The microphone or migraine, is the most frequent pain head. Ees the double of frequent in the woman. It is more common in people between the 20 to 50 years, although also cases in children of 3 occur to 5 years.

Several types of microphone exist. Most frequent it is the Common or Classic Microphone, that he characterizes themselves by the pain in half of the head, with a pulsating pain that begin in the forehead, temple and can include the eye and extend to the other side of the head. Sometimes he goes associate to nausea and intolerance of the noise and the light.

In the Classic Microphone there is warning of which the pain begins (dawn), with visual pródromos as spots or flares.

The pain can vary of intensity, of slight to very intense and exasperating. Other varieties as the Ophthalmic one, the Vasomotor one (hemipléjica), the Menstrual Microphone, associated to the anxiety and depression of “those days” exist.

Other complicated with the likeable system and the trigeminal nerve, very painful varieties call neuralgic Microphone or of Cluster, more frequent in the man, appears around the eye and temple, pain that extends to the nape of the neck, ear and in the middle of the head, affects generally to a single side, with pain oppressive, pulsating and lacerating type.

The headaches are due to the abnormal interaction of the brain, with the blood vessels and the nerves that contain. This abnormal interaction must to the alterations in the neurotransmisoras substances that control the organic functions of our body.


Microphone and magnesium.

They have found to the individuals that undergo of headaches appellants of the migraine to have lower intracellular levels of magnesium (demonstrated in cells of red blood and white cells of blood) that the individuals that do not experience migraines.

The oral suplementación of magnesium has been demonstrated to increase intracellular levels of magnesium in individuals with the migraine, leading to the hypothesis that the suplementación of magnesium could be beneficial in diminishing the frequency and the severity of the headaches of the migraine.

Placebos the two controlled tests have demonstrated modest diminutions of the frequency of the headaches of the migraine after the suplementación with 600 mg/day of magnesium compared to the placebo.