The asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system, in which their finer routes occasionally fall of caliber to be contracted their smooth muscles, or by widening of its mucosa when becoming inflamed and to produce mucosity.

For that reason that obstruction and therefore difficulty to pass the air is reversible to a large extent, unlike the chronic bronchitis where there is little reversibility. Generally they are respiratory crises of short duration, although it can have periods with daily asthmatic attacks that can persist by several weeks.

It is the answer to one or more factors triggering factors. as the exhibition to an inadequate environment (cold, humid or alergénico), the exercise or effort in hyperreactive patients, or emotional stress.

In the children the most frequent triggering factors are the common diseases as which they cause the common cold.

This narrowing of the respiratory tract brings about symptoms such as breathing sibilant (auscultables whistles and whistles even without fonendo), lack of air (polipnea and taquipnea), oppression in the chest and unproductive cough often by hyperviscosity of the snot.

Between exacerbations asymptomatic periods are put in where the majority of the patients feels well, but can have slight symptoms, as remaining out of breath - after making exercise - during longer periods of time than an individual nonaffected, that recovers before.

The symptoms of the asthma, that can vary from something weighs to putting in danger the life, normally can be controlled with a drug combination and environmental changes because the constriction of the aerial routes is accustomed to respond to the modern bronchodilators well.


Some diseases are hardly perceived so much more to try that what really is. The asthma is a good example.

Ways to avoid an attack of the asthma:

low levels of vitamin C cause asthma.  The high doses of vitamin C cure the asthma.
the “preference diminished by the foods that also contain vitamin C and the diminished concentrations of blood plasma vitamin C is associated to asthma.”
Porthole, G.E. (1995) Daily American of the clinical nutrition. 61:625S-30S. 

Roberto Cathcart, M.D., in the middle recommend a daily dosage of vitamin C of 15,000 to 50,000 milligrams (magnesium), divided in eight doses.  I have seen this work repeated times.

Cathcart, R.F. (1981) Vitamin C, titling to the tolerance of the intestine, anascorbemia, and the induced scurvy acute. Medical hypotheses.  7:1359-1376.

He writes:
the “asthma is solved by the doses of the tolerance of the intestine of vitamin C. With eEste treatment improves all the patients who have associate asthmatic attacks at the beginning of viral diseases.” 

When high doses of vitamian C are consumed regularly, near the saturation, vitamin C is antihistamine a long-range ones.

Eevita the milky products and the meat. It eats many of fresh, crude foods such as vegetal salads and of fresh fruit. This is tried and true a protocol naturopathic.