The medicine “Ortomolecular” is a term coined in 1968 in the magazine Science by one of the greater scientific minds of the twentieth century, twice the Nobel prize, Linus Pauling


Orthomolecular medicine is based on the conviction of which S.A. organism the necessary micronutrients for their correct operation are provided to him, many of the calls diseases would not be pronounced, and those that or has done, could send it partisan or totally. Therefore, it is precise to make sure that we had them in the suitable proportion and amount. The micronutrients are the substances that the alive beings need in small doses to develop the metabolic and biochemical processes. Some otherwise the important ones for the humans are the iodine, the iron and vitamin A.

The first treatment is always an optimal product nutrition, vegetarian, as far as possible free refinings as the sugar and flour, abundant in fruits and vegetables etc. Doctor Weston A. Price discovered already in 1939 the simple cause of the modern diseases (Cancer, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, infertility, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, infarcts, strokes, autism, premature, young babies with deficit of attention, depression, anxiety…). In 1920 and 30, doctor Price, a dentist, he decides to travel by everybody to document the dental health of the native towns and to correlate it with consumed foods. Doctor Price concluded process that the modern diet of “the civilized” man is so markedly deficient in the most basic and essential substances of the human physiology, and so loaded of present toxic substances in the foods, that to the body are done impossible to maintain a normal cellular operation to him. All the modern degenerative chronic diseases and are product of a lack of ingestion of basic nutrients and the exaggerated consumption of substances other people's to the nature of the human body. That is, we are becoming ill because we are eating “excrement”.

The discoveries and all the analysis of doctor Price were shaped in their masterpiece Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, a text that one would hope that was reading forced in all the medicine curricula, but not only does not have idea of whom he is doctor Weston A. Price, but is not even suitably well-educated in basic nutrition. The doctors are nutritional illiterates. Living healthy is very important because it is going to be the one that determine your physical condition in the next 10 years or in long term, that is why we are using VPS hosting because we want to reach out to more people and make them realize that it is a very important thing. Fortunately, the web hosting that we are using are supporting some of necessary software, like MySQL database, PHP, and many more.

Our state of health represents, first of all, our diet since éramos fetuses. We are product than we ingested and that in addition we passed on genetically. A truth so simple to understand, but as well a thesis that has been ridiculed and forgotten. It is hour to rediscover it, because every day that happens we are dying by the mouth.

Orthomolecular medicine comes to restore the nutritional imbalances dealing or preventing the disease with natural substances to the body, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other modifiers of the biological answer. These substances are frequently used in great doses (mega dose), but as they are not drugs, the toxicity is avoided, and the body can respond of a more positive way. The classic example is the treatment of the diabetes with the insulin.

The practice of oncology to ortomolecular was begun more ago than 25 years by the Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer. Inspired by its work with the nutrition in schizophrenia, and wishing to do something more than as soon as to give spiritual advice to his terminal patients of the cancer, it began to prescribe great doses of vitamins and minerals for them. For their surprise, these terminal patients of the cancer lived four times more on the hoped thing, and a percentage was cured. In a Scottish study - the Vale of Leven Study, - similar results with 10 grams of daily oral vitamin C were hardly obtained, after leaving any conventional treatment. In this study a 10% of terminal patients were cured really.

The initial treatment of the Dr. Hoffer for the cancer, has been evolving over the years giving rise to the present protocol that is offered in this Web.

The nutritional therapy against the cancer is a medical current in the USA and Canada, supported by many scientists and distinguished doctors from the medicine school from Harvard to the national institute of the cancer and to the national institutes of the health, such as the Dr. Charles Simone, oncologista of president Reagan, or the Dr. Abram Hoffer, main collaborator of Linus Pauling.

Still, in the United Kingdom and Europe the oncologistas are to a large extent ignorant and inactive in this field. Some of them trasforman their scientific ignorance in hostility.

The nutritional therapy against the cancer can: to reduce the toxic side effects of the chemotherapy and the radiation, to increase its selectivity, to reduce and to prevent the secondary tumors, to act as stimulating immune, to improve the appetite of the patient, and therefore protect to him against the problems associated to the undernourishment, and therefore to improve the quality of life of the patient which is very important. The center of cancer of Bristol, the United Kingdom, has a data base with about 3,000 academic documents that therefore credit it.

According to the French biologist Louis de Brouwer, medicine doctor and molecular, consulting biologist international for the Health and the Ecology of the UN and UNESCO, the modern medicine is administered by a resulting powerful oligarchy of the great pharmaceutical groups that get to condition the elections of the Governments and institutions of the health thanks to their extraordinary financial means.

The orthodox medicine that represents the corporative mentality of the phamacists does not believe in which doctors ortomoleculares do, and they attack them saying that they are besides science. If those same critics took the time to read scientific Literature, they would find that the scientific foundations of orthomolecular medicine are based on the works of four exemplary scientists - Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Otto Warburg, Everett Storey, and Linus Pauling, whom together SEVEN NOBEL PRIZES share. How many Nobel prizes it has working in all the phamacists?

The medical profession is formed in pharmacology and little formed in holistic nutrition, vitamins and, reason why his advice will be only partial.

“If you wish something well done, you must do it you yourself.  This includes especially your medical care”.

“If the doctors we sent all our medicines in the sea, it would be far better for our patients and much worse for the fish.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D.

“A quarter than you eat maintains to you alive. The other three quarters maintain alive your doctor.

(Hieroglyphic found in an old Egyptian tomb).

The natural treatment of the disease can be obtained surely, effectiveness and of an economic form.  They have taught to us to all that any thing that is safe and cheap, cannot be really effective against the “severe diseases.”  It is hour to reframe this.

The natural way to have good health is not based on avoiding the doctors. One is based on not needing to go to the doctors.

The ideal is to be well.  The first step is to wish to be it. The second step is to do something to improve your health.  Each of us is in last instance responsible for our own health. Your body will respond to your efforts to improve your health.

The moment for beginning is now.  Another old proverb: “If not now, when?  If not here, where?  If not you, then who”

Medecines kill because they are inmiscuyen with the own reactions of the organism. They act as poisons. The animal are healthy because they eat the meals that its species comes consuming during thousands from years. Best the zoological ones follow the same principle. The human beings are broken this relation modifying the food and creating devices that especially in the long term seem to be eaten, where the poison is camouflaged and is very dangerous.

Abram Hoffer, M.D

Between the 30 and 60 years, the medicine does not cure to the patients, but it only provides palliative treatments.
“The blind confidence in the doctor has generated a religion, that replaces other religions and that are based on an act of faith in the medical omnipotence”
Louis de Brouwer

The hospitals, the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies Shared Hosting the same heel of a common Aquilles: all benefit from the disease.

Andrew Saul, PhD

I was a gastroenterologist medical instructor during 25 years. In that time I could see some children, young people men and women to die under my care because it nothing else did not have to offer to them, unfortunately what it offered to them sometimes made its more unfortunate lives. These problems of health lead to me to read to Linus Pauling and orthomolecular medicine and was as discovering an old civilization outpost that did not have any idea that it had always existed. I finish discovering that during 25 years it had been doing richer to the pharmaceutical companies with my ill patients. There am shortage that those chronic patients of the hepatitis, that died waiting for a transplant of the liver, could have been cured easily with vitamin C.I understand now that my medical education to toximolecular only drove to me to make more damage than well…

(Edward Cichowicz, Md, paediatric Gastroenterologist)

The man is a dependent creature of foods, if you do not feed it will die, and if alimientas of incorrect form part of will die.

(Emanuel Cheraskin, Md)

He is careful with health books, could die by a erratum.

(Mark Twain)

“One of the first duties of the doctor is to educate to the masses not to take medecines.”

Sir William Osler (Recognized as the father of the modern medicine)

The best part of a doughnut is the hole.

(Dr. Paul C. Bragg)