The Dr. Rath studied medicine in Germany and later worked as scientist in the hospital of the university in Hamburg and the German cardiac center in Berlin. She was head of the cardiovascular investigation in the institute of Linus Pauling in Palo Alto, the USA At the moment he pleads the use of grass and vitamins, that he sells, as proven antiretroviral treatment of the alternative for HIV in South Africa.

Rath has made numerous comparative studies human beings and of animal and demands to have shortage that the animal that can synthesize vitamin C naturally do not undergo attacks of the heart. The human beings do not have this capacity, thus necessity to obtain vitamin C of a well-balanced diet. Rath pleads the increasing product of vitamin C to prevent atherosclerosis, attacks of the heart and the movement. It discusses that the deficiency of vitamin C in western diets causes microscopic injuries in the walls of the artery, that instead of the repair fill for above of the fats that more ahead harden with the calcification dystrophic, leading to the typical symptoms of high the arterial tension (reduced elasticity of the wall of the artery) and of the complications of the heart disease.

Rath also has demanded discoveries in the paper of lysine and the propagation of the cells of cancer (the connections see down). It alleges that lysine has been to block enzymes secretadas by the cells of cancer that dissolve the connective fine weave (collagen) that stops its extension (metastasis).

Rath or is known for its war against the pharmaceutical industry, that it has accused of genocide in the world in its lust for profits.* when the drug companies are not producing the drugs that kill or damage people, it is producing the drugs that are useless. “Eighty percent of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed at the moment the patients do not have any proven effectiveness,” says Rath. “In very better, they alleviate only symptoms without the direction of the cause by the root of the disease

There is a sensible protocol of the high-vitamin-c that has been to arrest growth of the cancer. He does not cure nor he digests the cancers, but according to the previous associate Matthias Rath, Md of Linus Pauling, this protocol restricts or for the growth of bad tumors deactivating the enzyme that the tumors of the cancer emit, malignin, that allows the tumor “eats” through ordinary fine weave. Malignin is the image of the mirror (to sterioisomer) of trypsin. The therapy of Rath can allow that the body digests the tumors more slowly, or the tumor can calcify.
Whereas the jury continues being towards outside, with the great tumors, the risk of the toxemia can use except the protocol of Rath that the therapy everything of the enzyme of Beard/Wolf/Kelley by itself. Nevertheless, only the therapy of the enzyme has the file of track of 100 years of the success. This author would recommend the cesium leavening therapy by 30 days as associate to enzymes before beginning the therapy of Rath.

The daily protocol of the Dr. Matthias Rath is according to inquires
vitamin C of magnesium 14.000
Lysine of magnesium 12.000
Proline of magnesium 2.000
green extract of the tea of magnesium 1,000 (EGCG)

No doubt, this protocol of vitamin C improves the health of the pancreas.
On the other hand, some authorities create that oral vitamin C, especially the brands of factory that contain d-ascorbic acid, can in fact protect the tumor. Only the doses very arrive intravenous of vitamin C have been demonstrated to destroy tumors reliably. It has enough asks on vitamin C to maintain dull until after a cesium of 30 days and a complete pancreatic protocol of the enzyme. (Vitamin C will improve the health of the other or so cells trillion in the body, and are not due to eliminate totally.)