During last the 100 years, unvoluntarily, the human beings we have been put under a “experiment of planetary scale”, forced to eat artificial foods. (Kollath).

At no time previous to ours, there was culture some that a fraction of the sugar consumed so at least nor, starches refinings and altered fats that compose the standard diet of the modern man. Dietario phenomenon that produced a dissosciation between the increase in the hope average of life, the quality and the active life expectancy.

The impact that on the human health the food consumption brought refinings, and consequent malnutrition by excess of calories and insufficiency of all the other nutrients of which it undressed the consumer, have defined as “mesotrofia” or “bad vertical health” the state in which is a great part of human beings, who are not sufficiently ill as to lie down and to hospitalize themselves (in which case they would become “ill horizontally”), but suffer of multiple ailments and chronic diseases that it prevents to take a satisfactory life them. (Bland).

The investigation has indicated this specific type of modern malnutrition as person in charge of the progressive declivity of the health, the human vitality, and the modern pandemic of denominated sufferings “diseases of the civilization”: hypoglycemia, obesity, diabetes, cardiopathies, cancer, arthritis, decay, diverticulitis, syndrome of chronic fatigue, syndrome of irritable colon and several others more.

Between the years of 1932 and 1942, Francis Pottenger, M.D, carried out an experiment without precedents in the bibliography of medical research. The experiment lasted of 10 years, put under study to 900 cats during several generations, to which it provided a controlled diet. The felines were divided at random in two groups:

To a group natural foods were provided to him: crude meat and milk, and cod liver oil. The cats of this group maintained the width of the face and the regularity of their teeth showing a remarkable uniformity of size and development of their skeleton through the successive generations. They presented a bright skin, little loss of hair, resistance to the infections, parasites and allergies, they were sociable and friendly, and its behavior was predictable. The abortions were little and the females fed without difficulty their young, having them healthy of generation in generation.

The members of the other group, to which leftover food of the Pottenger Sanatorium was provided to him (the typical western diet), differed to each other very many after only a generation. Passed three generations, the narrowing of the skull and the jaw let see the accumulated teeth. Diverse skeletal changes took place, originating longer, thin bones and a greater strait of the pelvis, with levels calcium inferiors. Its skin was rougher and presented numerous epithelial problems.

Pottenger wrote: “They show all class of allergies. They sneeze, they have breathing sibilant and they scratch. They are irritable, nervous, and they do not purr”. One first generation of healthy cats, fed with residues of the hospital, produced one second generation of kittens with allergies, whose incidence in the third generation, rose almost to 100%. The parasites and the infections became general, just like the cardiac problems, myopia, presbyopia, arthritis and hypothyroidism. In the pregnant females, the abortions were frequent and the difficult childbirths, with many deaths during the work of the childbirth. The kittens weighed a 20 percent almost less than those of the healthy group, showing the high infant mortality. As far as their disposition, the females were irritable, some until the point of being dangerous to handle, whereas the males were liabilities more and showed an abnormal sexual activity.

This group of cats maintained with leftovers of the foods that in their hospital provided the ill interns, developed the same diseases that today we considered as normal between the humans: cardiovascular, hepatic arthritis, upheavals, of the thyroid, pneumonia, paralysis, loss of teeth, abnormal fall of hair, diminution of the bony density, diminution or abnormality in the sexual behavior, diarrhoea and irritability. Its excrement was so toxic that it killed to the grass near where they defecated. The first generation of kittens turned out to be sickly and abnormal. In the second generation dead or ill kittens were born frequently. In the survivors of the third generation, the females were sterile.

In 1904 when the English colonized India, Sir Robert McCarrison, groin-Scottish doctor, was named doctor of state and envoy during 14 years to evaluate the conditions of hygiene and health of numerous independent populations of the border regions to the north of Kashmir, between which were hunzas, that they lived in a high valley of Himalayan mounts.

McCarrison received a deep impression by the great longevity, beautiful physical conformation, high health, capacity for the work and absence of delinquency, degenerative and mental diseases.

Years later, dedicated to the scientific research, asking itself itself what is the health, it remembered to hunzas and it was dedicated to investigate the reasons of his extraordinary vitality, strength and longevity. Its study took it to confirm what years before it had observed, concluding that hunzas represents the ideal of human health: exempt of degenerative diseases, the oldness does not debilitate them nor disqualifies, its muscles and hearts continue being able of concerted efforts until an age outpost, their life extends to the 120 years (to the 75 still they work his fields, they cross mountains with heavy loads and some procreate).

After a concientious study of the variables able to influence and to determine the state of health and longevity, it concluded that the determining factor of that S-state his diet. Their foods were limited, but their earth were subscribers with dung, humus and natural and irrigated organic wastes with rock mineral glacier water, rich ground by other rocks of mountains.

From return to England, it was dedicated to verify his conclusions by means of vast experiments realised with rats through many years. It gave to the 1200 of these typical feeding of the slums of London: white bread, sweet subjects of gossip made with white flour, conserved jams, meats, herrings, conserves, treats, and from time to time a little cooked vegetables. After a determined term, it found in these rats, almost all the existing diseases in “the civilized” man. The animal submissive the influence of an urban regime became irritable, anxious and aggressive. Some of them finished devouring to each other.  To another group of McCarrison rats it provided an feeding to them very similar to the one of hunzas, these rats stayed exempt of diseases and among them it reigned La Paz and the cordiality.

The statistics of Weston Price and McCarrison, applied to primitive cultures were similar: total absence of all the diseases common in the West. The mental, moral and emotional health accompanied to the physical health.

Cleave established with careful studies that almost exactly twenty years after the incorporation of foods refinings to the diet, moving to foods of the original diets, begin a state of physical degeneration and mental to which it denominated “saccharose disease”, giving sprouting to the proliferation of hypoglycemia, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Cleave called to this phenomenon the Rule of the Twenty Years, same rule that has been corroborated through time by time and time again numerous and prestigious investigators.

Williams demonstrated with exhaustive and detailed analyses, that each person has organs with different forms and sizes, different levels from amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. He verified that although the vitamin levels and other nutrients in the blood remain extraordinarily constant, the requirements of each individual vary of considerable form.
The individuality anatomical-biochemistry originates a very ample fan of needs of nutrients, that they can reach very high levels in some people. A thousand percent over the recommended minimum doses can rise to a proportion. If that increased necessity is not satisfied, the insufficiency will originate damage in the metabolism and people will become ill. In ill people, the percentage even can be greater. On that base, it formulated the Principle of Biochemical Individuality, exposed in his test Biochemical Individuality.
The human metabolism does not have capacity to use artificial foods, elaborated to be more lasting and nice to the palate, but it does not stop to nourish to us. The food manufacturers ignore the essential principle of the synergy that Williams suggests. “The industrialized food generates a discordance in the harmony of the metabolism: the absence of a nutrient is comparable to a violin with a broken cord” (Abraham Hoffer & Morton Walker), being this one the most important objection to the synthetic food of the modern diet.
Consequently, to obtain an optimal health, each person will have to receive a suitable optimal nutrition to her individual needs, refuting that way myths of the daily minimum necessity (MDR) and of the recommended daily ingestion (RDA) of nutrients.

The Dr. Kollath, of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy of the University of Munich, denominated Mesotrofia to the situation in which it assures, at the moment is the humanity, to which it defined as a state in can be lived with an appearance more or less normal and to be apparently nourished well, but with a degraded level of health.