Caloric /restricci aging ón

The aging is an accumulation of the damage to macro-molecules, the cells, fine weaves and the organs. The maximum life known human beings to them is 122,5 years, whereas the maximum life expectancy of a mouse is near 3 years. The genetic differences between the human beings and the mice that can explain these diverse tariffs of the aging include the effectiveness of the repair of the DNA, the types and the amounts of antirust enzymes, diverse indices of the production of the free radical, etc. (it see the senectud for more detail in theories of the aging.)

Restriction of the calorie

The restriction of the calorie or the caloric restriction (CR) is the practice to limit the product of the dietetic energy with the hope of which it improves health and it will slow down the aging. In human subjects, the CR has been demonstrated to obtain a cholesterol, glucose and arterial pressure but lower to you. Some consider that these are biomarcadores of the aging, since there is a correlation between these markers and the risk of the diseases associated to the aging. The proven animal species with CR until now, including primates, the rats, the mice, the spiders, have demonstrated the extension of the life expectancy. The CR is the only known dietetic measurement able to prolong maximum life expectancy, in comparison with the average life expectancy. In energy of the CR the product is reduced to the minimum, but the sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and other important foods must be eaten.
to investigate history
In 1934, Clive McCay and Maria Crowell of the university of Cornell they observed that the rates of the laboratory seriously fed a reduced diet on the calorie whereas the levels vital nutrients that maintained gave rise to lives of until twice while they were awaited of another way. These results were explored in detail by a series of rigid experiments with the mice lead by Roy Walford and their student Richard Weindruch. In 1986, Weindruch disclosed that restricted the product of the calorie of the mice of the laboratory increased proportional its life expectancy compared to a group of mice with a normal diet. The calorie-specialized mice also maintained aspects and young levels of length activity more, and demonstrated it delays in diseases regarding the age. The results of the many experiments by Walford and Weindruch were summarized in their book the delay of the aging and disease by dietetic Restriction (1988) (ISBN 0-398-05496-7).
The results have been accepted since then, and they have become general to a range of other animal. The investigators are investigating the possibility of parallel physiological connections in human beings (it see to Roth and others down). Meanwhile, much people have adopted independently the practice of the restriction of the calorie in a certain form, having hoped to reach the predicted advantages they themselves. Between most remarkable they are the members of the society of the restriction of the calorie.
The tests of the university of Washington were installed in 2002 and implied near 30 participants. The Dr. Luigi Fontana, clinical investigator, says that the doctors of the CR seem to age more slowly than the rest of us. “To take the systolic arterial pressure,” he says. “Generally, that rises reliably with age, partly because the arteries are hardening. In my group, the average age is 55, and the systolic arterial pressure of means is 110: that is in the level of 20 years.

Plan antievejecimeinto Roy L. Walford

Doctor Roy L.Walford, who was born in 1924 in San Diego, California, one otherwise prestigious the Gerontólogos and Nutricionistas that modern science has given, participated in peculiar the Biosphera-2 project study in which a group very reduced of people, remained locked up in a provided enclosure of orchard and tools of all type, with own atmosphere and simulating the state in which a spaceship could be found that it realised a trip long play, the confinement lasted two years, and served partly to get to perfect a technique by means of which, the life expectancy is increased in a third at least, which would take to move the age to us of risk to the 120 years, but not in a wheelchair or prostrate oneself on a bed, if not realising normal functions similar to those of a person of 50 years “of those of now”, that is to say, with much quality of life. In his The book Anti-aging Plan it gives to the keys of his plan antiaging us:

The three top assassins of adults are the heart disease, apoplexy, and the cancer, followed by the combination of the pneumonia, the influenza, and the bronchitis, then/soon the accidents, the diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and the disease of liver. We can predict with an allowable error of only 5 percent that you will die of one of these diseases

If a disease that you could have programmed for the 50 years of age does not appear spear the 60 years it supposes is one cures of ten years only by the preventive feeding. And some otrros the evils more likely also will be delayed by the plan anti aging, in the same way that the osteoporosis and arthritis.

It does not lose more than 20 to 25 percent of his weight of the initial body, as an upper limit. By all means if you are slim to begin, that would even be too much. You must use criterion, and consult with his doctor. The men of Biospherian lost an average of weight of body 18%, the women 10 percent. The greasy content of body of the men descended to 6 to 10 percent; of women to 10 to 15 percent. These must be taken as the limits inferiors.

If on the other hand, you limit his calories by 5, 10, or 20 percent, you will project proportionately in a curve of duration of longer maximum life. Following when you begin, you can live 120 years with the regular limitation.

Key points of the plan anti aging

1-El hunger is smaller if the quality of food is better, in any level of calorie

2- we recommend fat - 0 -

3- It takes m ace of (RDA) the recommended daily ration of all the essential and important nutrients

4- For which people in underdeveloped countries, eating low diets in calories due to the poverty, the harvest failures, and the food shortage, does not live more time. Its consumption is not only low in the calories but also in micronutrients

To complement with vitamins and minerals. Too much it is to know on the essential nutrients. Some are doubtlessly still without discovering.
An essential idea of the Legislative Assembly anti aging is that its effect of duration of life is related only to the loss of weight obtained by the limitation of calorie. Any other method - the exercise or any other way “To burn” the calories - will not extend the duration of maximum life

Judging by our personal experience as much as that of that they have followed the plan anti aging, and supported by the careful observation of the experience of Biospherian during my stay two years there, you must start up his program with 1.800 calories per day. If that level produces the loss of gradual weight and improves its sense of the health and well-being, you only can decide to continue. If you are losing the too fast weight, too much slowly, or not absolutely, she fits the level of the consumption consequently. The level superior must be 2.200 calories per day.

When to begin the plan anti aging

Almost doubtlessly, before you can. Nevertheless, it waits for until you are adult. The animal put in a diet limited caloric in the early childhood secure the duration of longer life, but its adult size is only approximately two thirds of completely fed animal.

Biomarcadores of the health

Basically these are indicating of their susceptibility for the disease, the main ones are arteriosclerosis and the heart disease, the diabetes, the disease of kidney, and the other.
They will indicate that the survival curve of which you are member you have a more rectangular form in order than its average life expectancy has been increased.

The indicators consist of the levels of their cholesterol of blood lipoproteins high - density (the HDL), and low-density lipoproteins (LDL). These must be determined by their doctor before you begin the plan anti aging.

The obesity yes has correlation with the cancer, the heart disease, and a duration of shortened life. In spite of a little previous controversy, a recent article in the magazine of the American Medical Association showed evidently that the thin people took the longest lives, more prosperous

The systolic sanguineous pressure increases with the age of an average value of 120 in approximately 30 years to 140 to the 80 of age. The increase is linear. A person whose pressure is 140/90 in any age represents a lower step. You must remain underneath these values.

Seventy two beats per minute are the normal thing but, by all means, this could vary extensively. A person physically in form, of any age, can have approximately sixty or even lower but.

 The limitation of Calorie, that we know delays the aging, is characterized by a low glucaemia. A limitation of sugar indicates that you are comenzadocon success a diet of caloric restriction, that is a life extension.

In order to maximize benefits and to keep the possible negative aspects from the exercise to a minimum, we recommended a level of aerobic exercise equivalent to fifteen miles of jogging per week.

Its consumption altogether must be it: (1) generally to regulate in the protein, with the emphasis on vegetable unlike origins of animal protein; (2) low in the fat and with an emphasis on” fats of “Quality”; (3) stop in the fiber; (4) low in the sugar simple but rich in complex carbohydrates. Also we will recommend certain vitamin and other supplements.


The consumption of excessive protein is sickly on a long term in addition, an excessive consumption of protein, particularly protein animal, accelerates the calcium excretion, that can collaborate in the development of the osteoporosis.


The fiber is very popular in nutritious Literature bequeaths today because the type and the amount in the diet affect some physiological variables that in turn influence considerably in the health. The fiber influences in the cholesterol level of blood, most of faecal and the function of colonic, and metabolism of glucaemia. Luckily, the fiber does not add any calorie.

Soluble water fiber helps lower cholesterol of blood. The insoluble fibers help to standardize the intestine function and prevent the cancer with intestine and diverticulosis.
Bran of wheat and products of wheat brown rice, and lentils are rich in the insoluble fiber.
Apples, bananas citric fruits, carrots, barley, and oats are rich in the soluble fiber.
The kidney beans, kidney beans of navy, the green beans, and the peas have many both types.


Vitamins and minerals that we recommended to complement beyond levels of recommended daily ration


We recommend to take 25.000 IUs (International Units) per day. The very high doses (much more high that what we are recommending here) have the side effect to turn the slightly yellow skin - orange, but this is inoffensive and even will disappear if the great amount is interrupted.

Vitamin E

It considerably delays to the accumulation of the assumption pigment of yellow age - brown that is accumulated with time in the brain, the heart, liver, and testicles. Also, it protects partially to animal of poisoning by chemical Agents as the advantage of mercury, the carbon tetrachloride, and possibly nitrogen ozone, dioxide.
Amounts majors that the recommended ones by the GDR increase the immune answer in human beings; and in the animal experiments, for example the great amounts of and vitamin in the diet have given a quadruple increase in the survival of the pneumonia.

Approximately 300 IU per day seem optimal for the immunological stimulus in human beings. It eats in several forms. We recommend succinate of vitamin and or vitamin acetate E.

Viamina C
 The thesis of Linus Pauling who helps to prevent the cancer. Pauling took 15 grams per day, on two hundred times the amount of GDR of 60 milligrams. Its own experimental work with oral vitamin C on the development of the spontaneous cancer in mice endorses its thesis.
We recommend to take approximately 0,5 grams (500 mgs) from vitamin C per day. If you do this, it is important to make it every day the excess is excreted quickly. If you take a great amount by two or three days, and she forgets then, in the fourth day you can have deficit. Alternating excess and deficits are not what you want.


We recommend supplementation with 100 micrograms of selenium per day, in the organic form. The studies of China indicate that 800 micrograms per day could have poisonous effects.

Additional and mineral vitamins

Supplementation with 0,5 to 1 gram of magnesium per day would seem potentially beneficial

 We recommend supplementation in the amount of 200 micrograms per day of chromium.

Debatable arguments for supplementacion of GDR with some other materials, the acid of pantothenic and B6 of vitamin can be found for example, but to doubts in the benefiios in the long term.  It does not have, nevertheless, any objection for one supplementation of vitamin - mineral newspaper not greater than the amounts of GDR.

We recommend Coenzymne Q10 as I supplement. CoQ10, when it is ingested, he is essential for membranes of the factories of energy of the cell, and also it could have some antioxidant functions. In the study of initial aging with CoQ10 the weekly injections of mice 17 months were in a solid increase in their compared survival, the inclusion of CoQ10 in the diet was in a little extension of the average duration of life of mice. In addition older mice with CoQ10 in their diet appeared considerably more young people than the controls. we recommend the inclusion of 20 s nutritional mg Rep day as supplementation.

The plan anti aging has as limit a reduction of the 20% of its weight of the body, any greater reduction must be avoided. You can hope to rather quickly lose the weight during the first four weeks, but after that loss of weight she must be slow. It remembers: the loss of slow and regular weight is the way to reap the extension of duration of life of the plan anti easy aging with the limitation of caloric.

It avoids sugar and other simple carbohydrates, including honey, if possible. The milky products without fat are well but it is to regulate with the other milky products. Comma eaten animal - derived as companions, but bases its food on meals created by plant - cereals, kidney beans, rice, grazes, breads feculent vegetables green vegetables, fruits


Note: All the set out scientific information in this article, is intellectual property of the Dr. Walford