Tiene Cura the Menopause?

Does the menopause appear for want of Calcium?

That foods are recommended to recover the lack of Calcium?

Because the Calcium supplements do not work?

What follows is part of a entrvista with the Dr Carey Reams, who appears in the book Health Guide For Survival, by Salem Kirban, written for thirty years. The Dr Reams was a specialist in recovering the health of any disease. He did not cure diseases. He recovered the health of the people.



The menopause is a problem that is discussed very followed in the popular magazines and the medical magazines, as much in men as in women. The menopause appears the life generally in the middle of.

That it is the menopause? It is asked to him the Dr Reams, creator of method RBTI, to recover the health of any disease.

Its answer:

In order to understand the menopause, is due to begin with the boy and the girl since they are born. Both they use the same amount of calcium, until the young woman transforms herself into a complete woman or enters the total puberty. By that time already it would need seven times but calcium per day that a normal man.


This situation would extend during all their reproductive age. What hara that leaves the productive age is that the nature did not only do employees to us of our glands, because to certain age the calcium level collapses below the normal thing, causing that the menstrual period pauses.

This appears at the end of the reproductive age, generally in the 40 ' s, or 50s, but sometimes later. In the case of Sarah in the Old Testament, tapeworm already one hundred years of age when nacio Isaac.


Nevertheless, whenever the calcium lowers too much of level, to any age, 13, 15, 20, 30, 40 years, then the menopause appears. If it lasts too much, it affected to the menstrual flow and many types of other complications. When this appears, the person puts herself nervous.

For this person all their world collapses under its feet. It is difficult to live with them. They always estan angry, although they do not fight; it is as if they fought by his own life.


I ask to him the Dr Reams:

Diria that this suffering is the reason of many divorces at the moment?

The answer of the Dr Reams:

Clearly, many pairs are estan divorcing after being married during 20 or thirty years. This is due to that the calcium is too low in its diets. Still they are wanted but the low calcium level does irritable and they are not possible to be supported to each other.

This has been a subject between psychologists and psychiatrists anywhere in the world.


It asked me on the paper of vitamins in this situation and it asks to him the Dr Reams:

Can this lack of calcium be corrected just by to take pills from calcium?


The answer of the Dr Reams:

No, that is not the solution. They exist but from compound means million different from calcium and the suitable calcium type is only due to take. This quarter of million compounds different from calcium can be divided in seven different classes.


Eneguida asks to him the Dr Reams:

That it happens with the men? Also they become menopausal?

The answer of the Dr Reams:

When the calcium of the men lowers too much, they also become nervous and sensible as the women. One is not which only appears in the women. Nevertheless, it seems that only note when the women become nervous, irritable or have shames.


The symptoms of the menopause in men and women appear in the form of nervous tension by calcium deficiency.


This can be presented to any age. If the calcium level collapses below certain level, the menstrual flow can be stopped for always. It is not rare to be less than with youngsters of twenty years whose menstrual cycle paused completely.

Often the women do not happen through the puberty because their calcium levels are not sufficient the stops. By all means that can exist genetic factors, but the calcium is an important reason.


The Dr Reams does not think that a good reason exists to prescribe estrogen, to less than than the ovaries have been extirpated, or they are damaged by cancer and no longer they can work. This is due generally to the lack of manganese in the diet. The manganese is one of the elements of life and without manganese podria not to exist life of no type in this planet.


Another question for the Dr Reams:

It already shelp that during the time that she nurses his children, the woman requires of seven times but calcium that the men. As it secures this amount to the day?

The Dr Reams answers:

Good, it had to be from foods, but at the moment the foods are deficient in calcium. By this it is that the women have cramps during their menstrual period. It is a form in which the organism warns on the lack of calcium.