Can the Cancer of Sine Be come up?

Is cancer sine due to a manganese deficiency?

That foods are rich in manganese?

Be foretold the sine can cancer?

The following text is a summary of two chapters of the book Health for Guide Survival de Salem Kirban.




Cancer is a disorderly growth of the cellular weave,… according to the doctors.

The Dr Reams not this in agreement. The Dr Reams says that this is the reason for which they have not found the solution for the cure of cancer. Estan looking for in the mistaken place.

The doctors also say that a great incidence of cancer in people otherwise of 60 years exists.

The Dr Reams again not this in agreement:

Cancer is envejecimiernto premature due to the mineral deficiency in our diet. This can be presented in children of a year of age.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

Appeared have people with cancer in this retirement?

The Dr Reams answers:

Clearly, not only people with cancer have appeared but they have come in his completes stage on the verge of dying. People only as company of a familiar patient have appeared, they are put under the test of the urine/salivates and have been with advanced carcinoma.

I ask to him:

One talks about to a dying cell? As it is called?

The Dr Reams responds:

Carcinoma. Serious carcinoma if outside it vitiates. Cancer talks about to dead cells. The cell carcinoma is a cell that still fights to work. It is possible to be compared with an old rim. When observing the test resultses urine/salivate, it is possible to be discovered if a person only has carcinoma or carcinoma that can be malignant.

Soon I ask to him:

It supposes that to a person they told him that it has of two to six months of life, due to a malignant cancer… has had cases where his doctors left by chance to the patient?

The Dr Reams reponde:

We have received cases that only have one week of life and now they are healthful after following our diet!

The Dr Lopp, a dentist, tapeworm leukemia, that is a type of cancer to the blood. Tapeworm 81 years and their reserve of energy almost was exhausted. We think that nonpodiamos to conserve it with life for the next day, but we obtained it. Habia been bleeding of the lips and the mouth during six months. Podia not to pause to him. Every two weeks transfusions were applied to him. Their payable doctors habian dice by. After ten weeks we sent it to his house with the appropriate diet and could resume his practices as dentist!

Soon I ask to him:

That he happens with the leukemia? One knows that it is a cancer of the white blood cells and that the mortal type but appears in children and smaller young people of fifteen years. In fact he kills around 1500 young people to the year in the United States. One knows that he kills to a total of 34.000 people to the year of all the ages. It is very sad to see die to leukemia children. Does the test of the urine/salivate can detect to the leukemia and does its diet turn out effective to treat it?

The Dr Reams responds in categorical form:

Clearly! We have received young with leukemia and all have been cured! I repeat, we have received young and adult with leukemia and all they have been cured. I cannot assure that in the future we can be the same successful, but to date we have cured to the 100%. The leukemia is one of the easy cases but to correct.

The reason by that it turns out easy to correct is because when the leukemia appears it is due to that the organism cannot assimilate vitamin A. If vitamin To in great amounts is taken, the organism with leukemia the rechazaria. Everything what becomes consists of causing that the organism accepts the vitamin To using several methods with the patients. It is surprises in the form in which they recover.

After surprising to me I made the commentary:

As reporter, is difficult my to think that the Dr Rerams has a percentage of treatment of the 100% when trying to the leukemia in children and adults, using what it seems a simple test of urine/salivates and with a special diet… nevertheless many who practice the medical profession cannot avoid that the young people die using therapies with drugs. But you seem that already she has the solution.

The Dr Reams comments:

The amazing thing is that people with leukemia that comes with us send it the doctors and still we can help them. We know as it must be the chemistry of the organism of a healthful person. We know the level of the indicators. What we do is to design his diet to recover the level of his indicators. There are not two identical organisms. By this it must design a specific diet for each person.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

Because it says that the lost one of the energy reserve causes cancer?

The Dr Reams gives his opinion:

The lost one of the energy reserve is due to a lack of minerals. All type of cancer is due to a lack of minerals.

As the organism is but deficient in minerals, the organism has less resistance and in the measurement that the resistance is smaller, cancer attacks with greater force.

Soon I ask:

I have known of many cases, some near friendly, that are operated of cancer,… but the patient seems that she dies but fast. Is cancer scattered after the surgery?

The Dr Reams responds:

Whenever the energy reserve lowers, as it happens when a surgery practices, is increased the vulnerability of the patient. So that when the resistance lowers, cancer attacks with but force.

Cancer is only a premature aging. This is due to the lack of minerals in our diet, especially calcium, phosphorus and something of potassium. When the solution of cancer is had, tendra the solution of the longevity.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

If to a woman it suddenly appears to him cancer in a sine, it is possible that also one appears to him in the other sine?

The Dr Reams thinks:

Very not very often cancer in a single sine appears. Generally, also it attacks at the same time the ovaries, the uterus and the vagina. First that must do it is to design a diet that recovers to the organism the mineral deficiency so that everything returns to normality.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

If some mineral of great importance exists, that can warn this type with cancer, which mineral it is?

The Dr Reams responds:

Manganese! The manganese is an essential element for the reproductive bodies as much in women as in men. Every time the manganese is deficient in our foods. It is only possible to be provided to him to the organism in the form of manganese phosphate.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

It already shelp that the manganese is an essential element in the prevention of cancer. Exist some does food that is rich in manganese?

The Dr Reams responds:

Any vegetable that has seeds is rich in manganese. These vegetables can be cucumber, courgettes, tomatos, Bell peppers.

The reason for which the breast cancer appears is by a manganese deficiency. The cancer of the liver is due to a deficiency of iron and iodine. Cancer to the brain is due to a potassium deficiency.

Much people try to consume these elements in concentrated form. In this form the organism rejects them. With a specific appropriate diet for the person, these elements can be assimilated to the organism so that the body accepts them.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

After a woman has practiced the test urine/salivates, she can discover if she has breast cancer?

The Dr Reams responds:

It is possible to be discovered if carcinoma is cells in the sine by means of the tests of the urine. Also it is possible to be discovered if one already is scattered. This situation can be corrected by means of the diet. A sine must be as smooth as a wet sponge.


But it surprises of the method of the Dr Reams is that it can discover a cancer of sine without no physical examination of the woman in his sines. Simply it realises a test of urine/salivates. It does not need to ask nothing on the symptoms.

Soon I ask:

Come have people to this retirement whose doctors have told them that they tenian a malignant cancer in his sines and that he was needed an operation, but I prescribe a fasting to them and did a special diet and soon no longer need that operation?

The Dr Reams answers:

Clearly, often. In fact this step the past week while you were in the retirement. This happens very frequently. Our frequency of success is over 95% or 96%.

Soon I ask:

That it happens with the women with cysts? They appear in the sines of the women?

The Dr Reams responds:

Clearly, also fat tumors appear in the sines. The fat tumors are due to the bacterium triPeruvian bark that is acquired to eat pig meat.

It is possible that a cyst becomes cancer. An suitable nutrition, specific for the person, can be the solution.

I ask to him the Dr Reams:

With the test of the urine/it salivates, can predict where attacked cancer?

The Dr Reams responds:

Clearly, with this test it is possible to be predicted. It is possible to be foretold in advance with several years where he attacked cancer.

These tests also would be due to apply to the children. Whenever it finds children whose organisms cannot assimilate certain vitamins or certain minerals, then it is possible to be predicted where it attacked cancer several years in advance.

It asks immediately:

It means that a girl of twelve years who receives the test of urine/salivates… thinks that she can foretell if cancer in his appeared to him 20s, 30s or forty years of age?

The Dr Reams responds:

Clearly! If the person does not make anything to correct her diet and if time tests in time, the year can be predicted easily in that are realised it attacked cancer… until with ten years in advance!

But the prevention would have to begin immediately. Nobody would have to wait for until the symptoms became evident. The prevention is far better that the treatment. One ounce of prevention certainly is worth a pound of cures!


All type of cancer is due to a lack of minerals.

According to the Dr Reams, the different types from cancer they are due the following thing:

Cancer to the Brain. - Lacking of Potassium

Cancer to the Lung. - It requires of 6 different minerals. The deficiency of these minerals produces this cancer

Cancer of Breast. - Lacking of Manganese

Cancer to the Stomach. - Acidity of the organism for a long time

Cancer of ovaries, Uterus. - Lacking of Manganese

Cancer of Prostate. - Lacking of Manganese

Cancer of Colon. - Lacking of Copper, Iron, Zinc

Cancer leather. - Lacking of Vitamin To, related to the Insulin