advil, or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID) during several months or but to alleviate the pain, with complete certainty it needs additional copper.

Before they can work and they guarantee lightening of the pain, the NSAIDs must be combined to form " complex” with copper molecules already present in your body. Under literally is important to replace to copper that's been “used up” by these medications.


But, ace [you've read stupefies], also it is important to balance the zinc and copper content in the organism. You should to consider having your levels of each tested to determines what balance of zinc and to copper is right for “Your pipes can't help you to after all”) gave some good tips on testing and finding to general to copper/zinc balance. To read it (or to sign up to receive this free to eletter service), visits the Nutrition page & Healing in


And, of course, before it begins to take any I supplement, is always better to discuss its plans with an expert and authorized doctor in nutritional medicine.

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